Top Lee Young Ae K-Dramas That You Must Watch

Lee Young Ae
Lee Young Ae

K-Dramas have become a part of our everyday life now. With great content, people from different parts of the world are becoming more and more interested in them. Talking about K-Dramas, we can’t miss out on Lee Young Ae. She’s been in the industry for a long time now and has been part of various projects. Now it must be intriguing to know about the projects she was a part of. Your search ends here. Here, you will get a glimpse of some among the plethora of K-Dramas she’s been a part of.

Young Ae’s debut drama was How’s Your Husband?, in 1993, after which she starred in the film Joint Security Area. In Dae Jang Geum, her portrayal of Jang Geum was appreciated by the audience. Lee Young Ae has been part of K-Dramas and films like Because I Love You, Medical Brothers, Asphalt Man, Last Present, One Fine Spring Day, Lady Vengeance, and Bring Me Home among others.

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1. Jewel In The Palace

Director: Lee Byung-hoon
Where To Watch: Rakuten Viki

Jewel In The Palace lives up to its name, to say the least. The drama focuses on the rise of the first female royal physician during the Joseon Dynasty. At a time when male dominance and social discrimination prevailed, Jang Geum went on to become the first female physician during her time. Fascinating, isn’t it? However, the road wasn’t easy as we are talking about those times when women holding such important positions was just a myth. Jang Geum, from her childhood, exhibited a strong personality and her determination and perseverance always helped her to solve critical situations. She, with her skills, went on to become a third-ranked official.

Jewel In The Palace

Lee Young Ae portrays the role of Jang Geum with conviction. The 2003 released drama went on to become one of the highest-grossing series with its significant contribution to the Hallyu wave that made the world look forward to it.

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2. Inspector Koo

Director: Lee Jung-heum
Where To Watch: Netflix

Lee Young-ae, in the titular role of Koo Kyung-yi, the story revolves around a woman who previously used a be a cop. However, her present profession includes working as an insurance investigator and a private detective. Young Ae’s passion lies in solving murder cases though giving justice to the victims is a secondary issue for her. Her main reason is the thrill she gets while solving these cases. However, the problem dawned on her when a university serial killer tried to defame her by plotting a murder case with the wish to illegally obtain her insurance money.

Lee Young Ae
Inspector Koo

Lee Young Ae doesn’t portray the conventional female leads we get to see in K-Dramas. She doesn’t care about cleaning her house or having an impeccable fashion sense all the time. The 40-year-old detective is unapologetic and deals with situations in her way.

If you still haven’t watched Inspector Koo, don’t forget to watch it.

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3. West Palace

Director: Kim Jae-hyung

The story of West Palace sheds light on the events that took place during the 17th century Joseon Dynasty, the time of Prince Gwanghae. His stepmother, Queen Inmok, became the victim of place politics and got banished. The story tells how the power, if it relies on the wrong hands, can be disastrous, not only for others but for oneself as well. Lee Young Ae portrays Kim Gae Shi. Manipulation is her ultimate game plan. Kim Gae Shi was the concubine of Prince Gwanghae. However, her lover Won Pyo also enters the palace to stay with her but gets killed in the process of saving Gae Shi.

Lee Young Ae
West Palace

Kim Kyu-chul played the role of Prince Gwanghae and appeared in series like Hometown Legends “Butterfly’s Lament,” MBC Best Theater, “Me, 28 Years Old and Unmarried”, Drama Game “Can I Go to the Post Office to Find a Lost Love?”, Rising Sun, Rising Moon to name a few.

On the other hand, Lee Bo-hee played Queen Dowager Inmok. Bo Hee has also been part of various projects like Tears of the Dragon, Enemies from the Past, and Revolutionary Sisters, among others. The drama had a total of 52 episodes and got released in 1995.

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4. Siamdang, Memoir of Colors

Director: Yoon Sang-ho
Where To Watch: Rakuten Viki

Seo Ji Yoon, portrayed by Lee Young Ae, is a lecturer of art history, and for the longest time, she has been trying to get her Ph.D. However, things always don’t go the designated way, do they? When her mentor gave her the thesis topic, she thought that finally, it was her time to shine.

Lee Young Ae
Siamdang, Memoir of Colors

Although things take a setback when a family problem arises and also when a university student challenges the authenticity of the Mount Geumgang painting, Lee Young Ae plays a double role of Seo Ji Yoon and also of the painter Shin Saimdang. The drama received criticism for its loose screenplay and illogical storyline. However, this depends from person to person, and you can give it a try to decide your take on this drama.

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5. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Director: Choi Sung-bum
Where To Watch: Rakuten Viki, Netflix

Would you like to live in a world that only sees your outer side and judges you based on that? Well, Kang Mirae was living that kind of life when finally she decided to have plastic surgery. Throughout her life, she has been ridiculed by people for how she looked, something she had nothing to do with. When finally she changed her surroundings and entered a new place, Mirae thought that everything with eventually fall into their places now. However, the shadows of her past followed her, and ultimately one of her classmates got to know about her surgery. Im Soo Hyang and Cha Eun Woo were in the lead roles. Cha Eun Woo plays the role of Do Kyung Seok, who loved Kang Mirae for who she was, whether that’s before or after the surgery. After the surgery, everyone started treating Kang Mirae differently. However, one of her classmates, Hyeon Sua, tried to pull her down by exposing her truth in front of everybody.

Lee Young Ae
My Id Is Gangnam Beauty

The show talks about South Korea’s high beauty standard and how sometimes the pressure of looking good all the time becomes a problem. The drama throws light on such issues where a person is respected or degraded just based on their outer look and how such bullying affects the self-confidence of a person.

Though Lee Young Ae only had a cameo still, you can consider watching this drama as hopefully, you will not be disappointed.

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6. Papa

Director: Jeon Ki-sang

The series dealt with different forms of love where one couple, Hyun Jun and Se Young, thought they were in love. However, the situation changed after they got married. Due to everyday difficulties, the love between them took a setback. The couple ends up filing a divorce due to a misunderstanding.

Lee Young Ae

The next love is all about comic love, and the characters were bounded by relations like friendship and a feeling of being comfortable around one another. However, problems arose when the characters had trouble harmonizing and coming to a middle ground. The third love reflects the feeling of love during the 90s. Lee Young Ae played the lead role of Han Se Young.

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7. Asphalt Man

Director: Lee Jang Soo

The story revolves around Kang Dong Joon, who aspires to make it big and own a car company. His younger brother shares not-so-likable chemistry with the father while his sister conceives a child and flees abroad. Will Kang Dong Joon finally be able to accomplish his dreams, or will they remain incomplete?

Lee Young Ae
Asphalt Man

Lee Byung Hun plays the role of Dong Joon, and no need for introduction as he gathered international fame with Squid Game and is currently starring in the drama Our Blues. Lee Young Ae portrays the role of Dong Hee.

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