Our Beautiful Now Episode 14 Release Date: “Is This A Joke To You?”

Our Beautiful Now episode 14
Our Beautiful Now. cr: Otakukart

Things get heated in Our Beautiful Now Episode 14. While love is blooming everywhere (even between Jung Ja and Kyung Chul!), it is actually the family dynamics that others need to be wary of. Soo Jae has already started a campaign with his mother to declare him the winner of the marriage race. Kyung Ae has been trying to persuade Hyun Jae, Yoon Jae, and even Min Ho to declare Soo Jae as the winner of the apartment. But Soo Jae’s brothers have a knack for looking through Soo Jae and know that something fishy is coming up.

At the same time, the most hopeless one in love, our beloved “dolt,” has started to show interest in Hae Jun. Is this the answer to Soo Jae’s and Kyung Ae’s ploy to push the other two Lee boys out of the marriage contract? Concurrently, we can also see that Hyun Jae is getting confused about his feelings for Mi Rae. While he did tell her that he was not looking for love and he sees her as a friend, with the presence of Young Eun (his ex), things are getting complicated between Mi Rae and Hyun Jae. It seems that the lawyer is acting impervious even in the face of true love.

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What To Expect In Our Beautiful Now Episode 14

The last episode left us with Hae Jun expecting Yoon Jae to confess his feelings to her. All dolled up, Hae Jun comes to meet Yoon Jae at the entrance of her apartment complex, only to be let down. But Yoon Jae is also not clear about his feelings. While he does not like Hae Jun, he is still interested in her. Yoon Jae states that since both of them are at an age where they are looking for something serious leading to marriage, he does not want to crush Hae Jun’s hopes. So in response to this, Hae Jun proposes that they date casually, without any commitments. If things do not work out between them, then they can part ways without any heartbreak. To this, Yoon Jae agrees.

Our Beautiful Now episode 14
Hae Jun and Yoon Jae on their first “casual” date. cr: KBS2

On the other hand, Yu Na confides in Soo Jae and lets him know that she is uncomfortable with the idea of lying to his mother. Since both Yu Na and Kyung Ae have gotten close to each other, Yu Na feels terrible about lying to her. Soo Jae simply tells her to let go of her worries and leave the actual deception part to him. In another scene, Yu Na expresses her fear over Soo Jae getting swindled when he goes to buy the gym. Soo Jae laughs it off, but the viewers had the same fear – of Soo Jae getting scammed out of his money.

Our Beautiful Now episode 14
Yu Na and Soo Jae bond over a couple of beers. cr: KBS2

Finally, we have Hyun Jae and Mi Rae. Young Eun plays a twisted matchmaker, and she calls Hyun Jae from Mi Rae’s office, telling him a lie that sends him hurtling toward Mi Rae. Over the phone, Young Eun lies to Hyun Jae and tells him that she told Mi Rae that both of them slept together. Abandoning all his work, Hyun Jae runs towards Mi Rae, who was sitting on a park bench. Young Eun had brought Mi Rae there under the pretense of drinking a beer there together. When Hyun Jae reaches the park, Young Eun calls Mi Rae, telling her that whatever she told Hyun Jae was a lie. Understandably, Mi Rae is confused, and she puts her foot down by telling Hyun Jae that she does not want to get between two people that like each other. But Hyun Jae reluctantly admits to Mi Rae that he likes her. Mi Rae thought he was joking, and Hyun Jae denied that it was a joke and that he really liked her! At least this ship has sailed!

Our Beautiful Now episode 14
Hyun Jae comes running to Mi Rae. cr: KBS2

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Our Beautiful Now Episode 14 Release Date

Our Beautiful Now Episode 14 will be released on 15 May 2022 on the KBS2 channel on a Sunday. How will Mi Rae and Hyun Jae navigate these newfound feelings for each other in a time when both are broken and hurt from previous romantic relationships.

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Watch Our Beautiful Now Episode 14 Online – Streaming Details

Koreans can watch Episode 14 of Our Beautiful Now on the KBS2 network every weekend at 8 pm KST. International viewers and fans of this drama can watch it on Kocowa TV. But this app is only streaming in the US and Canada, and they can catch the latest Episode of Our Beautiful Now at 7 am EST. Indians, Britishers, and Australians cannot watch this drama anywhere.

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