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33 Anime Like Oregairu That You Need To Watch

Mob Psycho 100

Last Updated on November 25, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Oregairu is a series that will leave your heart aching and weeping over the fact that you can no longer know about the life of the characters as the story has ended. This is a common thing when it comes to the Slice Of Life Genre in general, and we have compiled a list of shows and movies that make you feel the same. But that alone is not why Oregairu is popular among the fans, and people also watch it for the philosophical quotes Hachhiman gives and use it as a screencap.

And lament over how right he is in thinking about life’s events. But as he grows, we go him see from a pessimistic individual to someone who has a better outlook in life with an ending that leaves us feeling bittersweet. The list below is in no particular order, and all of them are worth watching for many reasons than just liking Oregairu.

Anime Like Oregairu You Need To Watch

The list below is not ranking. They are written randomly and we have tried to keep the action-based out as much as possible because they tend to be the main focus rather than the character growth. Regardless, without further ado, below is the list of great animes that are like Period. 

If you have anime recommendations of your own, feel free to comment below what anime you think gives you the melancholy-driven drama with a philosophical perspective vibe in the comments below. So without further ado, let’s look at the first entry in the list.

1. Hyouka

There are a lot of parallels between Hyouka and Oregairu. An introverted protagonist surrounded by a loud world, a sister that is annoying yet important to their life, and so on. But the main similarity is the focus of school life the two stories emphasize; while in many shows, high school is but a setting, both the series use it as a tool for characters to truly grow and ponder on what the future holds for them. But the path both series take to reach is unique, and unlike Hikkigaya, Hotarou is a loner who likes being alone.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Hyouka Franchise

2. Monogatari Series

Monogatari and Oregairu focus on a big cast of characters with unique problems but with different setups. That and Koyomi is no way near Hachiman’s level of pessimism; he is the polar opposite of him and strives to do good for him. Though the two would have an awkward moment if they were to share a room, the protagonist of the respective series want nothing but to do well for those around them in whatever way possible. Lastly, this series is good for those who want to get into a big series with no breaks. Monogatari as a franchise is one of the biggest there is.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Monogatari Franchise

3. Sakura Pet Kanojo

Very much like Oregairu, this anime is heartwrenching in many scenes. Although Oregairu had a pessimistic approach from the beginning, Sakura Pet Na Kanojo had an upbeat start. This leads to the sad moments of this anime being even more despondent as we, as an audience, see how the characters slowly descend into that state. The way the series does this makes us empathize with the characters on a deeper level and even tingle some of our insecurities that help us connect with these characters. The anime is good, but you should check out the light novel, as the two have different endings.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Sakura Pet Kanojo Franchise

4. Classroom Of The Elite

This is one of the Light Novel anime adaptations that has been making rounds across the globe. The series has similarities to Oregairu in that the normal way of high school is out of the window, and we are given a different perspective on things. But where Oregairu does this with the help of the characters, Classroom of the Elite does this through the setting, premise, and character goals. On the surface, Ayanokoji is very much like Hikkigaya, but he suffers from a different set of problems that even the high schooler will find hard to solve.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Classroom of the Elite Franchise

5. Haganai

Haganai or I don’t have friends is a series where a club is formed for people to come together and learn how to make friends. There is one big problem, none of the members know how to make any in the first place, which leads to a contradiction in the existence of the club. But it’s anime logic, so the school rolls with it and lets the kids have their club! Haganai deals with the issues of connection and intimacy with others but from a different perspective. The series had two seasons and a live-action film.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Haganai Franchise

6. Kokoro Connect

It’s hard to make a list of high school series without putting this series on the list. Kokoro connect remains one of the best high school anime in the industry and has yet to be dethroned from the top spot in that regard. Similar to Haganai, the story is about misfits of the school banding together to form a new club for themselves. But unlike Haganai, they do it to find a place for themselves, as the five are sucked into the supernatural affairs of the school as soon as the story roles. The story has its fair share of funny and sad moments, and we will be mentioning a lot of fun-focused anime in the list as well.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Kokoro Connect Franchise

