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44 Shows Like Chernobyl That Every ‘Thriller’ Fan Must Watch

Chernobyl disaster Nuclear Pripyat Hiroshima Nagasaki Fukushima Jessie Buckley Lyudmilla Ignatenko Jared Harris Jared Harris Valery Legasov Stellan Skarsgård Stellan Skarsgård Boris Shcherbina Adam Nagaitis Adam Nagaitis Vasily Ignatenko Emily Watson Emily Watson Ulana Khomyuk Paul Ritter Paul Ritter Anatoly Dyatlov Robert Emms Robert Emms Leonid Toptunov Sam Troughton Sam Troughton Alexandr Akimov Karl Davies Karl Davies Viktor Proskuryakov Michael Socha Michael Socha Mikhail Laura Elphinstone Laura Elphinstone Oksana Jan Ricica Oksana's Kid Adrian Rawlins Adrian Rawlins Nikolai Fomin Alan Williams Alan Williams KGB Chairman Charkov Con O'Neill Con O'Neill Viktor Bryukhanov Douggie McMeekin Douggie McMeekin Yuvchenko Nadia Clifford Dr. Svetlana Zinchenko David Dencik David Dencik Mikhail Gorbachev

Watching Chernobyl is an experience that is unlike any other series out there. The catastrophic nuclear disaster, Chornobyl, is one of the most Genuine and factually correct stories that sets new standards for such series. Based on the nuclear disaster in 1986 and the book, Voices From Chernobyl by Laureate Svetlana Alexievich. The series transports you back to that terrible historical period through the genuine emotional agony experience.

Chornobyl Tells us about the nuclear disaster in the city of Pripyat in the then USSR. A terrifying History of suffering and tragedy, Chornobyl also shows us the people’s sacrifice to contain the nuclear radiation. The show also shows the USSR’s failure to prevent and cover up the incident.

Can’t have much of such a series. Here we have a list of 44 series that are similar to Chornobyl.

1. Deadwood

Deadwood is a story from the late 1800s set in the mining town of Deadwood, South Dakota. The city is full of crime and corruption. We follow Wild Bill Hickok and Seth Bullock, who has relocated to deadwood for a fresh start. We see how the once peaceful town turned into a place full of corruption and crime.

DeadwoodWild West Thriller Crime


As we progress, we see that they are quickly on the opposite side of a local mob boss and owner of a saloon Al Swearengen. The series revolves around these three guys’ lives, their fights, and the lives of other deadwood people.

The series Aired From 2004-2006 with three seasons and 36 episodes. Available on HBO, This crime drama western movie is an excellent addition to your watchlist.

2. House of Cards

As the name suggests, House of Cards is a politically based tv series. Primarily based on USA politics, House of Cards is one of the best suspenseful political drama series. The story revolves around Congressman Whip Francis Underwood. His party members betray him by denying him the secretary of the state as promised.

House of Cards Political Drama

Follow the series as we see Francis Underwood and her manipulating wife Claire seek retribution from those who, in his opinion, have wronged him. We follow how both of them climb the ladders and get their payback.

The series Aired From 2013-2018 with six seasons and 73 episodes in total. Available on Netflix, This seven primetime Emmy-winning political drama is a must-watch series.

3. Genius

Of all the series in this list, Genius is different. Genius is a documentary time real-time enactment of history’s greatest minds and their life back then. We see their discoveries, loves, relationships, causes, defects, and Genius from adolescence until their dying years. The series is yet to end, aired since 2017. The series comprises six seasons, each devoted to one of history’s greatest minds.

Season one is about Albert Einstein, his life story from school to the twilight years after the atomic bomb.

Albert Einstein Genius Season 1 Chapter 1

Season two is about history’s most significant artist Picasso. His life as he discovers his love of life, affairs, and relationship with Gilot.

PicasoGenius Chapter 2 Season 2

Genius Season 2

Season three revolves around Aretha Franklin famous American singer. Pianist and lyricist. We follow her story of how she struggled to make a career in music to her eventual breakthrough.

Genius Chapter 3 Season 3 Aretha Franklin

Season 4 is about Martin Luther King Jr still airing. This season is about how martin king’s life from being a black person and raising his voice to make a difference.

The series is still ongoing and is a great add delivers a strong message of how struggle and hard work can make you achieve your goals.

4. Mad Men

Mad Men is a story of The Daily Lives of the men and women who work at a New York advertising agency Sterling Cooper in 1960. We follow as we see that the organization is very successful; however, with growing competition and the revolution and expansion in the industrial era, the agency needs to change and adapt to survive.

MadMen Thriller

We follow Don Draper, who is a top-level executive at Sterling Cooperin. We follow as we get to know his past secrets and how it affects his current work and family life.

The series Aired From 2007–2015 with seven seasons and 92 episodes—one of the most enjoyable TV series available on Prime Video, with various awards and nominations.

5. When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts

A story of the aftermath of a natural disaster, this series is about how the local government body lacked, and wrong response by them after a natural calamity hit them. The devastating Hurricane Katrina hit the American metropolis of New Orleans in 2005. Spike lee documents the general public life after the flood guards of the city failed.

When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four ActsNew Orleans 2005

When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts

New Orleanians share their experiences in the movie and express their rage over the leaders. In addition to accusing and challenging the authorities for failing to safeguard their lives, homes, and city, survivors also relate their terrible stories. To further demonstrate how the underprivileged and impoverished of New Orleans were mistreated throughout this great tragedy.

The series Aired From 2006–2007 with just four series and Epilogue. Available to stream on Youtube.

6. The Knick (2014–2015)

A series that focuses on the daily life of working staff in the new yorks hospital KnickerBocker.Set in the early 20th century, we see how people’s culture and behavior differ from today’s. To maintain the hospital and provide the sick with the care they require, they must deal with various daily issues.

The KnickThriller History Drama Top drama

The Knick

Including a lack of funding, interpersonal disputes, egotism, racial tensions, personal vices, drug addiction, extramarital affairs, closed minds, outdated, almost medieval medical techniques, and their experimental new techniques being misunderstood by most. The majority of them feel the effects of the immense pressure on them.

The TV-Show is very engaging and reminds people that racism has changed from then to now. Aired from 2014-2015 with three seasons and 20 episodes is available on Prime Video.

7. Homeland

A thriller anti-terrorism TV series about Carrie Mathison: after conducting an unapproved operation in Iraq, Carrie Mathison, a CIA operations officer, is currently on probation and reassigned to the Counterterrorism department. We see as she explores and finds out that an American prisoner has converted to Al-Qaeda.

Homelandtriller Documentary History Homeland


We follow as we discover the tales of how she is connected as she rescued the prisoner from a hostage situation. A U.S. Marine Sergeant, Brody, comes home from war. Carrie’s motto is to catch him and will go to any lengths.

The series Aired From 2011-2020 with eight seasons and 96  episodes. Available on Showtime, This Patriotic thriller drama is a must-watch series.

8. From The Earth To The Moon

Humanity’s most significant accomplishment was to reach the heights of space, reaching Moon. From the Earth To The Moon is s series about the Apollo space program. The whole series revolves around whether this can be achieved in yes then how. We also see other people involved and their perspectives. As a narrator, Tom Hank narrates all the events that occurred during the mission.

