Vanessa Morgan Baby Daddy: Who Is It?

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Vanessa Morgan has carved a name for herself in the film industry. This young diva is known for a variety of roles, including the extremely popular character of Toni Topaz in Riverdale. She also grabbed fame for her perfect portrayal of the complex character of Sarah in My Babysitter’s a Vampire.

Well, there’s no doubt Vanessa has attained much fame at such a young age. But her love life has also been in the news frequently. Vanessa married baseball player Michael Kopech. Unfortunately, their love story didn’t last too long. So what went wrong? Did the couple have any children together?

Vanessa Morgan’s Love Story

Vanessa landed many meaty roles at a young age. She was also a regular on the hit show Frankie and Alice. Vanessa and baseball player Michael’s love story started blossoming in 2018. People spotted Michael on Vanessa’s social media accounts. Michael and Vanessa were hanging out and spending time together.

Vanessa revealed that it was through social media that they both got to know each other. They didn’t have much information about each other, but social media helped them connect with each other easily.

vanessa morgan movies and tv shows
Vanessa and Morgan share a kiss on their wedding

Their bond grew quite stronger, and within a few months, it was evident to all that Vanessa and Michael were now dating each other. Vanessa’s widespread support and applause for Michael on her social media made it clear that they were getting together.

A trip to Costa Rica and some intimate moments spent together further strengthened their bond. Finally, after a year of dating, Vanessa and Michael got engaged. She posted a picture of her stunning diamond engagement ring. Michael and Vanessa celebrated the moment by sharing an adorable kiss.

vanessa morgan relationships
Vanessa with her baby River

Michael Kopech Shares a Heartfelt Message

Michael didn’t speak much about their love lives. He was the one who chose to remain silent. But thanks to Vanessa’s open PDA, the media and fans were kept up to date on their love lives.

Michael Kopech, on the other hand, wrote a heartfelt post for his lady love on the occasion of their engagement. He mentioned that he had quite an intense and passionate love for Vanessa. He is someone who doesn’t think much before making decisions. He is a very unconventional person who doesn’t gel with anyone easily.

But Vanessa’s entry into his life made him realize what true love is. For many people, their relationship can seem weird, but he remains unbothered. Their love lives and relationships are not for the public. He will continue showering his love on her forever.

Michael Kopech and Vanessa Morgan Get Married

It was in January 2020 when they both tied the knot with each other. This intimate ceremony saw participation by only 40 guests at Walton House. Both looked deeply in love with each other. Vanessa’s long gown and Michael’s suit looked stunning.

vanessa morgan and michael kopech
Vanessa described her wedding day as a fairytale

This wedding was termed a fairytale by Vanessa. Later in July 2020, Vanessa publicly announced her pregnancy. She expressed her excitement for the arrival of her baby boy in January 2021. Vanessa could not wait to see her baby. Fans congratulated Vanessa and Michael and wished them happy parenthood.

But a surprise awaited all when the media reported that this love story was not going in the right direction. Michael put up a divorce application in June 2020. People initially assumed Vanessa was having an affair and that her pregnancy was the result of it. However, the rumors were debunked when it was revealed that Michael was Vanessa’s baby daddy.

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Michael Kopech and Vanessa Morgan Welcome Their First Child

It was on January 29th that Michael and Vanessa welcomed an adorable baby boy. The boy was named River. In a post shared on Instagram, Vanessa mentioned that she and Michael were making the most of this time. Though Michael filed for divorce long ago, it was clear that the divorce wasn’t yet finalized. Michael was Vanessa’s baby daddy.

vanessa morgan baby daddy revealed
Vanessa invited Riverdale cast members to her baby’s birthday

It seemed that both got together for the sake of the baby. In an Instagram story shared by Vanessa, River was spotted running around wearing a shirt with Kopech written on the backside. Vanessa revealed that Michael was handling his responsibilities very well. What prompted his decision to file for divorce is still unknown.

Michael Kopech and Vanessa Morgan’s Latest Update

As of January 2023, there’s no clarity about their relationship. Vanessa is quite active on Instagram, but Michael doesn’t appear anywhere on her social media feed. Vanessa keeps posting about her baby’s achievements and adorable pictures. Well, it does seem that they aren’t together anymore.

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