What Episode Does Kelly Hit Abby? The Dance Moms Fight

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Kelly (on left) Abby (on right)
Kelly (on left) Abby (on right) (Dance Moms) (Credits: Entertainment Tonight)

Dance is a very special hobby as well as the passion of thousands of eyes. Some people make a way for their passion while some stay connected through their link as their favorite hobby. Such passion was spread in society by the television series of Dance Moms. Aired in 2011, the reality tv show, Dance Moms was one of the most popular dance reality shows in entertainment history.

The show is concerned with the moms and the young dancers of the house who are struggling for their dreams,  just to get recognition from the world. The participants of the series show their high spirits and competitiveness in the reality show of professional dance and their mothers are not far behind. They are here to support the star of their house and to give them support when they needed. The show showed the strong yet adorable bond between the mothers and daughters throughout their journey to winning the title. 

Dance Moms
Dance Moms (Credits: 9Now)

Apart from such bonding, the show is also well known for the high drama and the fire of intense competition. Each and every episode focuses on how the moms are there when their daughters are in practice halls, helping and cheering for more and more rehearsals just to make sure they win.  Viewers can find each and every emotion displayed during each episode, moments full of rivalry as well. 

Along with the moms, the show also features the various guest judges, who arrive to meet the participants and to provide them with their insights into their dance and flaws as well. They also guide these dancers on how to enhance their dance more in a short period of time. Just like any pep talk show, the series also followed this educational pattern. 

Overall the show was aired in 2011 and has 8 seasons, was a massive hit instantly. The drama, the environment, the dancers, the mothers, and the judges every part and person of the show was a major role to get immense popularity worldwide. Among all these one dramas caught a big fire even off-screen, Yes the famous “Kelly and Abby fight”. Let’s know some more information regarding this incident in-depth and start with the answer to our first question, “What episode does Kelly hit Abby?” 

What Episode does Kelly hit Abby?

The fight between Kelly and Abby was once a burning topic of around the time. Their fight was so serious that it was even dragged from show to court. Coach Abby was not taking the insult lightly and she sued Kelly for her reckless behavior. Well, this was a little sneak peek behind the show, let’s get back to our original question, “What episode does Kelly hit Abby?”

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Well, the happening happened on the episode named as “Big Trouble in the Big Apple”. The episode was filmed as the part of season 7 which was aired on 11 February, 2014. The episode captured the sudden rise of the environment due to change in the dance competitors and partners. Mom Kelly leashed out Coach Abby after knowing the change, leading the scandal of the show, a serious one.

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How the Fight was Initiated between Kelly and Abby?

So, in the episode, Kelly and Abby were caught in a heated argument that concerns Kelly’s solo dance. According to Kelly, Abby was not sparing enough attention to her daughter Brooke and was trying to control the performances and the show. Kelly accuses Abby of giving more attention to other participants but not to Brooke. Furious Kelly decides to confront coach Abby regarding the situation. 

Kelly Hyland (Credits: Life & Style)
Kelly Hyland (Credits: Life & Style)

During confrontation, Kelly declared that she will not pay for her Daughter’s fees anymore for her dance lessons. Kelly also enters in the studio the following day after the argument, which was not in favor of coach Abby.

Furious Abby finally spoke and said Kelly and her daughter are not welcomed in the studio anymore. Soon Abby marches to leave the room only to be followed by Kelly and they started fighting while yelling at each other. Finally Kelly looses her temper and the drama escalated to physical fights. the fight took ugly turn and was ruled outside the show as well, resulting Kelly and Brooke leaving the show in the end. 

Now, both parties have settled their perspective. They also called off the legal action they put and decided to call it a truce and settling down with some conditions, putting a end to the rivalry between both parties. 

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