From Earth to the Moonmoon Greatest accomplishment Neil Armstrong Moon Landing

From Earth to the Moon

From its inception in 1961 until the last moon mission in 1972, this 12-part HBO documentary chronicles the history of the American space program has won various awards and nominees and is a must-watch story of humanity’s first and most significant step.

9. A Very English Scandal

This series is based on the Thorpe Affair, Centering on the homosexual relationship between former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe and a boy named Norman Scott. Sodomy was still illegal at the moment. Norman is a lower-class guy suffering from psychology and is open and loud, having nothing to lose.

A Very English Scandaltriller LGBTQ Gay

A Very English Scandal

Due to some coincidences, Jeremy is blamed for Norman’s tragic death. We see how he defends himself against the accusation and clears his image to achieve his dream of becoming the prime minister. With further investigation and the release of secrets.

This series is a must for your watchlist. Aired in 2018 consists of 3 episodes available to watch on Hulu.

10. The Wire

The series is based on the drug scene in Baltimore through the eye of the police and drug dealers. Apart from drug dealing, they also deal with corruption in the government, the bureaucracy, and other segments of daily life—a documentary kind of series.

The Wirebest series Dominic West Detective James 'Jimmy' McNulty… Lance Reddick Lance Reddick Lieutenant Cedric Daniels… Sonja Sohn Sonja Sohn Detective Shakima 'Kima' Greggs Wendell Pierce Wendell Pierce Detective William 'Bunk' Moreland John Doman John Doman Deputy Commissioner for Operations William A. Rawls… Deirdre Lovejoy Deirdre Lovejoy A.S.A. Rhonda Pearlman Seth Gilliam Seth Gilliam Sergeant Ellis Carver… Domenick Lombardozzi Domenick Lombardozzi Detective Thomas 'Herc' Hauk… Clarke Peters Clarke Peters Detective Lester Freamon Andre Royo Andre Royo Reginald 'Bubbles' Cousins Michael Kenneth Williams Michael Kenneth Williams Omar Little Jim True-Frost Jim True-Frost Detective Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski… Frankie Faison Frankie Faison Acting Commissioner Ervin H. Burrell… Corey Parker Robinson Corey Parker Robinson Detective Leander Sydnor… Delaney Williams Delaney Williams Sergeant Jay Landsman J.D. Williams J.D. Williams Preston 'Bodie' Broadus Wood Harris Wood Harris Avon Barksdale Idris Elba Idris Elba Russell 'Stringer' Bell

The Wire

The show depicts a society where it is difficult to draw clear lines between right and wrong. As with the series, we see both the perspective and the viewer. It is a challenge to decide who is right or wrong.

The series is five seasons long and has 60 episodes. Available to watch on Disney+.

11. Narcos

One of the most famous series on this list, Narcos, is about the infamous Pablo Escobar. Infamously famous for selling drugs, Pablo was at the time the world’s richest man. Narcos depicts the events that led to the global expansion of the cocaine drug trade and the authorities and law enforcement trying to catch Pablo Escobar, the drug kingpin responsible for it.

Narcosdrugs cartel Pedro Pascal Javier Peña Wagner Moura Wagner Moura Pablo Escobar Boyd Holbrook Boyd Holbrook Steve Murphy Alberto Ammann Alberto Ammann Pacho Herrera Paulina Gaitan Paulina Gaitan Tata Escobar Juan Murcia Juan Pablo Escobar Jorge Monterrosa Jorge Monterrosa Trujillo Damián Alcázar Damián Alcázar Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela… Francisco Denis Francisco Denis Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela… Raúl Méndez Raúl Méndez César Gaviria Juan Sebastián Calero Juan Sebastián Calero Navegante Paulina García Paulina García Hermilda Gaviria Diego Cataño Diego Cataño La Quica Brett Cullen Brett Cullen Arthur Crosby Julián Díaz Blackie… Joanna Christie Joanna Christie Connie Murphy Maurice Compte Maurice Compte Horacio Carrillo María José Sanchez Real Manuela


The story follows that the cartel by Pablo has become an issue to the world, and they take measures by sending DEA agents to hunt him down. We see how this unfolds in the nail-biting crime thriller Narcos.

The series Aired From 2015–2017 with three seasons and 30 episodes. Available on Netflix, With various awards. In its name, this will be an excellent addition to your watch list.

12. The Society

The society is a Netflix original mystery, Sci-Fi, teen series. Set in a dystopian wealthy New England town. The show centers on a group of kids who, after returning from a school vacation. They discover themselves trapped in another version of their city without any parents present around. They find that their parents are missing. They are trying to find some information they struggle to discover about the disappearances.

The SocietySci-Fi Kathryn Newton Allie Pressman Gideon Adlon Gideon Adlon Becca Gelb Sean Berdy Sean Berdy Sam Eliot Natasha Liu Bordizzo Helena Wu Jacques Colimon Jacques Colimon Will LeClair Olivia DeJonge Olivia DeJonge Elle Tomkins Alex Fitzalan Alex Fitzalan Harry Bingham Kristine Froseth Kristine Froseth Kelly Aldrich José Julián José Julián Gordie Alex MacNicoll Alex MacNicoll Luke Holbrook Toby Wallace Toby Wallace Campbell Eliot Jack Mulhern Jack Mulhern Grizz Spencer House Spencer House Clark Emilio Garcia-Sanchez Emilio Garcia-Sanchez Jason Salena Qureshi Salena Qureshi Bean Olivia Nikkanen Olivia Nikkanen Gwen Kiara Pichardo Kiara Pichardo Madison Grace Victoria Cox Grace Victoria Cox Lexie

The Society

Trapped in this dystopian world, they are trying to find their way to their original world. follow this series to know how this adventure goes.

The series is a Netflix original series, with season 1 released in 2019 and a new season coming soon. With such a creative plot, this is an outstanding series for sci-fi and thriller fans.

13. The Looming Tower

One of the most tragic events that happened in this world was 9/11. The series The Looming Tower revolves around the mismanagement and rivalry of the FBI and CIA, which inadvertently set the path for the tragedy. A sensitive topic to some people, this series deals in detail with how mismanagement and poor handling of the afghan war fueled the growth of Al-Qaeda in the 1990s.

The Looming TowerJeff Daniels John O'Neill Tahar Rahim Tahar Rahim Ali Soufan Wrenn Schmidt Wrenn Schmidt Diane Marsh Bill Camp Bill Camp Robert Chesney Louis Cancelmi Louis Cancelmi Vince Stuart Virginia Kull Virginia Kull Kathy Shaughnessy Ella Rae Peck Ella Rae Peck Heather Sullivan Jones Sullivan Jones Floyd Bennet Michael Stuhlbarg Michael Stuhlbarg Richard Clarke Peter Sarsgaard Peter Sarsgaard Martin Schmidt Annie Parisse Annie Parisse Liz Jamie Neumann Jamie Neumann Toni-Ann Marino Jenny Paul Maureen Sharon Washington Sharon Washington Judith Erica Cho Erica Cho Leigh Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin George Tenet Katie Flahive Katie Flahive Amy Tawfeek Barhom Tawfeek Barhom

The Looming Tower

The series follows agents from the FBI and CIA’s counterterrorism departments as they traverse the globe battling for information control while ostensibly attempting to stop an impending assault on American soil. A very insightful and detailed series, The Looming tower can be a good addition to your watchlist.