7. Anohana

The flower we saw that day, or Anohana, is an anime like Oregairu when it comes to the feelings it elicits from the audience. The show and the movie are a peek at what an original can achieve. Though original non-adapted anime had become less of a norm, we are seeing the practice of studios making original IPs revive little by little. This particular series is short 11-episode series that can be binged in one go. We do not promise that the tears will stop even after days of watching it.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Anohana Franchise

8. Rascal Don’t Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

Another series that deals with people going through trouble in their life with what society inflicted on them but with a supernatural twist to it. Though, it would be apt to say that this series is an amalgamation of the Oregairu and Monogatari series as it has elements from both series. But in general, it follows the Monogatari approach that leads to focusing on one girl at a time in a season. The first season was Mai, and the second on Tomoe, and so on. The series also got a movie thanks to its popularity.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Rascal Don’t Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Franchise

9. Toradora

Toradora can be described in one way perfectly, the mature romance of high school students. This was what made this popular anime back when it was first released. Taiga being a Tsundere was a plus for many fans of the medium, and she would still rank in the top 10 among Tsundere of all time, but that’s a topic for another day. The main characters are from families that have missing figures, and the story also works as coming of age that foretells what growing up means no matter how difficult the circumstances are.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Toradora Franchise

10. Hanasuaku Iroha

Hanasoka Iroha is an underrated gem that not many have heard of, and yet those who did are fawning over this series. The story shows us the life of Ohana, who is forced to move to her grandmother’s inn in the countryside after her mother eloped with her boyfriend to run from his debt. Enraged and confused, she meets her grandmother for what feels like the first time she has seen her, and her grandmother treats her as such. If Ohana wanted to stay with her, she had to work at the inn and earn her living quarters, but for Ohana, this strict and direct Matriarchy was a welcome change.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Hanasuaku Iroha Franchise

11. Natsume’s Book Of Friends

Natsume is one of the most intriguing characters in the medium, and he has been underrated to boot. Being in the same place as Hikkigaya, the guy sees the world in a way no one can conceive. But where Hikkigaya observed the world around him and made his deduction, Natsume’s world is a spiritual one. He can commune with spirits like no one else, and this puts him at odds with others as he can’t be understood by his peers. But when he inherits his grandmother’s book of Yokai, he will finally place himself among the oddball Yokai.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Natsume’s Book of Friends Franchise

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12. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

To be honest, this series is the exact opposite of what Oregairu stands for, and for those reasons, it is fun to put it here. We say that, but the series does have a character who very much resembles Hikkigaya, Kyon. Like Hachiman, Kyon is a stoic and sarcastic guy who doesn’t have much going on. The biggest between the two is the presence of Haruhi. Haruhi is the demanding ‘God of the World’ that changed the way Kyon looked at the world along with those around him. However, he doesn’t change right away and learns to be a little more optimistic as the story goes on.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Franchise

13. Clannad

Clannad is a coming-of-age story with maturity you wouldn’t find anywhere else. While most high school stories are limited to their time in high school, this franchise does the unthinkable and gives us an after-story that goes after the couples have settled down and even have a kid. The Clannad: After story touches on an aspect of the slice life Drama that hardly gets brushed over by the genre even to this day. What happens to the characters after they grow up? And it has been so well that nobody feels that it makes people want to watch the anime all over again.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Clannad Franchise

14. Silver Spoon

Speaking of anime that you would want to watch all over again, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is one of those. But the title says ‘Silver Spoon,’ so why mention that anime? Because this has been made by the same author of FMAB, and many are hooked on to the franchise. The story is a coming of age and focuses on College life rather than high school (for a change of pace), with a protagonist who wants nothing but to stay away from his family.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Silver Spoon Franchise

15. Bunny Drop

Bunny Drop has some mature themes going on. An unmarried man adopts his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter as she has no place to go after he expires. This led to society looking at him in different ways, but it changed his perspective in ways he didn’t know about. He was always asked to get married in the series by his mother, but he got half the job done. However, the story is not for everyone, and some things would have been better left untouched. It mostly leaves people confused and questioning the thinking of the manga’s author, for the direction it takes is viewed as unethical by many.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Bunny Drop Franchise

