‘A Superior Day’ Ending Explained: Who Left A New Painting At Lee Ho Chul’s Door?

A Superior Day Ending Explained
A Superior Day Ending Explained

Since A Superior Day ending has left ambiguous feelings, fans expect Season 2 of it. After all, the drama has left some questions unanswered. Nevertheless, it is a rollercoaster ride for viewers. From Episode 1 to Episode 8, we have witnessed how Lee Ho Chul struggled to save her daughter. Although the storyline seems to brag at one point, A Superior Day cast members’ acting made it worthwhile. Jin Goo as Lee Ho Chul, Ha Do Kwon as Bae Tae Jin, and Lee Won Geun as Kwon Shi Woo did a great job portraying their characters. Even the teen actor Cho Yu Ha as Lee Soo Ah showcased her outstanding performance!

The kdrama ‘A Superior Day’ is based on the webtoon titled ‘Uwolhan Halu’ by Team Getname. It narrates the tale of a father who tries to save his daughter from a serial killer, and for that, he has to join hands with a deadly criminal. The drama has presented the plot in a mini-series with 8 episodes which aired on the OCN channel. Although there are some plot holes, the story sticks to revealing the good side of humanity. Despite the simple psychological thriller plotline, some viewers are puzzled by the ending of A Superior Day.

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A Superior Day Ending Explained

Many fans are still confused with A Superior Day ending. After all, so much has been revealed in Episode 8. The plot shows how Lee Ho Chul saves his daughter and fights with Bae Tea Jin and Kwon Shi Woo. Despite Bae Tae Jin’s brutality, Lee Ho Chul even tries to save him. Eventually, everything turns in his favor. The police catch Bae Tae Jin and Kwon Shi Woo.

However, by the ending of A Superior Day, something questionable happens. When we think everything’s going well, a mysterious figure leaves Lee Ho Chul’s family painting at his door. Who could it be? Will it be the same psychopath Kwon Shi Woo? Or the dangerous criminal Bae Tae Jin? Or maybe someone else?

Why Did Kwon Shi Woo Kill People?

The first question that comes to viewers’ minds is why did Kwon Shi Woo kill people? Thankfully, A Superior Day ending has explained this. Nothing can justify Kwon Shi Woo’s fatal obsession with killing people and using their body parts as materials to complete his perfect painting. However, this deadly obsession was born when he was younger, and the cause was none other than his sister. Kwon Shi Woo suffered from juvenile stress disorder, which worsened with his sister blaming him for their parents’ death. Therefore, Episode 8 discloses that his sister was the first victim of his serial killings.

A Superior Day Ending Explained
Kwon Shi Woo Cr: OCN

One of the reasons for murdering his sister was her hatred and looking down on Kwon Shi Woo’s painting skills. Therefore when the police officers mistook Kwon Shi Woo’s painting as his sister’s doing and complimented the art, it trigged his crazy obsession with the perfect artwork. And since then, he began killing only rich girls to collect material for his painting. It discloses that he murdered only girls as if he wanted to reminisce those memories of killing his own sister, the demon he hated from the bottom of his heart!

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Despite All Troubles, Why Does Lee Ho Chul Save Bae Tae Jin?

While the story reveals the reason behind Kwon Shi Woo’s sickening obsession, fans are perplexed by Lee Ho Chul’s behavior. After finding Soo Ah in the basement, the father-daughter duo encounters their enemies, Kwon Shi Woo and Bae Tae Jin. The ending of A Superior Day reveals the win-win deal between the two antagonists where Kwon Shi Woo asks Bae Tae Jin to give him time so he can complete his painting. This way, Bae Tae Jin’s only flaw will evaporate since he would kill a famous serial killer. However, at the last moment, Kwon Shi Woo attacks Bae Tae Jin, giving Lee Ho Chul and Soo Ah a chance to escape.

A Superior Day Season 2
Bae Tae Jin and Lee Ho Chul Cr: OCN

On the rooftop, all three confront each other. A physical fight break where Bae Tae Jin strangles Kwon Shi Woo. Thankfully, Soo Ah successfully escapes from there and meets her uncle Jung Min, who immediately informs the police about the rooftop incident as per Lee Ho Chul’s plan. Meanwhile, Lee Ho Chul tries to save Bae Tea Jin since he has lost much blood. Unfortunately, Kwon Shi Woo wakes up and tries to kill Lee Ho Chul, but Bae Tae Jin bears the attack. Eventually, the police come, but they miss Kwon Shi Woo.

