Top 10 Worst Characters in Friends: From Emily to Janice

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Worst Characters in Friends
Who are the top 10 worst characters on F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

Sorry friends fans, today we are looking at the top 10 worst characters from the show. So if your favorite character shows up, don’t mind, please, it’s all in good spirit. Let’s start by talking about the show. ‘Friends’ is a global phenomenon even today after 28 years of the show’s first release. It is a simpleton story of six friends living in Manhattan, struggling with their careers and love lives. Which is the story of every other person in their 20s, and that’s why this show connects to so many people. The characters are sweet, funny, and relatable and make you feel right at home.

Apart from the impact Friends has over sitcoms, it hugely impacts the youth culture as well. From the ‘Rachel’ haircut to Joey’s iconic catchphrase “How You Doin?” Friends’ impact is undeniable. We love all six of our Friends, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Monica, and Chandler. But what makes them so close to audiences is that this show really humanizes them. Friends is a very grounded show, and that’s why loved by millions of people.

The Plot and Cast of Friends

‘Friends’ is about six friends living in Manhattan, New York, and navigating their lives. They are in their 20s which is a time you can not rely on your parents but are also broke. And I’m sure anybody can relate to that. All six of them are completely different but always there for each other!

Worst Characters in Friends
The Cast of Friends. pictures (l-r) Courtney Cox, Mathew Perry, Jenifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Matt Leblanc, and Lisa Kudrow

Rachel is a spoilt daddy’s girl with no ambition but grows up to be a fashion enthusiast. On the other hand, Ross is a Ph.D. in Paleontology, so he is Dr. Ross Geller. Phoebe is a masseuse and plays music on her guitar in her quirky style. She has given us smash hits like Smelly Cat!

Joey and Monica are an actor and a chef, respectively. And both are struggling in the beginning seasons of the show. Whereas Chandler has a stable job in “statistical analysis and data reconfiguration,” and no, he’s not a transponster.

Worst Characters in Friends

Starring Jenifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, David Schimmer, Matt Leblanc, Mathew Perry, and Lisa Kudrow, who make the best ensemble. The writing of the show is really the key to the show’s success. David Crane and Martha Kauffman really gave their best to make this show what it became. The love for this show forced the creators to do a Reunion special called ‘Friends: The Reunion’. It was released in May 2021 and was star-studded, it left fans with tears of joy. You can watch the Reunion episode on Zee5.

Watch the trailer here:

Top 10 Worst Characters From Friends

Well, let’s talk about characters, there have been so many! Some good, some bad, some both. I mean, aren’t we all flawed? “I’ll be there for you” through thick and thin, that’s the message of the show. Even though we are not perfect, we are still human.
So, let’s jump right in to see the most flawed characters of friends.

10. Susan Bunch

If you are a Friends fan, you obviously know the running joke about Ross’s divorces. Ross was first married to Carol, but she later realizes she is actually gay, which leads to their divorce. Susan is Carol’s new partner and they eventually get married. Even though it is hilarious to watch the dynamic between those three, sometimes Susan is a bit too harsh.

Worst Characters in Friends
Jessica Hecht and Anita Barone as Susan and Carol on Friends. Credit: WB

Of course, being possessive is one thing but completely shunning is not really right. And Ross and Carol also have a kid, Ben Geller. So it is kinda cruel of Susan to treat Ross that way, given what he’s been through.

Ross and Susan do have some good memories together as well. Like the time they both danced together in ‘The One With The Lesbian Wedding’ after Ross supported their marriage. Well, Susan is certainly not a fan favorite. But no hate to her!

9. Judy Geller

Yes, Monica and Ross’s critiquing mother is number 9 on the top 10 worst characters. Judy Geller, especially in the starting seasons, is particularly picky towards Monica. I mean, sure, every mother has critiques about their children, but her constant taunts at Monica are really offputting. We know that Monica grew up being insecure about herself and her body. So why shame your own daughter about it instead of supporting her.

