What Do We Know About Cindy McCain’s Affair?

Cindy McCain’s affair
Cindy McCain

What do we know about Cindy McCain’s affair? Was it a mere rumor? Cindy McCain is an American diplomat, businesswoman, and humanitarian. She has also served as an ambassador to the United Nations agencies under Food and Agriculture. Cindy was married to John McCain, who was the presidential nominee back in 2008.

Being a political figure, Cindy McCain’s personal life attracted substantial media limelight after there was an ongoing rumor about her having an affair? How true was the ongoing speculation? Well, a book might have some insight into it. Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts about Cindy McCain’s affair and what the rumor was all about.

Did Cindy McCain Have An Affair? Here’s What We Know

A book named Game Change has been making some revolting claims that involve big political figures, including Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Edwards. Cindy McCain’s name could not be saved as well! In the book, it has been alleged that Cindy McCain’s aides confronted her about her rumored affair with a Tempe used-car salesman.

Cindy McCain’s affair
Cindy McCain

The mystery man was alleged to be her long-term boyfriend. Not only that, but the rumored pair had been seen all over town in the last few years. When the rumored affair was out in the open and people started to talk about it, Members of McCain’s senior staff discussed the controversial news. The book also claimed that Cindy’s behavior was becoming rather erratic. Cindy’s late husband, John McCain, was also accused of an alleged affair, and several speculations came up about it.

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Who Is The Mystery Man In This Alleged Affair Rumour?

This rumored boyfriend was later identified as Dino Castelli of Tempe. However, Dino has vehemently denied any such allegations and was further compelled to get a restraining order accusing a reputed tabloid of harassing him and his family.

While Castelli admitted that he had known Cindy McCain for years, he called all the affair rumors a “crock of s**t”. The rumor later fizzled out with time. These rumors did not stand for long and were not addressed by Cindy.

Cindy McCain Gets Candid About Her Marriage With John McCain

While talking about his marriage with John McCain, Cindy McCain admitted that it had its moments where it was stressful, and it had its moments where it was a hell of a lot of fun. She further revealed how they had certain shared humor, as husband and wife, and it was the needed bit of brightness in the heaviest times.

Cindy McCain’s affair
Cindy and John McCain

Her book Stronger has talked about some of the McCain family’s hardships which include her prescription pill addiction in the 1990s and a serious stroke from which she recovered in the 2000s, and she did not even shy away from discussing John’s failed campaigns. Cindy explained that she had been married for 40 years, and anyone who thinks that 40-year marriage is perfect hasn’t been married for 40 years! The former ambassador admitted that her marriage was solid, and they were great partners and had a great life together.