Twice Sana’s Net Worth: What is the Japanese Beauty’s Current Wealth?

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'Twice's Sana Net worth'
'twice Sana's Net worth'

Ever heard of the words Stylish? Smart? or even Sexy? If you are looking for one word that represents them all, ‘Twice’s Sana’ is the personification you are looking for! Auditioning and getting selected to debut as part of a Korean group is extremely difficult. Many Koreans themselves struggle to meet the industry’s expectations. However, Sana marched in with confidence like no other, straight from Osaka, Japan, and is taking over the world!

‘Twice’s Sana’ is a bold and fierce woman who has made her mark in the K-World. She is now the vocalist of the number one girl group in Korea- Twice. Her mesmerizing voice is sure to transport her listeners to a world that would feel like living in a dream. Her perfectly symmetrical face along with delicate features has made her a standard in Korean beauty. Many have wondered about her flawless skin. Some have even attempted to try her skincare routine. With these many talents in her alley, ‘Twice Sana’s net worth’ is sure to reveal some big numbers.

From Japan to Korea: Twice Sana’s journey

Before establishing ‘Twice Sana’s Net worth’, let us recount her life all the way from 1996 to the present. She was born on December 29th, 1996, and does not have any siblings. Sana is originally from Osaka, Japan. She was scouted by the agents of JYP entertainment as a young girl who was only 14 years old. This happened when she was out shopping with her friends in the underground streets of Osaka. When was the last time you were so lucky?

Moving on, Sana was like any other Old gen K-POP fan. Groups like Girls Generation and KARA were her role models, and the opportunity to take the same path as them enticed her. In fact, Sana performed the choreography of SNSD’s iconic Mr. Taxi for her audition. She started off her days as a trainee in 2012 along with Twice’s MOMO. She made her first public appearance as a backup dancer in Got7’s music video ‘A’ and Junho’s ‘Feels’. Sana officially debuted as a part of the group on October 20th, 2015. She is now a sub-vocalist for Twice. Sana is also in charge of visuals due to her perfect features.

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Twice Sana
‘Twice Sana’s Net worth’

Sana’s real name is Sana Minatozaki, however, she is more popularly known by her stage name Sana across the world. ‘Twice’s Sana’ has frequently appeared in numerous Korean variety shows. Shows like Running man and Knowing Bros have hosted Sana as a guest more than once! She is one of the most beloved idols of Twice and is truly a gem to the Korean industry. The group as a whole endorses various brands such as video games of Nintendo and Efun. They are also campaigning for makeup and cosmetics labels like Innisfree and Estee lauder. However, Sana on her own has also been chosen as the global bench setter for a Philipino clothing brand Bench. All these activities also add to ‘Twice Sana’s Net worth’.

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Twice Sana’s Net worth

‘Twice Sana’s Net worth’ is a mirror image of her hard work and perseverance. Sana is the wealthiest member of the girl group Twice. ‘Twice Sana’s Net worth’ is estimated close to $3 Million. Sana owes all this income to her out-of-the-world visuals and solo activities. Her iconic Shy Shy Shy moment is a meme that will live on forever. Moreover, Sana has been given some of the cutest nicknames by her fans. They often refer to her as Osaka’s Honey Bunch.

This is because she has a tendency to roll up her fists when she gets angry. Fans also often call her Sandralla, because they find her story similar to Cinderella. Sana has also described her ideal type in interviews. She is said to prefer an ambitious man who is career-oriented and who will look after her parents well.

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