Worst Characters in Friends
Courtney Cox and Christina Pickles as Monica and Judy Geller on Friends.

We often see Judy taunting Monica for not marrying or having a boyfriend or her outfits. And always favoring Ross over her, which is unfair. Her mother’s nitpicking is the reason behind Monica’s OCD and needs for validation. Perhaps that’s why she is the mother of the group.

Well, in the end, Monica achieves everything her mom pesters her about. She marries Chandler and has an extremely decent job, so it is all good.

8. Dr. Richard Burke

Remember when Monica dated devilishly charming older man Richard Burke? Despite the age difference, Monica and Richard’s chemistry is much appreciated by fans. And they are most of the best couples on the show. Then why is he on the list, you ask?

Worst Characters in Friends
Tom Selleck and Courtney Cox play Richard and Monica on Friends

Well, you must also remember when Richard came back and confessed to Monica while she was engaged to Chandler. Mondler fans, I know it is outrageous! It was kinda unfair that he broke her heart by not marrying her and then ruin her happy moment. This moment kinda made things shaky between Mondler, and fans were freaking out. But of course, Monica chooses Chandler in the end, and they live happily ever after.

However, this storyline really brought Richard into the grey area. And his character still gets mixed reviews. Fair enough I guess!

7. Janice Hosenstein

Oh My God, it’s Janice! She is no doubt an iconic character and is the most recurring one on the show. Her catchphrase ‘oh my god’ is one of the greatest Friends catchphrases. And I am sure that you read that phrase in her iconic accent. Got you!

Worst Characters in Friends
Maggie Wheeler as Janice on Friends

Janice is a great character to watch on screen, but in real life could be intolerable. She is appreciated because of her legendary lines like, “you love me Chandler Bing, and you know it. You just don’t know you know it” pretty iconic, right? However, some fans also find her annoying. She is clingy, needy, and of course, has the most irritating voice, props to Maggie Wheeler!

Worst Characters in Friends
Friends episode: The One With The Rugby, Chandler and Janice

Remember the episode when Chandler is ready to go as far as Yemen (literally) to get rid of Janice. And Janice just can’t seem to get it. Oh! fans really share a love and hate relationship with Janice. Love to hate her and hate to love her!

6. Eddie Menuek

I think by far the weirdest character on friends is Eddie from season 2. Joey and Chandler were roommates, but Joey decides he want to move out. So, Chandler gets a new roommate who is a psychotic weirdo. Can you get any weirder than treating a gram cracker fish as a real one? Apart from that, he has a crazy anger issue and accuses chandler of sleeping with his girlfriend, Tilly.

Worst Characters in Friends
Adam Goldberg phenomenally essayed the role of Eddie on Friends.

Chandler was hoping to get along with the new roomie, but they have nothing in common. So, Eddie definitely goes in the list of top 10 worst characters. The only good thing that happened with this plot is it made Joey and Chandler better Friends.

5. Ursula Buffay

The original character of ‘Mad About You’ and Phoebe’s twin sister on Friends. Ursula is as weird as Phoebe but in a much more bitter way. In spite of her weird quirks, Phoebe is a sweetheart and cares about people, but Ursula does not so much. She also fakes her identity from her very sweet fiance, Eric. This goes to show Ursula really doesn’t care much about hurting someone’s feelings.

Worst Characters in Friends
Lisa Kudrow as both Phoebe and Ursula Buffay on Friends

Although it is funny to watch Phoebe and Ursula’s reactions as Lisa Kudrow is an amazing performer. Ursula can be overtly mean sometimes, and it hurts to see Phoebe getting hurt. Like in the episode, ‘The One Where They All Turn Thirty’ Phoebe finds out that she is actually thirty-one! Visibly upset, she goes to Ursula, but she just doesn’t care. Aw Pheebs!

The writers of the show say that this is the major distinction between the twins. And that they wrote Ursula like that on purpose. Nevertheless, if not her sister, Phoebe definitely has great Friends to care about her.

