‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6 Ending Episode: Closing Ceremony With AILEE And Dong Won-Jeong

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Knowing Bros season 6 ending
Knowing Bros season 6 ending

In the final episode of ‘Knowing Bros,’ the MOAM members invite many previous guests. 126 guests have been part of ‘Knowing Bros’ this Season. Finally, in ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6 ending episode, guests like AILEE and Dong Won-Jeong appear on the show. Instead of a conversation, ‘Knowing Bros’ cast plans out the MOAM Award ceremony.

Many awards and titles are given to Heechul, Kyung-hoon, and Do-hong. Moreover, there is a recap of all the Episodes of Season 6. When the guests arrive in the classroom, they help out with announcing the poll votes. Furthermore, they make the closing ceremony even more memorable with their music and dancing skills.

‘Knowing Bros’ Ending Episode Synopsis

The last Episode of ‘Knowing Bros’ started with Da Hye-Baek coming in to announce the news. She starts giving information on every member of the cast. After this, one of the members asks Da Hye-Baek about her dream for 2022. However, she doesn’t have any comments on it. Once done with the MOAM news announcement, Hye-Baek leaves the classroom with a smile. The next guest to arrive is AILEE. She is a Korean-American singer and songwriter. At the closing ceremony, she makes a special appearance to surprise MOAM school students.

The ‘Knowing Bros’ cast is excited to have AILEE as a guest as she is an amazing singer and dancer. She agreed to be on the show because of the Christmas celebration. As everyone is praising AILEE for her dancing skills, Kyung-hoon accepts the challenge to copy her moves. After warming up, the dancing king begins to show off his moves, and the professional dancers follow him. Finally, the MOAM members started announcing the winners of the voting poll. Heechul secures third place, and Kyung-hoon is voted second by the viewers. AILEE is given the honor to announce the most desired seatmate award. The first position is given to the small and precious Soo-Geun.

AILEE on 'Knowing Bros
AILEE on ‘Knowing Bros

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The MOAM Awards

After finishing with the Grand awards, the ‘Knowing Bros’ cast begins with the MOAM Awards. The first category of this award is ‘The Hyun Bin Award,’ and the nominees are Sang-min-lee, Heechul, and Ho-Dong. However, everyone is surprised when Jin-ho wins the award. Then the second award for unwarranted confidence is announced. After many nominations, Sang-min lee finally won this award. Finally, the last award, which is the industry award, is announced. Undoubtedly, Do-Hong is the winner of this category.

‘Knowing Bros’ All Time Favourite Guest

In the ending of ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6, AILEE gives a special appearance for the closing ceremony and even announces the MOAM Awards. After the award ceremony is done, AILEE performs her song ‘I will go to you like the first snow’. While everyone is excited, they are also reminiscing about their memories of the ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6.

In the year 2021, 126 guests appeared on the ‘Knowing Bros’ show. Considering their involvement, it’s time to announce the awards for the transfer student division. The most important award is for the ‘The legend is forever’ award’. This award is given to the legendary couple Yang Rak-Choi and Hyun Sook Paeng. This couple made the cast’s belly drop with laughter.

'Knowing Bros' closing ceremony
‘Knowing Bros’ closing ceremony

After AILEE, the ‘Knowing Bros’ cast invited another previous friend Dong Won-Jeong who is a trot prodigy. He performs the song ‘Goodbye my love’ for the closing ceremony. There have been many guests on the ‘Knowing Bros’ show who have entertained us with their talent, skills, and tricks. So, the closing Episode of ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6 has given a tribute by remembering all the guests who made the show even more successful.

Where To Watch The Ending Of ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6?

The South Korean drama ‘Knowing Bros’ is a television series broadcast by the jTBC channel. People living in South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘Knowing Bros’ on the official network. As for the international fans, they can watch the ‘Knowing Bros’ Season on the international-streaming website Rakuten Viki.

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