Meet The Siblings Of The Talented ATEEZ Members

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ATEEZ members siblings
ATEEZ cr: KQ Entertainment

One of the most famous Kpop Boy Groups that has been slaying it on a daily basis is none other than ATEEZ. Furthermore, the group has eight members and is currently on its second world tour, ‘THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END’. This world tour was originally supposed to happen in 2020 but was rescheduled due to the coronavirus outbreak. But more than fifty thousand ATINY’s (ATEEZ’s fanbase) in a stadium wearing castanets to show support to the boys truly makes up for the delay. Furthermore, ATEEZ debuted on the 24th of October in 2018, and the superstars have not looked back ever since, as we look into the ones who supported them, their siblings.

The group was termed as ‘monster rookies’ because soon after their debut with the hit EP ‘Treasure EP.1: All To Zero,’ the group won The Next Generation Award at the Golden Disc Awards in 2019. Every single that they put out never fails to top the Gaon Charts. Because of their flawless and energetic performance, the group has been deemed as ‘Global Performance Idols’. Another praiseworthy title given to ATEEZ by the honorable Korean Ministry Of Sports, Culture, and Tourism is ‘4th Generation Leaders’. It is a given that if the group is doing well, the members must be exceptionally talented. But here, we would like to introduce you to the siblings of the ATEEZ members.

Siblings Of The ATEEZ Members:

1. Hongjoong

Kim Hong Joong, more popularly known by his stage name ‘Hongjoong,’ is the leader of this talented boyband. He is also one of the eldest members. And before theories of him being Kim Woo Bin’s brother get out of hand, we would like to introduce you to his elder brother. Additionally, Hongjoong has only one sibling and has always spoken very fondly of him. Hongjoong’s elder brother’s name is Kim Bum Joong. Fans always wondered what he would be like as Hongjoong declared him as his role model. They finally got to see him in the 2021 MAMA performance behind the scenes, where both the Kim brothers were seen practicing contemporary dancing. Hongjoong’s elder brother is an actor and a contemporary dancer. Not to mention he is also super good-looking. Truly, talent runs in the family.

ATEEZ Members siblings
Hong Joong and Bum Joong cr: KQ Entertainment

2. Seonghwa

Park Seong Hwa is the eldest member of ATEEZ. Furthermore, he serves as a vocalist and a visual. Just like Hongjoong, Seonghwa too has only one sibling, and that is his elder brother. It is very funny to see the maknae at home act as the hyung of the entire group. Not a lot is known about Seongwa’s older brother except a few childhood photos that were shared. Fans are sure that he is just as talented and handsome as Seonghwa. You can also check out Seonghwa on the webtoon-based 2021 kdrama ‘Imitation‘.

ateez members siblings
ATEEZ cr: KQ Entertainment

3. Yunho

Third on the list is the performer and vocalist Yunho. Furthermore, Yunho has a younger brother. Even before this fact was revealed, fans had already guessed it because of how caring Yunho is. Yunho’s younger brother’s name is Gunho. And although not a lot is known about Yunho’s only sibling, we are sure he is just as adorable.

ATEEZ siblings members
Yunho cr: KQ Entertainment

4. Yeosang

Kang Yeosang is a triple kill with his visuals, vocals, and performing talent. Just like the other ATEEZ members so far, he too has only one sibling. Yeosang has an elder sister. And despite searching high and low, fans could not find much about her. She maintains a very private profile.

Yeosang cr: KQ Entertainment

5. San

Choi San is a vocalist and performer in ATEEZ. Furthermore, San has an older sister. He revealed during a show that he had an older sister named Haneul, which means sky. San’s name means mountain. Fans were in awe of the beautiful names that the parents had chosen.

San cr: KQ Entertainment

6. Mingi

Son Min Gi is a performer and rapper in the group. Furthermore, Mingi also has one sibling, and that is his older brother. Not a lot is known about Mingi’s brother. The only reason fans even know that he has an older brother is that during a radio show Mingi left a special message for his brother to call him back as he had not contacted him much after ATEEZ’s debut.

Mingi cr: KQ Entertainment

7. Wooyoung

Jung Woo Young, performer and vocalist, has two siblings. Furthermore, Wooyoung has two brothers, one is two years older than him, and the other was born in 2005! Wooyoung has often been seen talking about how his younger brother brags about him being a K-Pop idol. And the other members of ATEEZ have also revealed that he is like a mini Wooyoung.

Wooyoung cr: KQ Entertainment

8. Jongho

Lastly, we have the main vocalist of ATEEZ, Choi Jong Ho. Although a maknae in the group, Jongho is the hyung at home. The name and age of his younger brother have not been revealed. But during a show, Jongho shared that his younger sibling is amazing at archery.

ATEEZ siblings
Jongho cr: KQ Entertainment

That’s it for the siblings of ATEEZ members!

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