The series aired in 2018 with ten episodes available on prime video.

14. Turn: Washington’s Spies

One of the most dramatic events in history was the independence of the USA. This series revolves around the story behind the spies that helped pave the way for this. These drama series involve Spies that were childhood friends of a farmer Abe Woodhull.

Turn: Washington's SpiesJamie Bell Abraham Woodhull Heather Lind Heather Lind Anna Strong Samuel Roukin Samuel Roukin Lt. John Simcoe… Daniel Henshall Daniel Henshall Caleb Brewster Seth Numrich Seth Numrich Ben Tallmadge Meegan Warner Meegan Warner Mary Woodhull Kevin McNally Kevin McNally Judge Richard Woodhull Burn Gorman Burn Gorman Major Hewlett Ian Kahn Ian Kahn General George Washington Angus Macfadyen Angus Macfadyen Robert Rogers JJ Feild JJ Feild Major John Andre Ksenia Solo Ksenia Solo Peggy Shippen Owain Yeoman Owain Yeoman Benedict Arnold Nick Westrate Nick Westrate Robert Townsend Idara Victor Idara Victor Abigail Aaron Angus Aaron Angus Dragoon… Aldis Hodge Aldis Hodge Jordan… Darren Alford Cicero

Turn: Washington’s Spies

This group of friends who are not trained can still turn tables on their side. The series also revolves around the ways of life at that time and how they cope with the upcoming revolution to their eventual independence.

The series Aired From 2014-2017 with four seasons and 40 episodes. This crime drama before the independence movie is an excellent addition to your watchlist.

15. The Salisbury Poisonings

As the name suggests, The Salisbury Poisonings is a series based on the chilling events in Salisbury, a city in the English county of Wiltshire. The story revolves around the poisoning attempt of the spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter. poisoned by a Novichok nerve agent.

The Salisbury PoisoningsRafe Spall DS Nick Bailey Anne-Marie Duff Anne-Marie Duff Tracy Daszkiewicz Annabel Scholey Annabel Scholey Sarah Bailey Judah Cousin Toby Daszkiewicz MyAnna Buring MyAnna Buring Dawn Sturgess Sophia Ally Gracie Sturgess Johnny Harris Johnny Harris Charlie Rowley Nigel Lindsay Nigel Lindsay DCC Paul Mills Stella Gonet Stella Gonet Caroline Sturgess Kiera Thompson Kiera Thompson Annie Bailey Duncan Pow Duncan Pow Dr James Haslam Darren Boyd Darren Boyd Supt. Dave Minty Stephanie Gil Stephanie Gil Ellie Bailey William Houston William Houston Ted Daszkiewicz Emma Stansfield Emma Stansfield Emma Black Jonathan Slinger Jonathan Slinger Tim Atkins Andrew Brooke Andrew Brooke Alistair Cunningham Jill Winternitz Jill Winternitz Yulia Skripal

The Salisbury Poisonings

The series involves how this nerve agent was delivered to the spy and his family and how the city has coped with such a high-profile attack. We see how the public services survive and cope with this unpredictable event.

This series 3 episode series involving a possible Assassination attempt on a high-profile spy is a must-watch for all thriller fans.

16. The Alienist

Set in the In 1896 New York City, this series revolves around the investigation and finding of a serial killer. The series starts as we see various male prostitutes murdered in New York. We also see that the previous police commissioner could not find the serial killer, so the new commissioner Theodore Roosevelt is dead set on finding the killer.

The AlienistNew York Serial Killer Daniel Brühl Laszlo Kreizler Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning Sara Howard Luke Evans Luke Evans John Moore Robert Wisdom Robert Wisdom Cyrus Montrose Douglas Smith Douglas Smith Marcus Isaacson Matthew Shear Matthew Shear Lucius Isaacson Ted Levine Ted Levine Chief Thomas Byrnes… Martin McCreadie Martin McCreadie Sergeant Doyle… Brian Geraghty Brian Geraghty Theodore Roosevelt Q'orianka Kilcher Q'orianka Kilcher Mary Palmer Matt Lintz Matt Lintz Stevie Taggert David Wilmot David Wilmot Captain Connor Brittany Marie Batchelder Brittany Marie Batchelder Joanna Crawford Rosy McEwen Rosy McEwen Libby Hatch Melanie Field Melanie Field Bitsy Sussman Emily Barber Emily Barber Violet Hayward Georgia Lowe Milly Matt Letscher Matt Letscher William Randolph Hearst

The Alienist

The government asked the help of a local private detective, An criminal psychologist, and a New York Times reporter. We see how a different kidnapping case collides with the murder. With growing investigations and new leads, we see how they catch the killers.

The series Aired From 2018-2020 has two seasons and 18 episodes. Available on Netflix, This crime drama western movie is an excellent addition to your watchlist.

17. Feud

The series revolves around the feud between the elite of New York. On a per-season basis, the season one series involves a rivalry between legendary actresses Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. We see how these two interacted and had to play along in the movie” Whatever happened to baby jane?.”

Feud Bette Davis and Joan Crawford Bette Davis Joan Crawford Susan Sarandon Bette Davis Jessica Lange Jessica Lange Joan Crawford Judy Davis Judy Davis Hedda Hopper Jackie Hoffman Jackie Hoffman Mamacita Alfred Molina Alfred Molina Robert Aldrich Stanley Tucci Stanley Tucci Jack Warner Alison Wright Alison Wright Pauline Jameson Tom Hollander Tom Hollander Capote… Molly Ringwald Molly Ringwald Joanne Carson Diane Lane Diane Lane Nancy 'Slim' Keith Calista Flockhart Calista Flockhart Lee Radziwill Catherine Zeta-Jones Catherine Zeta-Jones Olivia de Havilland Dominic Burgess Dominic Burgess Victor Buono Joel Kelley Dauten Joel Kelley Dauten Adam Friedman Kathy Bates Kathy Bates Joan Blondell Kiernan Shipka Kiernan Shipka B.D. Merrill… Molly Price Molly Price Harriet Aldrich Brooke Star Brooke Star Cindy Crawford


The series further tells us how they had to work together despite their feud and how they did so. Also, there Is an aspect of people trying to fuel this feud for their motives.

The Feud is an ongoing series with season 2 coming next year. With season 1 already aired, this drama biography series is a must to watch.

18. The Americans

The Americans is a tv series set in the cold war and revolves around two Russian spies and their life in the US. We see a pair of Russian then soviet spies deep undercover with a perfect camouflage of a typical family. They are perfectly blended with even their neighborhood, not knowing their real identity—they live a double life, travel agents in the day and spy at night.


This series revolves around this aspect of the war and how the spies and people had to live during the cold war.

Aired from 2013 to 2018 with six seasons, 75 episodes, and four primetime Emmy wins an excellent addition to your watchlist.

19. Oz

Have you ever wondered How criminals live in prison? Say no more. The series OZ revolves around an unusual prison with crime and drug trade. We see the daily life of the convicts in prison and the drug trade happening in jail.