In the beginning, they think Kwon Shi Woo will return to his house to collect his model pieces, but it turns out wrong. He goes to a public place and hangs his art pieces. Since Kwon Shi Woo can’t use Soo Ah’s hand due to an injury, the killer mutilates his own wrist to complete his painting. He needs every piece of the artwork flawless, and what could be more perfect than his own wrist? However, by the ending of A Superior Day, Lee Ho Chul ruins his painting, destroying every fiber of his sickening belief and ego!

Where Is Everyone After Two Years?

After destroying his artworks, Kwon Shi Woo tries to kill Lee Ho Chul, but the police arrive at the scene and arrest him. Thankfully everything falls in the right place. Afterward, the story shows two years later part. Lee Ho Chul and Soo Ah arrive at the cemetery to visit Kim Dong Joo. Meanwhile, Choi Jung Hye gets promoted. Even Detective Chu rejoins the violent crime department. While the two catch up, Detective Chu informs Choi Jung Hye about Bae Tae Jin and Kwon Shi Woo’s present circumstances.

A Superior Day Ending Explained
Lee Ho Chul and Soo Ah Cr: OCN

A Superior Day ending explained that Bae Tae Jin has become mentally unstable. His intelligence and social skill have declined, which is equivalent to that seven-year-old. Therefore, the authority decides to move him from regular prison to a judicial hospital. Whether it is a coincidence or not, Bae Tae Jin is transferred to the same hospital where Kwon Shi Woo is admitted.

However, it seems the writer has more surprises for viewers. Because by the end, we see that Bae Tae Jin enters Kwon Shi Woo’s room to kill him. Although we only hear the stabbing sound, it doesn’t reveal who gets killed. But considering Bae Tae Jin’s mental unstable is fake, there are high chances that he did this facade to finish off his enemy. However, not everything ends here! As we said, the writer really seems to have more surprises for fans!

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Who Does Leave A New Painting At Lee Ho Chul’s House?

The last surprise we get is the ending of A Superior Day! Episode 8 shows Lee Ho Chul, Choi Jung Hye, and Soo Ah celebrating her birthday. While they celebrate, a mysterious figure leaves their family painting at the door. Although the face is not disclosed, the figure appears to be a man or a boy. Some fans assume the figure might be the boy who gave a gift to Soo Ah or Chan Woo, the boy who has crushed on Soo Ah. After all, the ending tells that Soo Ah doesn’t hold the same feelings for Chan Woo. So he might have become obsessed with her. It won’t be surprising since he previously had installed a tracking app on Soo Ah’s phone.

A Superior Day Season 2
The Family Painting Cr: OCN

Or it can be Manager Joo’s doing since he wants revenge. He even gives the same family photo to his lawyer. But nothing’s certain yet. Since the writer has decided to end the drama on such a vague note, fans anticipate a sequel to this psychological thriller tale. But is it really possible to have Season 2 of A Superior Day?

Will We Have A Superior Day Season 2?

We know that A Superior Day ending has explained every question except for one, the person who left the family painting at Lee Ho Chul’s door. It may indicate the possibility of the second season. Although the drama is based on the webcomic called ‘Uwolhan Halu’ by Team Getname, there is a chance that the drama writer may come up with a sequel. After all, the story has so many plot holes, so maybe the second season will fill the gap. However, nothing’s confirmed yet. No official statement has been made regarding A Superior Day Season 2.

Therefore, viewers will have to wait until the production house announces any news. Furthermore, considering the ending of A Superior day, we can’t ignore the possibility of the next season. Also, viewers want to know the person who has left the family painting and the motive behind his action. Is it Bae Tae Jin’s doing? Or has someone else become obsessed with Lee Ho Chul’s family?

Only the writer can tell if they decide to make season two. If they do, we will meet the original cast of A Superior Day but maybe not all cast members. Even the storyline will be different. Therefore, while waiting for Season 2 updates, you can re-watch the psychological thriller ride A Superior Day on Rakuten Viki with English Subtitles!

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