16. March Comes In Like A Lion

Almost all popular stories have orphaned protagonists. Anime has its fair share of orphans who are detached from parently love but, at the same time, free to do whatever they want. While anime like Oregairu have the parents of the main character working overseas or at night time or just not there to leave the house to their kids, March Comes In Like A Lion takes a traditional approach. The manga is hailed as one of the Best in Japan of all time, and it also has a live-action adaptation for those who like to enjoy Cinema Flicks.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: March Comes in Like A Lion Franchise

17. Your Lie In April

Many people like Oregairu not for Philosophy (although that is one of the selling points) but for the feels that the anime gives with its finale. If you want an anime like Oregairu that hits you in the heart, look no further than Your Lie In April. Remaining in the Top 25 anime of all time, even after a decade, the music’s coming-of-age story will move you to tears as the finale of the series concludes. Unlike Koumei, you won’t have as much clarity after going through a heart-shattering experience and have yet to move on with life just like him.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Your Lie in April Franchise

18. Sound Of The Sky

A post world war story that had drastic effects on the human world as well as technology that pushed the development of science to the early twentieth century. Do not be fooled by the goofy arts and looks the anime has, for it is meant to suck in the audience through the Moe charm; the story is much more serious. Some anime circles even refer to this as the love letter to humanity as we see the main characters are stationed and how their worldview and even their service help those who were injured in the great war. It gives a somber feeling to those who watched, but it might not be for everyone considering the year we are in.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Sound of the Sky Franchise

19. Daily Lives Of High School Boys

Alright, we have been talking about serious, emotional gut-punch anime non-stop; it’s time we take a break from all that. The Daily Lives of High School Boys is an anime that truly deserves a second sequel, as the first season had many viewers laughing at every episode. The main trio of characters and the supportive cast are all living their daily lives, and yet they never fail to entertain the audience. The sad thing about this anime is it’s only twelve episodes long.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Daily Lives of High School Boys Franchise

20. Nichijou

Another comedy high school anime on the list, Nichijou, is a lighter comedy compared to the previous entry but still good for anyone who wants to enjoy a good comedy. Unlike our last entry, this anime got the royal treatment and has a total of twenty-six episodes, but those who get hooked on it have to read the manga after it ends. The story or premise is similar to the Daily lives of High School boys, but instead of focusing heavily on the high school students, the cast is much bigger, and we even got ourselves a talking cat who would contradict itself at any given moment.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Nichijou Franchise

21. Mushishi

Mushishi is a work of art that has reached the levels of popularity among its niche audience. The show is similar to Natsume’s Book of Friends, but the main character is similar to Hikkigaya as he is a loner and has a worldview differing from the common norm. To be precise, it would be like putting Natsume in Hikkigaya, and you would have this character who is too cool to care for the world that surrounds him. Although this series is a predecessor to both and there is no real correlation between the three other than the similarities.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Mushishi Franchise

22. Violet Evergarden

Another post-war entry on our list, and this one held as one of the best among many animes produced under Kyoto animation. The show is set in the future where robot AIs are achieved but with a different level of complexity, and the one we follow the journey of is a certain Robot who wants to work to get back into society. She works to assimilate into the real world and find out why not only her creator gave her life but what he meant by his parting words. This entry has a lot more romance, but it is from Kyoani, so it is to be expected.

Violet Evergarden

CC: Violet Evergarden Franchise

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23. Wolf Children

Wolf Children is an underdog of anime these days(no pun intended). Like the few entries on our list, this too focuses on the college life of character and forward. In a sense, if you want an anime that gives you the same vibe as Clannad, this entry would be it. Characters fall in love, learn how to live after they have gone through the love phase, and have kids whom they have to watch over as they grow. But it has some themes like belonging in an indifferent society similar to Oregairu.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Wolf Children Franchise

24. Chiyafuryu

While Hikkigaya is devoid of any purpose in life, he isn’t deprived of compassion to help others. Our main character in Chiyafuruyu is similar to him as she, too, is devoid of purpose and looks to support her sister’s career. This changes as she meets a guy in elementary school who teaches her the way of Karuta and gives her something to look forward to. In a similar way how Hikkigaya was given the means to understand others and come to make meaningful connections with people he came across. Chiyafuryu’s story, however, has yet to be concluded.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Chiyafuryu Franchise