OzErnie Hudson Warden Leo Glynn J.K. Simmons J.K. Simmons Vern Schillinger Lee Tergesen Lee Tergesen Tobias Beecher Dean Winters Dean Winters Ryan O'Reily George Morfogen George Morfogen Bob Rebadow Terry Kinney Terry Kinney Tim McManus Rita Moreno Rita Moreno Sister Peter Marie Reimondo Harold Perrineau Harold Perrineau Augustus Hill Eamonn Walker Eamonn Walker Kareem Said Craig muMs Grant Craig muMs Grant Poet Luna Lauren Velez Luna Lauren Velez Dr. Gloria Nathan Granville Adams Granville Adams Zahir Arif Tom Mardirosian Tom Mardirosian Agamemnon Busmalis Kirk Acevedo Kirk Acevedo Miguel Alvarez BD Wong BD Wong Father Ray Mukada Chuck Zito Chuck Zito Chucky Pancamo Philip Scozzarella Officer Joseph Mineo… Scott William Winters Scott William Winters Cyril O'Reily


We see various kinds based on their religion and race, like Muslims, Italians, Latinos, and also average convicts that are not part of any gangs. We also get to know the corrupt life as some guards are honest while some are not.

This series aired from  1997 to 2003 with six seasons and 56 episodes. It is a must-watch to see how people live and cope in a violent environment like prison.

20. Hell on Wheels

Hell on wheels deals with the PTSD and trauma a soldier faces after a war. The story of hell on wheels revolves around the civil war about a former confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon who is still unable to get over what happened in the war. Further, we are told that he lost his wife to the union soldiers. We see how he develops anger and wants revenge on the killer.

Hell on WheelsAnson Mount Wild West Cullen Bohannon Colm Meaney Colm Meaney Thomas 'Doc' Durant Robin McLeavy Robin McLeavy Eva Phil Burke Phil Burke Mickey McGinnes Christopher Heyerdahl Christopher Heyerdahl The Swede… Dohn Norwood Dohn Norwood Psalms… Common Common Elam Ferguson Kasha Kropinski Kasha Kropinski Ruth… Ben Esler Ben Esler Sean McGinnes Jennifer Ferrin Jennifer Ferrin Louise Ellison Dominique McElligott Dominique McElligott Lily Bell Eddie Spears Eddie Spears Joseph Black Moon Tom Noonan Tom Noonan Reverend Nathaniel Cole Duncan Ollerenshaw Duncan Ollerenshaw Mr. Toole David Wilson Barnes David Wilson Barnes Martin Delaney… Tayden Marks Tayden Marks Ezra Dutson… Jake Weber Jake Weber John Campbell Chelah Horsdal Chelah Horsdal Maggie Palmer

Hell on Wheels

This shows the life of the people in the post-civil war US and how people cope with the daily chores and the tough lives of women.

Aired from 2011 to 2016 with five seasons spanning 57 episodes is a must-have experience to deal with topics like PTSD and the hardship of people post-war.

21. John Adams

This series also revolves around the history of one of the USA’s founding fathers. John Adams Is one of the founding fathers, and the story of this series revolves around his life and how he contributed to the country’s greater good.


This seven-episode series starts with the Boston massacre and how he copes with the problems, his progress into an ambassador in Europe to the president, and finally, his demise on 4th July 1826.

22. Foyle’s War

Set in the world War 2 era, Foyle’s War is a series set in the war-ridden Griffen England. We follow  Detective Christopher Foyle, who investigates crime and war-related intel at the homefront and south coast of England. We also see how he deals with constant political interference and prioritization of the military.

Foyle's WarMichael Kitchen Christopher Foyle Honeysuckle Weeks Honeysuckle Weeks Samantha Stewart… Anthony Howell Anthony Howell Paul Milner… Ellie Haddington Hilda Pierce Julian Ovenden Julian Ovenden Andrew Foyle Jay Simpson Jay Simpson Sgt Brooke… Tim McMullan Tim McMullan Arthur Valentine Daniel Weyman Daniel Weyman Adam Wainwright Jeremy Swift Jeremy Swift Glenvil Harris Rupert Vansittart Rupert Vansittart Sir Alec Meyerson… Geoffrey Freshwater Geoffrey Freshwater Sergeant Rivers… Mali Harries Jane Milner Michael Simkins Michael Simkins Hugh Reid Hermione Gulliford Hermione Gulliford Elizabeth Addis Max Brown Max Brown Adam Wainwright Alex Clatworthy Charlotte Jay Benedict Jay Benedict Captain John Kieffer… Jonah Lotan Jonah Lotan

Foyle’s War

Later, we see that he works for MI5 after the war’s end to deal with the aftermath.

The series aired from 2002  to 2015, with eight seasons spanning over 28 episodes. Watch this series to experience the way of living, the devastation of war, and its aftermath.

23. Designated Survivor

A fictional series but enjoyable at the same time, Designated Survivor is a series about how a low-level cabinet minister Kiefer Sutherland becomes the president of the united states. Caused by a weird catastrophic attack that kills everyone above his hierarchy, and he becomes the president.

Designated SurvivorPolitical Distopian USA Kiefer Sutherland Tom Kirkman Adan Canto Adan Canto Aaron Shore Italia Ricci Italia Ricci Emily Rhodes Kal Penn Kal Penn Seth Wright Maggie Q Maggie Q Hannah Wells LaMonica Garrett LaMonica Garrett Mike Ritter Natascha McElhone Natascha McElhone Alex Kirkman Jake Epstein Jake Epstein Chuck Russink Paulo Costanzo Paulo Costanzo Lyor Boone Zoe McLellan Zoe McLellan Kendra Daynes Mckenna Grace Mckenna Grace Penny Kirkman Ben Lawson Ben Lawson Damian Rennett Tanner Buchanan Tanner Buchanan Leo Kirkman Reed Diamond Reed Diamond John Forstell Malik Yoba Malik Yoba Jason Atwood Geoff Pierson Geoff Pierson Cornelius Moss Virginia Madsen Virginia Madsen Kimble Hookstraten Vanessa Burns Vanessa Burns Shelly

Designated Survivor

Now he has to deal with various aspects of life, find the person responsible for killing and the decisions for the country, and keep his life from falling apart due to constant working. An unrealistic series, however, is fun to watch.

It aired from 2016 to 2019 with three seasons, and 53 episodes available to watch on Netflix.

24. Snowpiercer

Another fictional story on this list is set in a dystopian world where human intervention to prevent global warming goes wrong, an ice age-type situation is created, and the earth is surrounded by permafrost. We are shown that a mad scientist made a Train that is constantly traveling, and hence people can survive by paying some amount. However, we see how random people who don’t have tickets also board.

SnowpiercerTrains Distopian Daveed Diggs Andre Layton Mickey Sumner Mickey Sumner Bess Till Alison Wright Alison Wright Ruth Wardell Iddo Goldberg Iddo Goldberg Bennett Knox Sheila Vand Sheila Vand Zarah Ferami Lena Hall Lena Hall Miss Audrey Annalise Basso Annalise Basso LJ Folger Roberto Urbina Roberto Urbina Javier de La Torre Katie McGuinness Katie McGuinness Josie Wellstead Mike O'Malley Mike O'Malley Sam Roche Karin Konoval Karin Konoval Dr. Pelton Miranda Edwards Miranda Edwards Lights Sam Otto Sam Otto John Osweiller Rowan Blanchard Rowan Blanchard Alexandra Cavill Sean Bean Sean Bean Joseph Wilford Emma Oliver Emma Oliver Winnie Kwasi Thomas Kwasi Thomas Z-Wreck Jennifer Connelly Jennifer Connelly Melanie Cavill


In this series, we see how the different classes of people are distinguished and how the upper classes live with prosperity and the lower ones without any amenities. We follow as we see a man, an ex-cop, who is made to investigate various crimes on the train.

