Bakugan Evolutions Episode 14 Release Date: Bakugan Loses Control

Bakugan Evolutions Episode 14 Release Date

“Bakugan: Evolutions” is the fourth season of the animated TV show Bakugan: Battle Planet. It was announced officially in October 2021. It is a very popular series so far fans are eager to know about what happens in this article, we will know about Bakugan Evolutions Episode 14 Release Date. so let’s get started.

On February 6, 2022, Teletoon premiered Bakugan: Evolutions in Canada. The Japanese version aired bi-weekly on April 1, 2022. On April 1, 2022, Netflix premiered Bakugan: Evolutions in the United States. Episode 13 of Bakugan Evolutions is so good, I enjoyed episode 13 because it had a lot of great fun sequences, and a great plot and they rounded off Athena’s character arc while solidifying her relationship with the amazing brawlers.

Not much else I can say other than it was an enjoyable episode and I recommend giving it a watch. Bakugan Evolutions episode 13 titled Faustus’s Secret Revealed/ Clash! Dan VS Athena. let’s find out what happens next.

What Happen in Bakugan Evolutions Episode 13?

Episode 13 of Bakugan Evolutions is all about Athena denying that Faustus is behind this because of her past relationship with him. This episode revolves around that theme. Faustus is bad, Athena is depressed, and Sykes is returning to an animus to report the wiretaps since she believes all the phones in the academy are listening in.

While Leah Ajit and Shun are in thousands of offices Winton and lightning tell Jenny Hackett to stop her research because Faust is bad, and rather than assign another teacher to supervise the awesome brawlers, she just makes them wait to make Sherlock Dan want to investigate Faustus just to appease Athena.

It must be heartbreaking for Jenny to discover that she is being lied to and once again she is using her knowledge to help people in bad ways. At least this season she had good intentions but just misfortune. Her elemental energies make her spin out of control. In addition to data on the flash drive and data inside, this shows Wagner and Faustus are in cahoots. If nothing comes of this, I’m going to be upset. When he left his safe behind the painting, the safe wasn’t even locked or had a code. When they checked the flash drive, Leah informed them that no encryption was used to conceal the data.

Bakugan Evolutions Episode 14 Release Date
Bakugan Evolutions Episode 13

The foolishness of a guy with a Ph.D. not going to full lengths to hide your criminal activities is pretty stupid yeah thousands is crazy he’s behind everything Faustus catches windy kidnaps lightning and jenny, and demands that Athena return them. We also have crash dan versus Athena this episode, so guess what’s going to happen. We’ve seen crazy Austus and calm fastest so we already know that dan and Athena will battle when thousands are demanding the stuff back.

Remember, Wagner had a chest piece flash drive thing, which suggests something is wrong with him. Crawley does a great job of changing his voice for evil Faust this year, but Athena continues to refuse to believe that he is responsible for everything.

Bakugan Evolutions Episode 14 Release Date
Lia and Athena

In the meantime, she’s back to her hero complex. She wants to figure things out for herself, but dan wants to fight Athena to go with her if he wins like are you kidding me dan Winton and lightning are in danger, and you want to fight them now? Honestly, this is a pretty good fight sequence, not gonna lie, they really ham it up here, not only do they stack this fight but they have an underlying storyline where Athena wants to save the world alone, but Dan needs everyone’s help to do it. By ditching evolution multiple times and summoning a nano gun, the two characters stack the odds pretty evenly: Dan can control evolution.


They show a flashback sequence to demonstrate how important it is to work together to save the world once Dan outwits Athena by using strength mode, which knocks out Blitz Fox’s speed mode, and he finally defeats Athena. The result was well-deserved, and the action sequence was entertaining to watch. The end of Athena’s relationship arc will be concluded with her joining the Avengers to face Marlo Faustus in the next episode.

Bakugan Evolutions Episode 14 Release Date

Bakugan Evolutions Episode 14 was released in Canada on May 1, 2022. Titled “Faustus’s Secret Revealed” and “Clash! Dan vs. Athena”. we will see in Bakugan Evolutions Episode 14 that Bakugan’s power is lost after Vestroia collapses, and it rages with excess energy.

Bakugan Evolutions Episode 14 Release Date
Bakugan Evolutions

Where To Watch Bakugan Evolution Episode 14?

Fans can watch Bakugan Evolutions on Netflix.

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