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Top 10 Most Popular Characters in the League Of Legends

league of legends
'Champions in the League Of Legends'

One of the most loved and played games of all time is the League Of Legends. The publication of Riot Games received a lot of positive reviews from the critics as well as the gamers. This online multiplayer game is a storehouse of epic effects, graphics, and powerful characters. Due to all these reasons, League of Legends has become one of the favorite and most played games in the world.

The premiere of this game took place on the 27th of October 2009. The game gained immense popularity and even an animated series was launched named Arcane. League Of Legends had many viewers since the very beginning of the launch. The producers of the game League Of Legends took inspiration from the game Defense of the Ancients.

By the year 2020, there were in total of 12 leagues in the compilation of the game. The kids as well as the adults are big fans of this game. The Gameplay of ‘League Of Legends’ is very exciting as the players choose a champion with different capabilities and powers. Champions gain power with the succeeding levels and new arms and establishments can be purchased by the gold which the champions win by killing the opposite team’s players.

league of legends

‘Gameplay of the League Of Legends’

Top 10 Most Popular Characters in League Of Legends

The fans are curious to know the most powerful and popular champions they can choose from a total of 157 champions. Do not worry! We have got you covered and jot down a list of the most popular characters in the game of League Of Legends.

Here is the list!

10. Lulu

A fun and cute champion in the League of Legends is Lulu. This champion continues the fun element of the game and also makes the beginners comfortable during the early play of the game. Her superpowers of shielding and boosting make the team members glorify their victory. Lulu is the only champion among the 150 champions who has the voice of a female human being. This makes Lulu very different from the rest of the champions. Lulu knocks the enemy by attacking him in the air, this is one of the unique moves of the game ‘League Of Legends’.

lulu in league of legends

‘Lulu, a cute champion in the League Of Legends’

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9. Ashe

The most intelligent champion in the game of League Of Legends is Ashe. The ancestral power and magic are her key. She uses the crystal arrow to fight the enemies and also has more chances to defeat the enemy. In case you want to have fun while playing the game and of course win against the enemy, then Ashe is one of the most popular and best champions of the game. Ashe is happily in love with Tryndamere. The late-game damage of Ashe is commendable. She is the best and the safest choice to pick in the Season 12 of the game ‘League Of Legends’.

ashe in League Of Legends

‘Ashe, crystal arrow champion in League Of Legends’

8. Kai’Sa

The hunter of the two worlds in the League Of Legends is Kai’Sa. If you choose to pick the strongest Marksmen, then Kai’Sa should be your priority. Kai’Sa‘s bonding with the other champions is also really well. Making the isolated targets taste the defeat is her thing and she is also one of the youngest out of all the champions. She is just 20 years of age and still fights the enemies with her magic damage. If a player chooses to pick Kai’Sa, they should keep in mind to purchase the core, starting, and the optional items from the gold coins earned after killing the enemies.

kaisa League Of Legends

‘Kai’Sa in League Of Legends’

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7. Sett

One of the most attractive champions of the League Of Legends is Sett. His complete name is Settrigh. He is considered to be a reliable champion in the top laners of the game. He has a great physique and looks like a beast. But his attractive personality makes him one of the reasons to be the most popular champion. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is the inspiration behind the features as well as the appearance of the champion Sett. His main feature is that he always begins a fight with a left punch. One of the most important abilities of Sett is that he can play without any difficulty in the woods and jungle too.

sett in lol

‘Sett, the latest champion in League Of Legends’

6. Irelia

A difficult to play champion for beginners as the abilities of Irelia is quite complex. The regular playing of the game can only make you a pro in choosing Irelia in the game. Using Irelia in the mid-game makes a powerful impact on the performance of the player or the gamer. According to the gamers, she is the best option to choose while playing the 12th League of the game and her pick rate is high as compared to the other champions. She can destruct several champions at the same time.

irelia in lol

‘Irelia, a champion in the League Of Legends’

5. Viego

The Ruined King of the League Of Legends is Viego. The strength of Viego is unmatchable and has an ardent desire to reunite with his queen. He was inseparable from his queen but the circumstances led their bond to separate. He can even possess the enemy’s healing to max his health and also, Viego is known as the heartbreaker. Viego is one of the most recent champions and the reason for his popularity is no doubt his power to defeat the enemy but also his romantic life.

viego in League Of Legends

‘Viego, a romantic champion in the League Of Legends’

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4. Thresh

One of the first choices of the beginners as well as the pro players of the game of the League Of Legends is Thresh. He has maintained his power and style even after the 12 chapters of the game.  His hook-like ability makes him an absolute fun champion to play with. The way he points at the enemy to kill him gives the player utmost satisfaction. The gamers find it amazing to play as Thresh because of his abilities and adding to all this is his special lantern which is the most creative spell invented in the history of the League Of Legends.

thresh in lol

‘Thresh in League Of Legends’

3. Sylas

An incredible champion that helps the players to be on the powerful side during the mid-game. He is one of the best picks out of all the champions. His magical forces and abilities make the beginners feel confident while fighting their enemy teams. However, some of the new players find it difficult to play Sylas as their character due to some of its complexity. The players who choose Sylas usually get on the aggressive side of the killing. It becomes very easy to snowball the lead.

sylas in league of legends

‘Sylas, a champion in League Of Legends’

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2. Lee Sin

The champion who is popularly known as the blind bat is Lee Sin. People who play the game League Of Legends strongly believe that this player has a stronger side. He has a unique and peculiar type of ability which is not very common in the other champions, that is of jumping and climbing over the walls. He is considered the best choice for beginners as it makes your early gameplay very impactful.

lee sin in league of legends

‘Lee Sin in League Of Legends’

1. Ezreal

Last but not the least, the most powerful champion in the game of League Of Legends is Ezreal. His winning rate is comparatively low as the beginners do not try to cope with his powers and abilities. He is quite confusing at the start of the game and the players tend to think of changing their character, but later on, proves to be dominating and witty among all the players in the game. His attacking range is very long and also is endowed with a wide variety of unique powers which makes him comparatively unbeatable.

league of legends ezreal

‘Ezreal, a powerful champion in League Of Legends’

The above-mentioned champions of the League Of Legends are popular among the players as well as the gamers, but adding to this list there are many others like Lux, Jinx, Katarina, and also Darius.

Do not miss using these champions as your players when the next time you play this incredible game. yeah,

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