Still being aired, this series started in 2020 with two seasons, and 31 episodes already aired. A good mix of drama and sci-fi, this is a must-add to your watchlist.

25. The Liberator

This is unlike any series in this list. The Liberator is a realistic animated series, unlike any typical cartoon. It revolves around a group of soldiers that people in the US and any other country have never heard of US Army infantry commander.

The Liberator

The Liberator

This animated story tells us about how this group of soldiers consisting of native Americans and Mexicans, traveled for over 400 days from Italy to France to fight alongside the allied forces for the liberation of the Dachau concentration in Germany.

This mini tv series of 4 episodes are available to watch on Netflix.

26. The Staircase

Based on the true events of novelist Michael Peterson. He is accused of killing his wife. The wife, Kathleen, is found dead at their home. This frames Michael for the murder, and the place she was found also refers to the same.

The StaircaseColin Firth Michael Peterson Toni Collette Toni Collette Kathleen Michael Stuhlbarg Michael Stuhlbarg David Rudolf Patrick Schwarzenegger Patrick Schwarzenegger Todd Peterson Sophie Turner Sophie Turner Margaret Ratliff Odessa Young Odessa Young Martha Ratliff Dane DeHaan Dane DeHaan Clayton Peterson Tim Guinee Tim Guinee Bill Peterson Vincent Vermignon Vincent Vermignon Jean-Xavier Juliette Binoche Juliette Binoche Sophie Broussard Olivia DeJonge Olivia DeJonge Caitlin Atwater Rosemarie DeWitt Rosemarie DeWitt Candace Zamperini Parker Posey Parker Posey Freda Black Maria Dizzia Maria Dizzia Lori Campbell Justice Leak Justice Leak Tom Maher Robert Crayton Robert Crayton Ron Guerette Cory Scott Allen Cory Scott Allen Art Holland Hannah Pniewski Hannah Pniewski Becky

The Staircase

The story follows the 16-year-long trial of Michael over the supposed killing of his wife, Kathleen. As the series goes on, we see how untold facts about their relationship unfold as truth after the investigation and trial come out.

This Mini Tv series consists of  8 episodes and is a must-watch to see how Michale’s trials follow over 16 long years.

27. Timeless

Timeless is a sci-fi movie that deals with time travel, its use, and its consequences to the current present. In the story, we follow criminals who steal a very advanced time machine and destroy the USA. To prevent this, the government appoints a trio to chase and hunt them down to save the present and protect the past.

TimelessAbigail Spencer Lucy Preston Matt Lanter Matt Lanter Wyatt Logan Malcolm Barrett Malcolm Barrett Rufus Carlin Paterson Joseph Paterson Joseph Connor Mason Sakina Jaffrey Sakina Jaffrey Denise Christopher Claudia Doumit Claudia Doumit Jiya Goran Visnjic Goran Visnjic Garcia Flynn Annie Wersching Annie Wersching Emma Whitmore Susanna Thompson Susanna Thompson Carol Preston John Getz John Getz Benjamin Cahill Michael Rady Michael Rady Nicholas Keynes Tonya Glanz Tonya Glanz Jessica… Chad Rook Chad Rook Karl Matt Frewer Matt Frewer Anthony Bruhl Daniel di Tomasso Daniel di Tomasso Noah Jim Beaver Jim Beaver Jake Neville Hector Hugo Hector Hugo Patrick Ramsey Bailey Noble Bailey Noble Amy Preston


We follow this series as they try to hunt these criminals down in history, important events like the assassination attempt on Abram Lincon, the event at The Battle of the Alamo, etc.

With two seasons spanning over 27 episodes available on apple tv+, it is a must-add to your watchlist.

28. Spies of Warsaw

This is an adventurous story of intrigue and romance. Spies of Warsaw tells a tale of betrayal, espionage, and love during a person’s most challenging time of world war 2. A British television story of an intelligence spy who disguises themself as a military man at the French embassy in the city of warsaw during world war 2.

Spies of WarsawDavid Tennant Jean-François Mercier Janet Montgomery Janet Montgomery Anna Skarbek Marcin Dorocinski Marcin Dorocinski Antoni Pakulski Miroslaw Zbrojewicz Miroslaw Zbrojewicz Marek Burn Gorman Burn Gorman Jourdain Radoslaw Kaim Radoslaw Kaim August Voss Linda Bassett Linda Bassett Malka Rosen Allan Corduner Allan Corduner Viktor Rosen… Anton Lesser Anton Lesser Doctor Lapp Jan Pohl Zoller Richard Lintern Richard Lintern Colonel Lessard… Julian Glover Julian Glover General Beauvilliers Fenella Woolgar Fenella Woolgar Lady Angela Hope Tuppence Middleton Tuppence Middleton Gabrielle Tusse Silberg Helena Skarbek Ellie Haddington Madame Dupin Piotr Baumann Maxim Mostov… Richard Teverson Richard Teverson Roddy Fitzware

Spies of Warsaw

During the time he spends as a spy, he meets anna during a diplomatic reception, and they soon fall in love. However, she is regarded as a security threat by the French government. We follow these two’s love stories as they try to stay together.

This mini-series, aired in 2013 with just four episodes, is a beautiful romance story during a hard time of world war 2—a must-watch for romance and thriller fans.

29. The Beatles Anthology

As the name suggests, The Beatles Anthology is a mini-series about famous beetles. Every 80s person knows about the beetles, one of the most recognized and successful rock bands of the era with revolutionary songs. The Beatles Anthology is an autobiography series of history’s greatest band.

The Beatles AnthologyPaul McCartney Self George Harrison George Harrison Self Ringo Starr Ringo Starr Self George Martin George Martin Self Neil Aspinall Neil Aspinall Self Derek Taylor Self Larry Parnes Larry Parnes Self (manager) Peter Cook Peter Cook Self (behind Dudley Moore) Linda McCartney Linda McCartney Self Cilla Black Cilla Black Self (at Apple boutique opening) Antony Armstrong-Jones Snowdon Antony Armstrong-Jones Snowdon Self David Frost David Frost Self Billy Preston Billy Preston Self Kyoko Ono Cox Kyoko Ono Cox Self (with Yoko and John) Imelda Marcos Imelda Marcos Self Gerry Marsden Gerry Marsden Self (Gerry and the Pacemakers) Magic Alex Magic Alex Self (electronics expert) Lonnie Donegan Self

The Beatles Anthology

In this documentary anthology, we follow beetle’s life and times when they were not so popular. It features various clips from many of their songs as well as details of how these songs were created. We also follow their growth from being nothing to the world’s greatest band.

This mini-series aired from 1995 to 1996 with nine episodes. It is a must-watch for any rock fan out there.

30. X Company

It may sound fictional at first, but this is a series based on a real-life situation. This is a Canadian Hungarian thriller series about spies and their lives in world war 2. We follow a group of 5 young but talented people. These recruiters trained as agents at a super secret facility named camp x, a camp for covert agents in the war.

