10 Black Clover Incidents That Hinted Julius Novachrono Is The Villain

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Julius Novachrono villain
Julius is evil

Ever wondered why Julius Novachrono used to randomly disappear for days, and no one knew what he had been doing? We initially thought that he had been investing his time for the betterment of the Clover Kingdom, but the recently released Chapter 331 confirmed that wasn’t the case. If that’s not suspicious enough, let me remind you that Julius intentionally lost to Patolli despite being superior to him in every way. Not only that, there are countless other events that hint that Julius Novachrono is the ‘big bad’ villain of the Black Clover series.

Well, the “Julius is Evil’ theory has been surfacing on the internet for quite some time. We were just too naive to accept such a bizarre theory. However, all our faith in the Wizard King was shattered when he revealed his true self as Lucius Zogratis, the fourth sibling of the Dark Triad family. If you are planning to re-watch Black Clover to find the subtle hints that the author has dropped throughout the series, we have made things easier for you by pointing out a few of them.

10. The Inconsistent Clock Tower Of The Clover Kingdom

Julius Novachrono has often been seen in the clock tower, which is very inconsistent at the time it displays. The clock shows 6:36 multiple times throughout the series. Moreover, the inconsistency with the flow of time was also very prominent. For example, several chapters seem to pass without the time barely changing before it advances very swiftly within a few chapters. Initially, we thought this to be Tabata sensei’s mistake but little did we know that it was intentionally done. It clearly supports the theory that Julius has been rewinding and tampering with time till he gets a favorable outcome.

9. The Way Things Turned Out

This is more like a continuation of the previous point where I mentioned Julius tampering with the time. As we know, the odds of Asta defeating Lucifero were really very low. Moreover, neither Yami nor Vangeance lost their lives in the battle, somewhat hinting that Julius rewinded time quite a few times till things happened exactly how he wanted them to be. In other words, Lucifero must have defeated Asta if Julius hadn’t intervened with his Time Magic.

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Black Clover
Asta defeating Lucifero was nothing less than a miracle

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8. Julius’ Black Background In Opening 2

In Black Clover Opening 2, all Magic Knight captains, including Julius, were flashed one after another. Surprisingly, only William Vangeance, Gueldre Poizot, the former captain of the Purple Orca squad, and Julius were seen with dark and gloomy backgrounds. Poizot and Vangeance were revealed to be traitors soon after that. All the other characters had white backgrounds, and now that Julius has been uncovered, it’s very clear what Tabata sensei wanted to symbolize through dark backgrounds.

Julius Novachrono villain
Julius Novachrono with black background in Op2

7. Asta And Julius Are “Linked by Fate”

After re-reading the conversations between Julius and Asta, everything has started to make sense. Once, Julius tells Asta that they are linked by fate. We thought that he was talking about the legacy of becoming the Wizard King but little did we expect that he was referring to both of them being devil’s hosts. Since Julius knew exactly how things were going to turn out, he tried to tease Asta about their future being entangled in a not-so-friendly way.

Black Clover
Julius and Asta are devil hosts

6. Black Dust Around Julius

We noticed black dust swirling around Julius when he exerted too much magic while fighting Patoli. Later, when the Zogratis siblings were introduced, we got to know that the black dust is a sign of using the devil’s powers. Moreover, as the fight got intense, Patolli started wondering if Julius was even a human. As a reply, Julius calls himself the “last battalion of the laws of nature,” and he has been chosen by fate to stop Patolli’s group. He could have simply claimed himself to be the “Wizard King of Clover Kingdom,” but he subtly hinted that he is far beyond that, and everything is happening exactly how he wished.

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Black Clover
Julius Zogratis can be a Devil’s host like the Dark Triad

5. Julius Recruiting Yami And Vangeance As The Magic Knight Captains

Julius recruited Yami Sukehiro, the Dark Magic-user, and William Vangeance, the Golden Tree Magic-user, as the captains of Black Bulls and Golden Dawn, respectively. These two are the only persons in the world who are needed for the Qliphoth ritual, which would eventually lead him to Lucifero’s heart. You see, everything was preplanned, and the recruitment of Yami and Vangeance can’t be a coincidence, to begin with. Moreover, Julius didn’t remove Vangeance from his position even after he betrayed the Clover Kingdom.

Black Clover
Julius recruited Yami Sukehiro and William Vangeance

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4. Julius Intentionally Lost to Patolli

According to some fans, Julius lost to Patolli intentionally despite being superior to him in every way. As a result, he wasn’t there to defend the Clover Kingdom from Zagred. There’s no way Patolli didn’t know about Patolli and William, and he came back exactly after Zagred failed. He had already planned to revive himself after this turmoil with the first Wizard King’s swallowtail.

Julius Novachrono villain
Julius must have faked his death

3. Julius Mimicking Sosuke Aizan In An Illustration

Yuki Tabata’s love for Tite Kubo’s Bleach series is no secret to the Black Clover fanbase, and there are multiple times we saw him fanboying over Bleach. In one of the cover page illustrations, Julius Novochrono is seen clearly mimicking Sosuke Aizen. For those who haven’t watched Bleach, Aizen was a Bleach character whom we initially considered an ally, but later, he turned out to be the traitor. The illustration was nothing but a subtle easter egg hinting that Julius Novachrono is the Sosuke Aizen/Villain of the Black Clover series.

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Julius Novachrono villain
Julius Novachrono mimicking Sosuke Aizen in the cover page illustration

2. Julius Novachrono’s Grimoire Was Always A Mystery

The Wizard King has always kept his Grimoire secret from everyone. In his first fight with the Eye of the Midnight Sun, he simply used magic without showing his grimoire. Later, in his showdown with Patolli, we finally got to see his grimoire; however, Julius made sure to hide the front and back of it. Throughout the Clover Kingdom, no one knew what their emperor’s grimoire looked like. Maybe Julius Novachrono simply disposed of anyone who suspected him to be a villain, much like Damnatio.

Julius Novachrono villain
Julius Novachrono’s grimoire was always a secret

1. The Shonen Plot Armor

As we can expect from a shonen series, either Yuno or Asta will definitely become the Wizard King of Clover Kingdom. However, that’s next to impossible if 13-year-old Julius continues to sit on the throne.

Julius Novachrono Villain - Asta and Yuno
Asta and Yuno

So, Julius Novachrono had to be the big bad villain of the series in order to reach a perfect shonen ending. Black Clover Chapter 331 confirmed that Julius turning into a child was just another one of his manipulative tricks to gain the faith of the higher-ups.

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