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Top 10 Sinister Six Characters Ranked According To Their Powers!

Sinister Six Characters

Last Updated on April 7, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

To all the Marvel fans, ASSEMBLE! I’m personally a die-hard Marvel fan. If you are looking for something new about the Marvel world, you are at the right place! It doesn’t matter if it’s a comic or a movie or a series; we know it’s going to be good if it’s from the Marvel world. From watching marvel just for fun to being obsessed with it, I think a large number of people can relate. Since we all love Marvel heroes, some super-powerful villains need some appreciation as well, such as the Sinister Six Characters. Here, we will be ranking the Sinister Six Characters.

Those who don’t know about Sinister Six Characters, don’t worry! I have extracted every ounce of information I could find on the given topic. Sinister Six Characters gets named after the group of Super-villains that fights Spider-man. These villains we saw in Spider-man: No way home and in Marvel Comics too. Although the first Sinister Six Character appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1964)

Sinister Six Characters are a group of Super-villains who join forces to defeat their common enemy that is Spider-man. Several characters keep changing. However, the most recurring characters of Sinister Six are Electro, Doctor Octopus, and Vulture. Others can be Venom, The Scorpion, Sandman, Mysterio, etc. All these Sinister Six Characters have one thing in common, which is the urge to defeat Spider-man.

Sinister Six Characters Appear In Spider-man: No Way Home

The First Appearance of Sinister Six characters was in Spider-man: No Way Home, and it was a hit. Probably after seeing our favorite Spider-man on one screen or watching how Spider-man tries to cure everyone. For those who haven’t watched Spider-man yet, Spoiler alert. 

Sinister Six Characters

Spider-man and Doctor Strange

In Spider-man: No Way Home, we saw Spider-man’s identity get leaked. Due to this, he faces many problems. To solve all those, he goes to Dr. Strange, who has a spell that’ll make everyone forget him. At the performance of the spell, Peter tries to make a minor change, but his distractions fail the ritual. Due to this, numerous people who know Peter Parker as Spider-man come into his universe. As a result, various Villains start coming in too.

Aunty May convinces Peter to help those guys get cured so that when they go into their Timeline, they’ll live. In trying to save them all from their misfortunate fate, Aunty May dies during the process. Green Goblin kills her and makes everyone realize how powerful they are. Except for Doctor Octopus, who gets cured on time, everyone turns against the plan.

Now all the villains that are Green Goblin, Sandman, Electro, and Lizard are united to take over this universe. Although, Spider-men from other universes also come to help Peter Parker, and together they defeat everyone.

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Top Sinister Six Characters Ranked

Before we start ranking the most powerful Sinister Six Characters from Marvel Universe, we need to know that the History of Sinister Six Characters is wider than we expect. Sinister Six groups were formed by several characters to defeat Spider-man. Although not every group created was named Sinister Six. Some were also named The Return of Sinister Six, Sinister Twelve, Civil War’s Sinister Six, Big Time Sinister Six, and others. All these groups formed had many recurring characters & some were new.

10. Swarm

Swarm is one of the Sinister Six Characters who has the power to gather the deadliest bees and make them attack one another. His name is Fritz von Meyer, who was a German Scientist. He was consumed by a Swarm of killer bees while he was on from to South America. Those bees were affected by the Radioactive Meteorite, which made them the deadliest bees. Fitz develops a connection with those bees, which allows him to control them. His mission was to hurt Spider-man and to complete that mission, he attacked the Jean Grey School. Although, he fails measurably like always.

Sinister Six Characters


9. Lizard

We saw the Lizard in the Spider-man movie as well. In the movie Doctor, Curt Connor does several experiments on the Lizard. He wanted to regrow his hand, and to do so; he was trying to attach Lizard DNA with Humans’. Although, he does achieve some success in that experiment. He regrows his arm, but later, the side effect of the experiment is that he turns into a lizard. His Evil plans to convert everyone into a Lizard get broken by Spider-man. That only makes the Lizard one of the most deadly Villains for Spider-man.

Sinister Six Characters


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8. Iron Spider

Aron Davis acquires a piece of Spider-Man suit from super-villain Black Market. He rebuilt the whole new suit only to defect his nephew, Miles Morales. He collects a group of Supervillain for a common purpose which is to defeat Spider-man. Although, the group fails despite being powerful due to a lack of coordination and trust. Miles is Spider-man, and he finally convinces Aron to leave this criminal life. Iron Spider is one of the strongest super-villains, and that’s why he is one of the strongest Sinister Six Characters.

Sinister Six Characters

Iron Spider

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7. Kraven

Kraven is the last hunter who loves hunting his target with bare hands. He is super powerful because of the serum provided by Calypso to him. The serum made him stronger than he was before. Although, he wasn’t like other villains that were interested in power or greed. He hunted Spider-man only because he wanted to, without involving any other intentions. Kraven is one of the Sinister Six Characters who tried to defeat Spider-man but failed.

Kraven: the Last Hunter

6. Mysterio

We all saw Mysterio in Spider-man: Far From Home acting like a partner to Spider-man but, in reality, was tricking him. He is known for his master illusions, Robotics, and more. We saw how Mysterio becomes the hero for the city and makes Spider-man a villain in people’s eyes. He also reveals Spider-man’s true identity making him a public enemy number one.

Spider-man and Mysterio in Spider-man Far from Home

5. Sandman

We all know how powerful Sandman is against Spider-man. He can manipulate Sand which allows him to create weapons or Storms. We saw Sandman in Spider-man 3 when he accidentally jumped into the Experiment area creating his whole body into Sand. Although we also know he was a thief back in the day who was trying to collect money for his daughter’s treatment. He isn’t that bad, but he gets manipulated by other villains, as we saw in Spider-man: No Way Home.

Sandman with Electro and Lizard

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4. Venom

If you have watched Venom movies, you know he is a Symbiote who jumps into Eddie’s body to survive. He is an Anti-Hero who holds grudges against Spider-man. We have seen Venom trying to find Spider-man in No Way Home and also fighting him in Spider-man 3 movie. He is super powerful but hardly a team player. That’s why when he gets recruited as a Sinister Six member by Sandman, he leaves the team and strikes on his own.

Sinister Six Characters

Venom and Spider-man

3. Green Goblin

Green Goblin is one of the oldest and deadliest super-villains who keeps recruiting new Characters in Sinister Six. His real name was Norman Osborn, who created a serum that made him stronger and faster. He was last was seen in Spider-man: No Way Home when Peter beat him up for killing Aunt May and brainwashing every other villain. He is a mentally ill scientist who is one of the evilest Sinister Six characters.

Sinister Six Characters

Green Goblin in Spider-man Movies

2. Electro

Electro’s real name is Maxwell Dillon. He was trying to fix a broken line during a lightning storm before absorbing the electricity and converting himself into one of the most powerful Sinister Six characters. He was an electrical engineer who was a fan of Spider-man. Although, due to some drastic events, he became an enemy of Spider-man. We saw Electro in The Amazing Spider-man trying to defeat Spider-man only to get defeated in return.

Spider-man and Electro in The Amazing Spider-man

1. Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus is one of the most powerful and brilliant Sinister Six Characters. We saw him in Spider-man movies, a great kind-hearted scientist who created Mechanical arms. His Mechanical arms are undefeatable. He was a kind-hearted Scientist until the explosion while showcasing his Mechanical arms.

Sinister Six Characters

Doctor Octopus

His continuous efforts to recreate Sinister Six made him the leader. He was a brilliant scientist who was super manipulative. In Spider-man No Way Home, we saw Doctor Octopus getting cured and turning into the kind-hearted person he once was before the blast.

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