X CompanyEvelyne Brochu Aurora Luft Jack Laskey Jack Laskey Alfred Graves Warren Brown Warren Brown Neil Mackay Hugh Dillon Hugh Dillon Duncan Sinclair Torben Liebrecht Torben Liebrecht Franz Faber Lara Jean Chorostecki Lara Jean Chorostecki Krystina Breeland Connor Price Connor Price Harry James Livia Matthes Livia Matthes Sabine… Dustin Milligan Dustin Milligan Tom Cummings Basil Eidenbenz Basil Eidenbenz Edsel Karen Gagnon Alice Morten Suurballe Morten Suurballe Obergruppenführer Ulrich Schmidt Adrian Lukis Lt-Col. George Mayhew Pierre Kiwitt Pierre Kiwitt Brigadeführer, Oster… Sara Garcia Sara Garcia Miri Madeleine Knight Madeleine Knight Heidi Adler Lili Bordán Lili Bordán Kate Julian Michael Deuster Julian Michael Deuster Viktor Forst

X Company

We follow as the youth are torn apart from their past real life and are now trained to be spies and made to do secret and dangerous things for the country.

Aired from 2015 to 207 consists of 3 seasons, 28 episodes and is a must-watch for factual representation and the lives of spies and people during the world war.

31. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is a crime drama comprising six seasons from 2013 to 2022. It is a drama that shows an epic set in the 1900s in England with a gangster family. Thomas Shelby and his brothers returned to Birmingham after serving in the British Army in World War 1. Shelby and Peaky Blinders, the gang he used to lead, used to control the city.

Peaky BlindersCillian Murphy Thomas Shelby Paul Anderson Paul Anderson Arthur Shelby Sophie Rundle Sophie Rundle Ada Shelby… Helen McCrory Helen McCrory Polly Gray Ned Dennehy Ned Dennehy Charlie Strong Finn Cole Finn Cole Michael Gray Natasha O'Keeffe Natasha O'Keeffe Lizzie Stark Ian Peck Curly Harry Kirton Harry Kirton Finn Shelby Packy Lee Packy Lee Johnny Dogs Joe Cole Joe Cole John Shelby Annabelle Wallis Annabelle Wallis Grace Burgess… Kate Phillips Kate Phillips Linda Shelby Aimee-Ffion Edwards Aimee-Ffion Edwards Esme Shelby Tony Pitts Tony Pitts Sergeant Moss… Benjamin Zephaniah Benjamin Zephaniah Jeremiah Jesus Tom Hardy Tom Hardy Alfie Solomons Jordan Bolger Jordan Bolger Isaiah Jesus

Peaky Blinders

His ambition then became to create a whole business empire. We follow as the peaky binders explore, expand, make enemies, counteract them, and see the crime family grow. One of the most viewed series.

Peaky Blinders aired from 2013 to 2022, spanning over 36 episodes. Available on Netflix, This is a Must watch series for a crime drama thriller fan.

32. A Young Doctor’s Notebook

A Young Doctor’s Notebook, based on the autobiography of Mikhail Bulgakov. Mikhail was a young doctor hence the name young doctors notebook. Set in 1917, Russia is on the course of development and revolution. Mikhail, a just-graduated doctor, arrives at the backwood hospital and is made to lead this hospital.

A Young Doctor's NotebookJon Hamm Older Doctor Daniel Radcliffe Daniel Radcliffe Young Doctor Rosie Cavaliero Rosie Cavaliero Pelageya Adam Godley Adam Godley The Feldsher Vicki Pepperdine Vicki Pepperdine Anna Daniel Cerqueira Vlas Tim Steed Tim Steed NKVD Agent Kirill Shaun Pye Shaun Pye Yegorych Margaret Clunie Margaret Clunie Natasha Charles Edwards Charles Edwards The Colonel Tom Forbes Tom Forbes Anatoliy Christopher Godwin Leopold Leopoldovich… Anthony Farrelly Bolshevik Soldier (stretcher bearer) Andy Apollo Andy Apollo Soldier in Question Jenny Galloway Jenny Galloway Lidka's Grandmother Janine Duvitski Janine Duvitski Belladonna Zbinka Karina Fernandez Karina Fernandez Syphilitic Woman Neil Edmond Neil Edmond Professor of Obstetrics

A Young Doctor’s Notebook

This real-life adaptation of Mikhail’s biography deals with the various patients, his experience as he treats the people, and how he leads the local hospital during the chaotic times of the Russian revolution.

This series aired from 2012 to 2013 with two seasons, and 8 episodes, with main lead Daniel Radcliffe is a must-add to your watchlist.

33. Jinx

Jinx is a documentary about the life and death of Robert Durst. Written by Andrew Jarecki, Marc Smerling, and Zac Stuart-Pontier, this is the story of Robert durst, accused of the murder of writer Sysab Berman And his neighbor Morris Black. He, however, confessed that it was all in defense.


The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

The filmmakers made it very interesting, and after that, they visited the forensic lab, where they learned that one and only one person writes the envelopes. Follow this series as we see and explore in depth the life and death of Robert Durst and how this investigation progresses.

Aired in 2015, this mini-series of 6 episodes is a must for a crime thriller fan.

34. Downton Abbey

Downtown Abbey is one of the most known series out there. There are also several films made with the same name. The story deals with the British aristocratic Crawley family and their lavish lives with their luxurious lives and various servants in the picture in the early twentieth century. The title references its primary setting: Yorkshire, home to the rich aristocratic Crawley family.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

The show shows us how the family navigates the tumultuous events between 2012 and 2021, with the second season covering the World war two era phase of this family. Downton Abbey is a classic British historical drama series and a must-watch.

Downtown Abbey has 52 episodes spanning over six seasons.

35. Deadline Gallipoli

Deadline Gallipoli is yet another mini tv series set during an active war. The story revolves around three journalists, Charles, Ellis, and Phillip, who, on the brink of war, arrive at the city of Gallipoli hence the name. With the invasion by the Britishers on the way and the allied troops in 1915. These are the journalist that is there to report all the scenes from the war. This is the story of journals that are not ready to accept the fact and will not shut up.

Deadline GallipoliSam Worthington Phillip Schuler Hugh Dancy Hugh Dancy Ellis Ashmead Bartlett Joel Jackson Joel Jackson Charles Bean Charles Dance Charles Dance Sir Ian Hamilton Rachel Griffiths Rachel Griffiths Lady Hamilton Anna Torv Anna Torv Gwendoline Churchill Jessica De Gouw Jessica De Gouw Vera Grant James Fraser James Fraser Arthur Bazley Justin Smith Justin Smith Lester Lawrence Mark Brady Terry Sutton Benedict Hardie Benedict Hardie Nigel Sutton Luke Ford Luke Ford Charlie Hodson Aaron Glenane Aaron Glenane Stan Phipps Dylan Young Dylan Young Percy Cooper Martin Jacobs General Braithwaite John Bell John Bell Lord Kitchener Simon Maiden Simon Maiden Winston Churchill Marco Chiappi Henry Nevinson

Deadline Gallipoli

We see how the action of these men action alter the campaign’s direction, manipulate this failure and turn it into a tale of personal bravery.

This mini-TV series aired in 2015 consists of 2 episodes. A fascinating tale of manipulation, this is a must-add to your watchlist.

