NMIXX Reveals Fandom Name And Talks About Advice From JYP, Twice, & ITZY

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NMIXX members in their debut live showcase.

The newest girl group offering from JYP, NMIXX, has finally had its debut showcase! NMIXX officially made their debut on the 22nd of February 2022 with single EP ‘AD MARE’ and title song o.o ! After an unfortunate delay in holding their debut showcase due to members Bae and Kyujin contracting the COVID19 virus, they finally held an offline debut showcase which was simultaneously broadcasted live online on the official NMIXX YouTube Channel as well. Starting off with segments like album unboxing, album song introductions, etc., NMIXX performed their title track o.o as well as the first live performance of the song ‘TANK’.

JYP is home to world-famous Korean girl groups like Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE, and ITZY. NMIXX has been JYP’s latest girl-group for three years of ITZY’s debut. The members of NMIXX are Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Jinni, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin. With NMIXX, JYP has attempted to create a group where all the members are all-rounders or ‘aces’ and where specific members are not limited to positions like vocal, visual, and dancer. Haewon is the leader of the group, and Kyujin is the maknae (or youngest one). As for the meaning of their group name, it was revealed that the N in their name can stand for “now,” “next,” and “new”, and MIXX refers to the mix of variety and the best combination of new generation artists.

NMIXX Reveals their Fandom Name & Initial Reaction to Group Name

On the day of their debut showcase, NMIXX’s fandom name was finally revealed, leading to an explosive response. The fandom name of NMIXX is ‘NSWER’, pronounced as ‘answer’. As for their initial reactions to the name “NMIXX,” Lily thought that the name was well-suited for them as it sounds chic and easy to remember.

NMIXX showed tears due to the overwhelmingly positive response they have received from domestic as well as foreign fans: NMIXX debut EP ‘AD MARE’ has achieved sales of 227,399 copies in the initial week of release, which is a record of a first in the history of Korean girl groups. Sullyoon feels like it was just yesterday they were practicing songs by other artists and feels like time goes really fast as she can’t believe they already have a brand new song that they lent their voices to.

NMIXX Sullyoon| cr: Kpop Herald Twitter

NMIXX members on the Advice received from Park Jin Young (JYP)

When they were asked to divulge in the advices, NMIXX received prior to their debut from ex-CEO and representative producer of JYP Ent. Park Jin Young, aka JYP himself, Lily, who is one the most popular members in NMIXX due to her stint on SBS KPOP STAR Season 4, said that JYP was very happy that she had maintained the same energetic attitude from her childhood. Lily continues, “I asked JYP how I can be confident on the stag even when I find flaws in my skills or in my attitude, and he said that while I have to work on fixing my mistakes when I am practicing, however, we should not put any emphasis on thinking about our flaws when we are performing on stage.”

NMIXX Lily| cr: Kpop Herald Twitter

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Bae asked JYP about the secret to staying on top in the music industry for a long time, and he had replied that “We cannot just look at the immediate future; we have to look at the big picture and make long-run plans.” Bae continues, “I think JYP was able to catch up to the fact that we were very impatient to debut as rookies, and that is why he had given us this advice. Since he is a living legend in our industry, we have embedded all his advice deep in our hearts.”

The leader of NMIXX, Haewon wanted to receive advice about her duties of leadership, and JYP had said, “You have to be stern with yourself, and you have to be tolerant and generous to others. Only then can you effectively lead the team. So I promised him that I would be a good leader to NMIXX!”

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NMIXX members on life as trainees and about their role models

Jiwoo said about their seniors in JYP Ent, “Our seniors have always been a source of strength for us. We are thankful for the kindness and encouragement they have showered us with whenever we crossed paths in the practice rooms. They were such good examples of role models and seniors for us, and we want to take this opportunity to thank them for their support.”

NMIXX Jinni| cr: Kpop Herald Twitter

Of course, the members of NMIXX have had been training in JYP Ent. for a long time. For example, Lily’s trainee period was a whopping six and a half years! “There was an instance when I was training with the same team as my senior Chaeryeong from ITZY,” Lily recalls, “and during that time, she taught me a lot about dancing and was very helpful.” Continuing, she says that she recently received compliments from Chaeryeong about her improvements in dancing, which made her very happy and overwhelmed with pride.

NMIXX Haewon| cr: Kpop Herald Twitter

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Jinni recalls, “I once shared the same dorm as ITZY Yeji when I was a trainee. When us NMIXX members were ready to debut, we had to go practice in the basement room of the building, instead of the third-floor room where trainees practice, and that’s when Yeji had said that ‘From now on, it is the real beginning of your path’.” Jinni reveals that she still is in contact with ITZY Yeji and the two of them are very close. “I feel very grateful when she meets me and hugs me consolingly for the difficulties of being a trainee.” Jinni adds that for JYP trainees, getting to the basement practice room implies “debut” for them.

NMIXX Bae | cr: Kpop Herald Twitter

NMIXX Bae chooses TWICE as her role models. “I love TWICE and respect them a lot. I built my dreams of becoming an idol by watching performance videos of TWICE. I was star-struck when I met them in-person in the company. The TWICE members said they were rooting for us, that cheered us up for our debuts even more!”

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Sullyoon, who is a longtime fan of the girl group TWICE, says, “I auditioned in JYP because of TWICE. Whenever I see the TWICE members being sparklingly energetic no matter where they were, I find myself wanting to be like that. When I met TWICE in-person, I was impressed by them all over again.” Revealing her aspirations, Sullyoon continues, “Similar to how being like TWICE was my dream, I want people to dream of being like me and NMIXX, and we are working hard to achieve that goal.”

NMIXX Jiwoo| cr: Kpop Herald Twitter

Jiwoo adds, “It was of great help, witnessing the charismatic, precise, and in-sync performances that ITZY puts on. We want to become a team that puts on performances that make people want to see our stages over and over again, just like the stages our seniors put on!”

NMIXX Reveals their Individual Goals

NMIXX were then asked if they had any specific goals they wanted to achieve with their debut activities, Jinni says, “As this is our first song as a team, we want the world to take notice and become conscious of the existence of the group called ‘NMIXX’. We would also like if we obtain precious fans who like to listen to our songs and watch our stages a lot.”

Kyujin reveals her simple wish, “There’s a café I frequent after my rehearsals and practice. It would be nice to hear our debut song o.o in there.”

NMIXX Kyujin| cr: Kpop Herald Twitter

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Jiwoo’s goals are: “We want to put forward fun stage performances that will make us ‘NMIXX, a group that makes people exclaim out loud’.

Haewon says, “We want to catch the attention of not only the global fans who are already into KPOP but also of people who are new to the Kpop genre! Since people are calling us ‘rising stars’ who will succeed senior JYP artists, we want to work harder to meet those high expectations.”

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