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Who Is August Alsina? Explained

who is august alsina
August Alsina, Credits: Yahoo News

August Alsina is a new rapper within the industry, but many people within Hollywood itself do not have enough information regarding the things related to August Alsina, who he is, and the controversy that he was associated with the Jada Pinkett Smith controversy, and thereafter we will be exploring details related to August Alsina’s Career Details.

This article will therefore give you insights into each and everything related to August Alsina, all the things related to him, the reason behind why Jada Pinkett Smith is associated with August Alsina, and all the work and the other things that August has done over the years. August has been linked with Jada, Will Smith’s wife, many times before her marriage, but people don’t know the main controversial things he spoke about August. 

But before starting this article, let us take a look at who actually August is, he is actually an American singer, therefore signed to Def Jam Recordings. He also had given some very popular music in his course of actually working within the industry. From his first mixtape, ‘The Product’ in 2012, to The Product 2 to some others, such as Downtown: Life Under the Gun in 2013, and some other recordings. 

Let us take a look at this article to get some insights.

who is august alsina

August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith, Credits: People

August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith Entanglement Controversy, Explained

Jada Pinkett has had some very controversial moments and relationships in her life and thus recently, the things that she went through with August Alsina and the truth behind her entanglement, as she calls this actually shocked the whole social media world.

But what was that actually, people need to her, well, since most of you may know while some of you may not that August Alsina and Jada Pinkett actually had a fair share of a good relationship, and according to the Red Table Talk episode that Jada Smith shared with Will Smith, she actually made it clear referring to her relationship with August as an Entanglement which not only shocked her husband Will but also netizens as well.

It was also confirmed by some from some of August’s interviews that she and his relationship was even blessed by Will, and when it came out publicly everyone around the internet was shocked regarding the relationship that Will and Jada share and the way he has given her all the independence to be with anyone and have a relationship with anyone just giving his blessing, it was also on the air that the blessing part can be true confirming that Jada and Will might not be on good terms in terms of their relationship.

But August and Jada had a relationship which both of them confirmed, and as per sources, they split up after some time dating, and August even claimed that she used her for her own stratification and to take some out from Will Smith, which kind of became evident that she might not be on good terms with Will.

who is august alsina

Chris Rock and Will Smith, Credits: Hindustan Times

What did Chris Rock say about Will Smith and Jada?

Chris Rock and Will Smith’s rocky relationship is publicly known when Will slapped Chris at the Oscars after Chris made a Jada joke which upset the star. But it looks like Chris is finally speaking his part, in the stand-up gig that he did recently, he joked and stated all the slap Oscars drama using a very sarcastic tone with the way all the things turn around in Oscars.

While he did not also talk about the slapping incident, he also joked about Jada’s relationship with August Alsina, stating that he had a relationship with his son’s friend, which made the whole crowd laugh as he sarcastically joked about it.

August Alsina’s Career Details Explained

With the things and all the relationship struggles that August has had with Jada, so far, his career has been very great. He has even written some songs in reference to Jada and the selfish relationship that she used to share with her.

But in terms of his professional career, August has had a pretty good number of songs which had hit the Billboard charts hit songs, from his debut album Testimony to I Luv This Shit to No Love to no Limits; his career is pretty much flourished with some good songs that he has created.

But with all of this, he had also struggled with mental health and relationship issues that, as said before, he had to go through and deal with.

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