36. The Bridge of Spies

The Bridge of Spies is a cold war drama that was also featured in an Oscar for the thrilling performance and theme of all actors and directors. The series depicts the time of 1957 at the peak of the cold war was at the peak, in which they employed spying on each other to know the nuclear capabilities of each other. In Rudolf Abel, one of the characters who got calls on which he never talks but listens. One day suddenly, in a park, he found a coin in which he found a piece of paper, after which FBI agents rushed out and arrested him for espionage.

The Bridge of SpiesTom Hanks James B. Donovan Mark Rylance Mark Rylance Rudolf Abel Alan Alda Alan Alda Thomas Watters Jr. Amy Ryan Amy Ryan Mary Donovan Domenick Lombardozzi Domenick Lombardozzi Agent Blasco Victor Verhaeghe Victor Verhaeghe Agent Gamber Mark Fichera Mark Fichera FBI Agent Brian Hutchison Brian Hutchison FBI Agent Joshua Harto Joshua Harto Bates Henny Russell Henny Russell Receptionist Rebekah Brockman Rebekah Brockman Alison (Donovan's Secretary) John Rue John Rue Lynn Goodnough Billy Magnussen Billy Magnussen Doug Forrester Jillian Lebling Jillian Lebling Peggy Donovan Noah Schnapp Noah Schnapp Roger Donovan Eve Hewson Eve Hewson Carol Donovan Joel Brady Joel Brady Police Officer - Brooklyn Courthouse Austin Stowell Austin Stowell Francis Gary Powers

The Bridge of Spies

And then Abel’s case came for lawyer James B. Donovan to his workplace, and he decided to give a chance to this case where he faced lots of problems when he went to Germany. There was a lot of rude behavior and many more issues, but still, he tried to defend Abel. Watch this series to know more about how she deals with the circumstance she has.

Aired in 2015 and was directed by Steve Spielberg.

37. When They See Us

This series is based on events in New York in 1989. The story follows how a group of 5 teens is falsely accused due to unforeseen circumstances. The story follows as we see a jogger being assaulted and raped in central park. A group of 5 teens is suspected and blamed for the incident.

When They See UsAsante Blackk Kevin Richardson (Teen) Caleel Harris Caleel Harris Antron McCray (Teen) Ethan Herisse Ethan Herisse Yusef Salaam (Teen) Marquis Rodriguez Marquis Rodriguez Raymond Santana Jr (Teen) Marsha Stephanie Blake Marsha Stephanie Blake Linda McCray Kylie Bunbury Kylie Bunbury Angie Richardson John Leguizamo John Leguizamo Raymond Santana Sr. Niecy Nash Niecy Nash Deloris Wise Suzzanne Douglas Suzzanne Douglas Grace Cuffee Michael Kenneth Williams Michael Kenneth Williams Bobby McCray Jharrel Jerome Jharrel Jerome Korey Wise Aunjanue Ellis Aunjanue Ellis Sharonne Salaam Felicity Huffman Felicity Huffman Linda Fairstein Len Cariou Len Cariou DA Robert Morgenthau William Sadler William Sadler Detective Michael Sheehan Adepero Oduye Adepero Oduye Nomsa Brath Alexandra Templer Alexandra Templer Trisha Meili Denia Brache Natividad

When They See Us

The series focuses on the men falsely accused in this infamous Central Park jogger case, the story of the families of the accused, and their fight for freedom and justice. This series follows from the event of their capture to their eventual release.

This Mini tv series aired in 2019, spanning four episodes. The series has also won various awards, Available on Netflix.

38. Sick note

The Sick note is a British dark comedy television series written by Nat Saunders and James Serafinowicz. The story revolves around Daniel, played by Rupert Grint, and A serial liar stuck as an employee working under a dominating boss. We also see that he has fallen for a girl with a girl. We know that he has been diagnosed with cancer. He observes that people, including his boss, treat him better than they used to.

Sick noteRupert Grint Daniel Glass Nick Frost Nick Frost Dr. Iain Glennis Pippa Bennett-Warner Pippa Bennett-Warner Becca Palmerstone Marama Corlett Marama Corlett Linda Karl Theobald Karl Theobald Michael Daniel Rigby Daniel Rigby Officer Hayward… Belinda Stewart-Wilson Belinda Stewart-Wilson Annette Glennis Camilla Beeput Camilla Beeput Vanessa Matthews Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan Katerina West Don Johnson Don Johnson Kenny West Dustin Demri-Burns Dustin Demri-Burns Will_5000 David Cann Gordon Glass Matilda Thorpe Claire Glass Miles Richardson Miles Richardson Dr. Sampson Tolu Ogunmefun Ash Matthews Alison King Alison King Superintendent Henchy Wanda Opalinska Wanda Opalinska Ward Nurse Robert Daws Robert Daws Shank

Sick note

However, later it is seen that the diagnosis was wrong. He chooses to keep this discovery a secret and wants to keep the excellent treatment. He and his doctor try to keep the secret hidden and see the lies collapsing on them.

It first aired in 2017-2018. It consists of 2 seasons with 14 episodes each. It is a good source of humor that is fun and entertaining.

39. Delhi Crime

A Bollywood series that is based on real life. This series Is based on the infamous series of Nirbhaya that happened in India. One of the most viewed series in India. Early morning a girl and a boy are found lying naked in a locality of Delhi. The girl was seriously in bad shape. The torture that the girl went through is unimaginable and will make your spine chill.

Delhi CrimeShefali Shah DCP Vartika Chaturvedi Rajesh Tailang Rajesh Tailang Inspector Bhupendra Singh Rasika Dugal Rasika Dugal Neeti Singh (IPS Trainee)… Anurag Arora Sub-Inspector Jairaj Singh Adil Hussain Adil Hussain Kumar Vijay (CP) Gopal Datt Gopal Datt Sub-Inspector Sudhir Kumar Sidharth Bhardwaj Sidharth Bhardwaj Sho Subhash Gupta Yashaswini Dayama Yashaswini Dayama Chandni 'Chandu'… Denzil Smith Denzil Smith Vishal Chaturvedi Jaya Bhattacharya Jaya Bhattacharya Sub-Inspector & Juvenile Welfare Officer Vimla Bhardwaj Vinod Sharawat SHO Vinod Tiwari Swati Bhatia Swati Bhatia Ira Mridul Sharma Jai Singh Abhilasha Singh Deepika Sanjay Bishnoi Akash… Shobhna Bharadwaj Kiran Gaurav Rana SHO Rakesh Verma Amitabh Acharya Sub-Inspector Ashok Sharma

Delhi Crime

The testimony of the girl told that while on a bus, they were beaten and bullied by six people, and the girl was molested and raped in unimaginable ways. We follow the series as the police investigate the incident and find and punish the convicts asap. They were still going on the series aired in 2019 with two seasons out.

Watch this gut-wrenching crime investigation series on Netflix.

40. The Crown

The crown is one of the most popular series in the political drama genre. We follow the life of the late Queen Elizabeth the second, Her political rivalries during her reign, and also some aspects of her personal life, including her romantic side. The series mainly deals with queen Elizabeth’s life after she was newlywed and had to run the monarchy.

