K-pop Idols Who Have Had A Nose Job

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K-pop Idols Who Have Had A Nose Job
K-pop Idols Who Have Had A Nose Job

The k-pop industry is very competitive. As for a k-pop idol, skills are not enough to survive in the competition. So plastic surgery, especially a simple nose job, has become very common among k-pop idols. One needs to be the full package, from having the voice and dancing skills to charming visuals. While many idols are gifted with natural beauty and fit the conventional standards of the netizens, many k-pop idols have to feel the wrath of the netizens’ hate over their looks.

Sometimes sick of the hate or not liking the way they look, some idols resort to the option of plastic surgery. Quick to catch the difference, many fans notice the difference. While the hate doesn’t really go away, the idols might reach the peace they’ve been looking for. Over time, k-pop idols have become more open about the surgeries they have. And have even talked about how getting a nose job or eye lift has changed their lives. Changing the narrative on a taboo yet popular topic, many k-pop idols have accepted the work they’ve gotten done in public.

Here Are Some K-pop Idols Who Have Gotten A Nose Job:


One of the most popular and blunt idols in the current times, Jessi is an absolute fan favorite. Making her debut in 2005 as a solo artist, Jessi has been in and out of the k-pop industry until recently. Hosting her own talk shows and having her singles topping the charts, she has been honest about a lot of things, including plastic surgery. While she accepts the fact that she has gone under the knife, Jessi also says that she’s filled with regrets. The idol agrees that a nose job is one of the procedures she had got done in early times.

K-pop Idols Who Have Had A Nose Job: Jessica Ho before and after pictures.

Talking about plastic surgery, Jessi revealed that it was the agency she was signed with who told her to go under the knife as she wasn’t ‘photogenic’ back then. As the idol didn’t want to change the way she looked, she still regrets it to till date. Jessi also shared that she felt like a monster after she took a look at he face after the surgeries. Content with her looks right now, Jessi won’t be getting any more changes in her face or body and is currently advocating self-love to her fans.

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Making his idol debut in 1998 with the boy group SHINHWA, Donwan is one of the oldest k-pop idols on the list. Comparing the Dongwan’s pre and post-debut pictures, netizens have always suspected the idol of going under the knife. As SHINHWA got ready for the comeback in 2012, the boy group appeared on the variety show Win-Win to talk about their future. In the interview, the idol-turned actor talked about getting a nose job.

K-pop Idols Who Have Had A Nose Job
K-pop Idols Who Have Had A Nose Job: SHINHWA’s Dongwan got the nose job as a graduation gift.

Dongwan revealed that he actually got the nose job as a gift from SM Entertainment when he was in his final year of high school as the pressure from the agency was high, so the idol couldn’t really refuse. But Dongwan wasn’t the only one who went under the knife. Two other members, Shin Hye Sung and Jun Jin, did too.

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Making her idol debut in 2016 with the girl group Momoland, JooE is one of the most popular k-pop idols. Addressing the rumors about getting work done, JooE revealed that the idol did get a nose job. After the surgery, JooE’s nose has gotten smaller than before. Appearing on an episode of the variety show ‘Knowing Brothers’ in 2018, Jooe went on to accept herself. She also revealed that it happened when she was a minor.

K-pop Idols Who Have Had A Nose Job: MOMOLAND’S JooE is happy with her new nose.

Talking about her nose job, she revealed that she had to give up her right ear’s cartilage for the nose she has now. The idol also shared that she got the nose job way before she made her debut. Despite coming clean, the idol has gotten a lot of hate on the matter. But the fans have supported JooE through the thick and thin.

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Super Junior’s one of the most popular members, Heechul, also became the talk of the town after fans noticed a visual difference. Appearing in a variety show, Heechul revealed that he had to go under the knife and get a nose job. As the idol had broken his nose in a traffic accident, the nose surgery was kind of mandatory for him. Before the accident, his nose used to be crooked. But not going through for the popular shape, Heechul decided to get the lower nose bridge.

K-pop Idols Who Have Had A Nose Job
K-pop Idols Who Have Had A Nose Job: Super Junior’s Heechul still wants a higher nose.

While the idol did want a higher nose bridge, the doctor told him that a lower bridge was a better suit for him. Not just for visuals but for the anatomy too. And if he wanted it to be higher, he needed to get silicon fillings. But the idol was afraid of it. Despite having a huge following and being known as one of the handsome idols out there, Heechul is not happy with his nose and still wishes that it would be higher.

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Member of the boy group ZE: A, Kwanghee made his debut in 2010. The boy group used to be one of the most popular groups of the second generation k-pop. Appearing in an episode of the variety show ‘Cool Kids,’ Kwanghee revealed that he had gotten a lot of work done before making his debut. Apparently, the idol’s cheekbones are the only area where he has not gotten work done. Other than that, wanting to make his nose and chin higher, Kwanghee has gotten a nose job and has inserted silicon in his nose, forehead, and chin.

K-pop Idols Who Have Had A Nose Job: ZE: A’s Kwanghee got his whole face done.

The idol also revealed that he even got a warning from the doctor not to make his nose too high. Before surgery, Kwanghee’s eyes and the upper part of his face were smaller in proportion compared to his nose and chin. The idol doesn’t have any regrets regarding the work he has gotten done. And is rather happy with the face he has now.

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One of the OG queens of YG Entertainment and a member of the girl group 2ne1, Minzy is yet another k-pop idol who has been open about getting a nose job. With a lot of netizens pointing out the visible difference between Minzy’s before and after pictures, the idol finally came clean. Speaking with the local news agency, Minzy revealed she had indeed gotten a nose job. But it was because of a health condition as the idol suffered from rhinitis. With her mother suggesting she get the corrective surgery and plastic surgery together, Minzy gave it a go. Talking to YG’s Yang Hyun Suk, he also advised her to listen to her mother, and hence got the surgery.

K-pop Idols Who Have Had A Nose Job: 2ne1’s Minzy followed her mother’s suggestion.

Seo Inyoung

Known for her stage name Elly and a part of the girl group Jewelry, Seo Inyoung has also been subjected to the hate over getting work done. While the idol used to deny the rumors about her going under the knife, after a while, Seo Inyoung admitted that she did get a nose job.

Seo Inyoung
K-pop Idols Who Have Had A Nose Job: Seo Inyoung

The idol went on to reveal that she lost a lot of weight and got surgery on her nose twice. Once to get the fillers in and the second time to remove it. While she’s happy with herself, Inyoung prefers to stay natural and hopes people won’t go under the knife without thinking.

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