Is Hogwarts Legacy Before Or After Harry Potter? Everything About It

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Hogwarts Legacy
Is Hogwarts Legacy Before Or After Harry Potter?: Know Everything About It

Hogwarts Legacy is the new Harry Potter universe game which is based on the witch and the wizard studying in the Hogwarts iconic school. The players live their fantasy of studying in that school through the game. The game Hogwarts Legacy is based on the book written by J.K. Rowling titled Wizarding World universe.

Every die-hard Harry Potter fan’s fantasy has come true with Hogwarts Legacy. Players can build their own Hogwarts students in the game, explore the campus and its surroundings, pick up magic spells, and go on numerous adventures.

This Harry Potter game also doesn’t hide progress behind a paywall and a picture of a plant strangling a child, unlike earlier Harry Potter games. Just don’t expect to run into anyone you know when you enter Hogwarts Legacy.

In this article, we will know about Is Hogwarts Legacy Before Or After Harry Potter?

Is Hogwarts Legacy Before Or After Harry Potter?

Hogwarts Legacy is set before the actual Harry Potter series. The game takes place in the 1890s, which shows that it is 100 years before the actual series. So the existing famous characters like Ron, Harry, and Hermione will not be available. 

Dumbledore can be seen in the game as a character. He can appear in the Easter egg or the future version of the game because at that time he is seven years old. We will not even see Voldemort as he was also not born at that time.

This means that the game will not have Death Eater and Dark Lord activities. The developers made this choice on purpose to make sure that the game’s plot could stand on its own and be enjoyable without the necessity for players to have read the books or seen the movies.

Still From Hogwarts Legacy
Still From Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has plenty of time to develop the world in fresh and interesting ways thanks to the space between the two stories; it will be interesting to see how that all turns out in the end.

Timeline Of The Hogwarts Legacy

  • 1881 – Dumbledore is Born
  • 1883 – Grindelwald is Born
  • 1890 – Hogwarts Legacy Story Takes Place
  • 1897 – Newt Scamander is Born
  • 1892 – Dumbledore Attends Hogwarts
  • 1908 – Newt Scamander Attends Hogwarts
  • 1926 – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Takes Place
  • 1927 – Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Takes Place
  • 1926 – Tom Riddle is Born
  • 1932 – Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore Takes Place
  • 1969/1970 – Dumbledoor Becomes Headmaster at Hogwarts
  • 1980 – Harry Potter is Born
Still From Hogwarts Legacy
Still From Hogwarts Legacy
  • 1991 – Harry Potter Attends Hogwarts
  • 1992 – The Chamber of Secrets Takes Place
  • 1993 – The Prisoner of Azkaban Takes Place
  • 1994 – The Goblet of Fire Takes Place
  • 1995 – The Order of the Phoenix Takes Place
  • 1996 – The Half-Blood Prince Takes Place
  • 1997 – The Deathly Hallows Takes Place
  • 1998 – The Battle of Hogwarts / Lord Voldemort Dies

What Can Players Expect From The Game Considering The Timeline?

Due to its setting in the late 1800s, there are a few aspects that lend themselves to simple speculation. First off, it should be noted that Muggles have not yet developed the technological prowess that they do throughout the Harry Potter novel.

Because non-magical people’s weapons are still less advanced than they were in the 1990s, Muggles are not as dangerous to the wizardry universe. However, given that they outnumber Wizards, they continue to pose a threat because they make up the majority of the human population. 

In the Harry Potter franchise, we see the witches and wizards who were hiding for the last 300 hundred years, and the Muggles have forgotten that there are humans who have magical powers, and different magical creatures will also exist from different stories.

The International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy has only recently been founded in the Hogwarts Legacy timeline, for 200 years or less, depending on the precise year the game will start.

Still From Hogwarts Legacy
Still From Hogwarts Legacy

In the late 1800s, the people who don’t have magic were aware of the witches and wizards. The Second Salem Witch Trial which happened in 1878, in Salem Massachusetts also falls in the Hogwarts Legacy timeline, which depicts that the witches and wizards are still hunted by the Muggles.

This means that the persecution of magical people at the hands of Muggles is still all too true, and it might make for an intriguing plot in the future Harry Potter game. 

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