The CrownClaire Foy Queen Elizabeth II… Olivia Colman Olivia Colman Queen Elizabeth II Imelda Staunton Imelda Staunton Queen Elizabeth II Matt Smith Matt Smith Philip, Duke of Edinburgh… Tobias Menzies Tobias Menzies Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Dominic West Dominic West Prince Charles Lesley Manville Lesley Manville Princess Margaret Charles Edwards Charles Edwards Martin Charteris Elizabeth Debicki Elizabeth Debicki Princess Diana Jonathan Pryce Jonathan Pryce Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Vanessa Kirby Vanessa Kirby Princess Margaret… Marion Bailey Marion Bailey Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Victoria Hamilton Victoria Hamilton Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother… Helena Bonham Carter Helena Bonham Carter Princess Margaret Pip Torrens Pip Torrens Tommy Lascelles Sam Phillips Sam Phillips Equerry Erin Doherty Erin Doherty Princess Anne Will Keen Will Keen Michael Adeane

The Crown

As we see her grow from being a newlywed and after being to decades of political rivalry and declining monarchy, romance is revealed.

Aired in 2016, it has six seasons spanning a total of 60 episodes.

41. The Clinton Affair

As the name suggests, this is a series based on Clinton’s Affair. Bill Clinton was an American politician and was the 42nd president of the united states of America.

The Clinton AffairMonica Lewinsky Self Ken Starr Ken Starr Self - Former Independent Counsel David Shuster David Shuster Self - Journalist - ABC, Little Rock (1994-1996)… Paula Jones Paula Jones Self David Kendall David Kendall Self - Attorney for Bill Clinton Michael Isikoff Michael Isikoff Self - Journalist - The Washington Post (1981-1994) Lucianne Goldberg Self - Conservative Author & Literary Agent James Carville James Carville Self - Former Political Strategist for Bill Clinton Solomon Wisenberg Self - Former Deputy Independent Counsel Bernard Lewinsky Self - Monica Lewinsky's Father Joe Conason Self - Co-Author - The Hunting of the President Barney Frank Barney Frank Self - Former Congressman (D) James Fisher Self - Former Attorney for Paula Jones Susan Carpenter-McMillan Self - Former Advisor to Paula Jones Jennifer Palmieri Jennifer Palmieri Self - Special Assistant to Leon Panetta… Bob Bennett Self - Former Attorney for the President Ann McDaniel Self - Washington Bureau Chief - Newsweek (1996-1998)… Lisa Myers Self - Journalist

The Clinton Affair

Regarded as one of the biggest scandals in America, this story deals with the same with some in-depth analysis of the affair that he had with Monica Lewinsky. With some unseen footage and in-depth interviews. This is a goto series if someone is a big fan of gossip and politics.

The Clinton Affair was aired in 2018, spanning over six episodes.

42. Vikings

Vikings, as history tells, are seafaring warriors. They conquered various parts of Europe from the 9thth to 11th century. This series is based on the same people and their life and culture. Based on true facts by various discoveries.

VikingsKatheryn Winnick Lagertha Gustaf Skarsgård Gustaf Skarsgård Floki Alexander Ludwig Alexander Ludwig Bjorn Lothbrok… Georgia Hirst Georgia Hirst Torvi Alex Høgh Andersen Alex Høgh Andersen Ivar Jordan Patrick Smith Jordan Patrick Smith Ubbe Marco Ilsø Marco Ilsø Hvitserk Peter Franzén Peter Franzén King Harald Finehair Travis Fimmel Travis Fimmel Ragnar Lothbrok Clive Standen Clive Standen Rollo John Kavanagh John Kavanagh The Seer… Jennie Jacques Jennie Jacques Judith Maude Hirst Maude Hirst Helga Moe Dunford Moe Dunford Aethelwulf Alyssa Sutherland Alyssa Sutherland Queen Aslaug… Linus Roache Linus Roache King Ecbert George Blagden George Blagden Athelstan Adam Copeland Adam Copeland Kjetill Flatnose


In this series, we follow the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok and his band of brothers as he embarks on a journey to become the king and embrace the Norse tradition of worshiping god. With one of the best visuals. This series is an excellent addition to your watchlist.

The series has six Seasons consisting of 93 episodes.

43. The Durrells

The Durrells is British comedy series that came in 2016 and ended in 2019, and this story is an autobiography of Gerald Durrell, the explorer and naturalist who tells his own family’s story.

The DurrellsKeeley Hawes Louisa Durrell Josh O'Connor Josh O'Connor Lawrence Durrell Milo Parker Milo Parker Gerald Durrell Daisy Waterstone Daisy Waterstone Margo Durrell Callum Woodhouse Callum Woodhouse Leslie Durrell Alexis Georgoulis Alexis Georgoulis Spiros Halikiopoulos Yorgos Karamihos Yorgos Karamihos Theo Stephanides… Anna Savva Anna Savva Lugaretzia Lucy Black Florence Petridis… Ulric von der Esch Sven Alexis Conran Dr. Petridis Miles Jupp Miles Jupp Basil Nikos-Orestis Haniotakis Nikos-Orestis Haniotakis Pavlos… Ben Hall Donald Merch Husey Merch Husey Zoltan Elli Tringou Elli Tringou Daphne Likourgou… Leslie Caron Leslie Caron Countess Mavrodaki Daniel Lapaine Daniel Lapaine Hugh Jarvis

The Durrells

The story starts with Louisa Durrell, who was living her life without a husband and with financial problems and troubled kids. she suddenly said that five of her child would go to Bournemouth as it is an inexpensive and beautiful place. An adventurous movie that is a very good experience to watch.

Aired from 2016 to 2019 with 26 episodes spanning over 4 seasons.

44. The Pacific

Last but not least, the pacific. Yet another series related to war, however, is one of the best ones that exist out there. The story of the pacific revolves around the lives of a U.S. Marine squad during the campaign against the Japanese Empire at the time of ww2.

The Pacific James Badge Dale PFC Robert Leckie Joseph Mazzello Joseph Mazzello PFC Eugene Sledge… Jon Seda Jon Seda Sgt. John Basilone Ashton Holmes Ashton Holmes PFC Sidney Phillips Josh Helman Josh Helman PFC Lew 'Chuckler' Juergens Rami Malek Rami Malek PFC Merriell 'Snafu' Shelton Martin McCann Martin McCann Cpl. R.V. Burgin… Keith Nobbs Keith Nobbs PFC Wilbur 'Runner' Conley Toby Leonard Moore Toby Leonard Moore 2nd Lt. Stone… Tom Hanks Tom Hanks Narrator Jacob Pitts Jacob Pitts PFC Bill 'Hoosier' Smith Nathin Art Butler Nathin Art Butler Private Young Brendan Fletcher Brendan Fletcher PFC Bill Leyden Tom Budge PFC Ronnie Gibson Dylan Young Dylan Young PFC Jay De L'eau… Conor O'Farrell Conor O'Farrell Dr. Sledge William Sadler William Sadler Lt Col. Lewis 'Chesty' Puller Joshua Bitton Joshua Bitton Sgt. J.P. Morgan

The Pacific

The series shows hardship similar to the above-mentioned “Band Of Brothers. It also depicts the lifestyle of soldiers that returned from their duty, with which they have to deal with depression, anxiety, and eventual PTSD. This series of 10 episodes is an enjoyable series for action fans.

This mini-series aired in 2010 with 10 episodes.

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