4. Paulo

Paulo is a character from the very first season of Friends. He is Rachel’s Italian boyfriend, who she meets during a light out. Remember Ross being so smitten by Rachel and jealous of Paulo? It was too sweet.

Worst Characters in Friends
Cosimo Fusco as Paulo with Jenifer Aniston as Rachel Green on Friends

Well, Paulo is definitely dashing, maybe being too charming is also a red flag. While he is dating Rachel, he goes to Phoebe’s massage place and literally gropes her. Phoebe, of course, realizes Paulo’s intentions aren’t right. And being a good ‘Friend’ she tells Rachel about it, and it breaks her heart.

What kind of a man cheats on Rachel Green? But Paulo sure did, and hence he deserves to be on the fourth position on the worst character list.

3. Kathy

Kathy in Friends was one of Chandler’s important relationships. She was funny, charming, and sweet and really hit it off with Chandler. The only problem was that Kathy was introduced to Chandler as Joey’s girlfriend.

Worst Characters in Friends
Kathy and Joey on a date along with Chandler, Matt Leblanc as Joey, and Paget Brewster as Kathy

The obvious sexual tension between Chandler and Kathy was undeniable, so fans saw it coming. Kathy basically cheats on Joey, but that happened in the heat of the moment. However, she later cheats on Chandler too! Chandler, who was being skeptical of Kathy having an affair with her co-star already. That was not true at the time, but Kathy does sleep with her co-star later.

Worst Characters in Friends
Kathy on Friends

So, fans were obviously pissed because she was in a serious relationship with Chandler. And you can’t cheat on someone you love so easily. Our beloved Chan-Chan Man is heartbroken and alone again. Kathy is therefore not a loved character in the fandom.

2. Dr. Barry Farber

Possibly the most annoying character on Friends is Rachel’s fiance Barry Farber. Barry is an Orthodontist and is engaged to Rachel. But he is also quite male-chauvinistic and just wants a trophy wife. While he was engaged to Rachel, he cheats on her with Mindy. And after Rachel runs off from her wedding, Barry goes off on their honeymoon with Mindy. I know, right, such a douche.

Worst Characters in Friends
Barry and Rachel on Friends. Mitchell Whitfield as Barry Farber

Not just that, Barry later gets engaged to Mindy and cheats on her with Rachel. So, is he just confused between these two or just can’t handle the engagement pressure? Mindy and Rachel later confront him, which of course, leaves him flabbergasted. But Mindy marries him anyway as she wants a good husband.

Later, in season 6, Mindy and Barry get divorced as he cheats on her with another woman. Barry also leaves no chance to humiliate Rachel during his wedding. Barry is definitely a red flag and one of the fans’ least favorite characters. So, he deserves to be on this list.

1. Emily Waltham

The worst character award goes to none other than EMILY *in Rachel’s cheerleading voice*. Emily Waltham is one of Ross’s girlfriends to whom he gets married. But we all know what happens at the wedding. Just to refresh our memories, Rachel flies off to London to tell Ross that she has feelings for him but ends up not doing it. Ross, too probably had feelings for Rachel deep down and takes her name in the ceremony instead. From “we were on a break” to “I take thee, Rachel,” these two have some iconic moments throughout the show.

Worst Characters in Friends
Emily Waltham on Friends. Helen Baxendale plays Emily on Friends

Even after the slip-up, Ross and Emily do get married, but Emily flies back to London immediately. Emily puts up a condition for giving their marriage a try, that Ross has to cut his connection with Rachel. Which leaves Ross and Rachel in an awkward position.

Worst Characters in Friends

Fans really hated her for being so bitchy towards Rachel. And she also manipulates Ross’s decisions. Although, it is understandable where Emily’s insecurity comes from. But the fans just couldn’t see their favorite characters suffer. And, of course, Emily had to go because Ross and Rachel are each other’s lobsters.

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