25. Barakamon

Barakamon is a story about a master in caligraphy who has been secluded on an island after he punched someone in the face for insulting his work. The story is laid back and meant as a way for a means to not only get over his writer’s block but also find a style that is unique to himself. In a sense, it is a big redemption arc for the main character to learn about himself and connect with those around him. The story also has a prequel with Hannada Kun where it details his high school days, which is much more an anime like Oregairu now that we think about it. But both are worth watching.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Barakamon Franchise

26. ReLife

ReLife is giving a second chance to people in real life by having them enroll in school once again. But that isn’t possible no matter how you look at it, as age would show up on faces before they are even allowed inside the school. This is where the pill comes in that reforms the user’s face to that of the early days and gives them a second chance in life. The main theme of the story is to show the main characters growing out of their pessimism and learning to live again.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: ReLife Franchise

27. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 is an anime that defined the medium; no, it reshaped it. And with it being in the final season(at the time of writing this), there is no reason to watch the series or get into it. Kageyama or Mob is the strongest psychic in the world, he can achieve whatever he wants in life, and nothing can stop him from achieving it. However, Mob only wants his crush to notice him and date her one day. So to express his feelings to her, he must go on to change before she can accept him for who he is inside.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Mob Psycho 100 Franchise

28. Assassination Classroom

As we said in one of the earlier sections, Oregairu’s main selling point is the philosophy Hikkigaya has about life. The assassination classroom, too, goes through a philosophical experience and ending that makes everyone who watches it cry. While Oregairu has a pessimistic approach to life in high school and beyond, Assassination Classroom has an optimistic approach with a lot of pragmatic principles to it. You will understand what we mean once you watch the anime in its entirety, or you may already know. It is always nice to come back to this class knowing full well how it will end, but Koro-sensei never ceases to be full of life, no matter how many times you watch it.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Assassination Classroom Franchise

29. Whisper Of The Heart

One of the highest-rated Ghibli films and a scene from it has now become the face of the Lo-fi music community. The story is optimistic as it gets with a lot of realism that people with aspirations and yearning for their dream go for. Not analogous to the life choices Hacchiman took life, but the list focuses on how an anime ends up making you feel rather than the overall approach of the story to it. In that regard, Kiki’s delivery service is also a good watch as it had a bittersweet ending.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Whisper of the Heart Movie

30. Honey And Clover

Finally, we got to talk about this show. This anime is what you watch for the storytelling and how the life of people with aspirations are stuck by tragedies in ways that shape their lives. It is to be expected as this was written by the author of March Comes In Like A Lion. However, this series came before the popular manga and is much more relaxed in that regard. The artwork of the anime also adds to the wholesome feel of the anime. But with being on the list of anime like Oregairu, you know there will be a catch. However, it does take time to reach there.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Honey and Clover Franchise

31. Haibane Renmei

Adapted from the Doujinshi series published in 1998, the series follows beings that resemble angels and live in a city surrounded by gates from which they can’t escape. The overall atmosphere of the anime is grim and descends to dark tones as the story deals with some heavy themes of morality, what is good, and things that are meant to be ignorant for innocence. The show became a major hit upon its release and got multiple releases. You can also watch Serial Experiment Lain as a supplement to this series, but that has less to do with Oregairu though it remains a great watch.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Haibane Renmei Franchise

32. The Garden Of Words

Two people of different ages meet under the roof in a park and share their life experiences and, along the way, get to know each other better. Before Makoto Shinkai was popular for his commercially successful flick Your Name, this was the anime he was recognized. It still hasn’t lost its touch, however, and remains a great watch for many reasons.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: The Garden of Words Franchise

33. Kaguya Sama Love Is War

As it stands, Kaguya Sama Love Is War is the de facto romance anime of the era. So why is it on the list of anime like Oregairu? Just for one character, Ishigami. He is the hidden protagonist of the series who goes through a harsh phase in life, even worse than Hikkigaya.

Anime Like Oregairu

CC: Kaguya Sama Love is War Franchise

Were it not for the help of the Student Council, he would have followed a path worse than Hachiman. But is it worth recommending a series that has a character similar to the main character in other? In the case of Ishigami, yes. He is just that well-written.

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