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The Crown Season 6 Release Date: Plot, Cast & What To Expect?

The Crown Season 6 Release Date
The Crown Season 6 Release Date

Time to talk about The Crow Season 6 Release Date. Firstly, this Netflix biopic serial drama was created by Peter Morgan and followed Queen Elizabeth II’s life from 1947, when she married Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to the present day. The show moves through the Queen’s reign and the development of the British royal family against the backdrop of significant political and kin-related events that take place during her reign. Throughout four seasons, the show has roughly narrated the history of British politics from the Churchill to the Thatcher eras.

The Crown, which debuted on November 4, 2016, was well received by critics and viewers alike and has since grown to be one of the most lauded television programs of the streaming era. With 21 Primetime Emmy victories, the program stands out as an exceptional television accomplishment. The show has amassed a considerable fan base over the years, even though the story’s historical accuracy has frequently been questioned. Here’s everything we know about The Crown’s fifth season!

The Crown Season 5 Recap

Season five presents us with two things, the Thatcher government and Princess Diana, so let’s talk a little about how Diana surprises the audience at a gala hosted by the Royal Opera House in honor of Charles’ birthday by taking the stage and singing a duet to “Uptown Girl,” making Charles resent her fame. After returning from a ski trip in Switzerland, where they both planned to go, they learn that an avalanche had killed their friend Hugh Lindsay.

The Crown Season 6 Release Date

Actress and singer Imelda Staunton will play Queen Elizabeth this season!

Elizabeth and Philip try to get Charles and Diana to get back together after learning that both of them have been unfaithful. Diana commits to staying faithful during a meeting while Charles is not given a chance to speak. Later, Camilla and Anne advise Charles to be realistic about their relationship and caution him against being delusional about his affair. Diana resumes her relationship with James Hewitt as Charles continues to ignore her.

Elizabeth Builds Up Character

As we’ve seen across the seasons and years, Elizabeth builds up some character with each situation coming along her way. With the Labour government she had a difficult and rough relationship as she saw how that impacted the British people, and now, with the Tories in government, she develops a good relationship with Thatcher in power, a staunch monarchist played by Gillian Anderson.

Thatcher Loses Power

Geoffrey Howe’s resignation as deputy prime minister challenges Thatcher’s leadership. She decides to dissolve Parliament and approaches Elizabeth for support, but she is told to take no action. Later, Thatcher resigned as prime minister and was awarded the prestigious Order of Merit. Despite having concerns about her ability to handle a solo trip, Diana travels to New York on a Concorde and charms the public.

The Crown Season 6 Release Date

Emma Corrin as Diana Spencer

Charles & Diana: The Other Story

Charles, having found out that Diana is still cheating on Charles with James Hewitt, plans to move forward with a separation. Camilla confides in Charles that she fears being publicly humiliated if their affair is revealed due to Diana’s popularity, which she has observed via television. After Diana returns, Charles vents his rage on her.

Charles confronts Elizabeth during the Christmas gathering, and she chastises him for his lack of maturity and gratitude for his privilege before forbidding him from proceeding with either separation or divorce. Philip reassures Diana that she is not suffering alone, counsels her to focus all of her efforts on helping Elizabeth, and issues a warning not to let her marriage fall apart.


Following its casting pattern, which introduces a new cast for the same characters to represent the passage of time, “The Crown” season 5 will see a complete revamp of the model. Imelda Staunton will take over for Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II in seasons three and four. Claire Foy played the monarch in the first and second seasons. Staunton is best known for her role as Dolores Umbridge in the “Harry Potter” film series. Lesley Manville portrays Princess Margaret in “Phantom Thread,” who comes after Helena Bonham Carter (seasons 3–4) and Vanessa Kirby (seasons 1–2).

Following Tobias Menzies (seasons 3–4) and Matt Smith, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is portrayed by Jonathan Pryce (‘The Two Popes’) (seasons 1–2). Jonny Lee Miller of “Trainspotting plays former UK Prime Minister John Major,” and Norma Major, Prime Minister John Major’s wife, is played by Flora Montgomery. Dominic West replaces Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles, and Emma Corrin replaces Elizabeth Debicki (aka “Tenet”) as Princess Diana. In addition, Marcia Warren joins the cast as Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, succeeding Victoria Hamilton (seasons 3–4) and Marion Bailey (seasons 1–2).

Supporting Cast Changes

In the roles of Camilla Parker Bowles and Princess Anne, Olivia Williams will take the place of Emerald Fennell, James Murray will play Prince Andrew, Emma Laird Craig will play Sarah, Duchess of York, and Sam Woolf will play Prince Edward. Season 5 also welcomes Andrew Havill, who will play Robert Fellowes, the Queen’s secretary. Given that the fourth season ends during the period in which Gillian Anderson’s character, Margaret Thatcher, is depicted, her absence from the season 5 cast is notable.

The Crown Season 6 Release Date

Olivia Colman

The Crown Season 6 Possible Plotlines

Considering that each season of The Crown goes through a particular period in Queen Elizabeth’s life, and we left off right at the end of the 1980s, what ensues is a crucial moment and one of the most difficult ones for the British Monarch. The 1990s were a decade filled with controversy, pain, and shock. First, Charles’ philandering with Camilla Parker-Bowles put his marriage in shambles with Diana Spencer, and she took it upon herself to elevate herself into celebrity status by taking the children —and the heirs to the throne— with her. Then, we see Charles and Diana’s divorce and how that plays out.

After that, we could see how The Queen portrays the catastrophic death of Diana Spencer in Paris and the reaction that the Royal House of Windsor took from it. We can also see more of the Queen’s relationship with Prime Minister Tony Blair. Bear in mind that the series also portrays how the relationship of the Monarchy with Downing Street plays out, and the eventual rise and fall of power of Prime Ministers are always a thing in this show. Lastly, we could also see something more of Elizabeth’s relationship with her grandsons and her husband Phillip in her later years, or maybe her relationship with her stewards and butlers, who also played a heavy part in the 1990s carrying the Palatial secrets here and there.

The Charles & Diana Fallout

One detail that pundits keep bringing out is that the series might pick up details from the Charles and Diana divorce. That event was crucial to the whole 1990s Royal detail, and The Crown might portray it handsomely. Moreover, they could show us the backdrop or recreate the controversial interview that Princess Diana gave to the BBC, where she spilled the beans about Charles’ philandering with Camilla Parker-Bowles.


Where To Watch The Crown?

The only place to watch The Crown is the world’s leading OTT streaming platform Netflix, as this is an original production. And they don’t share it with anyone else. Luckily, Netflix is a globally available platform, and starting from US$ 9,99 a month for Standard definition and  US$ 14,99 a month for 4K ultra high definition, you can get a full ad-free access to the vast Netflix catalog that includes productions like The Crown, House of Cards, Better Call Saul, original documentaries, and movies for the kids.

The Crown Season 6 Release Date

The Crown will release in November 2022 on Netflix. In January 2020, the OTT platform announced that the series was going ahead with the fifth season and that there would be a sixth and final season after that. Production for this high-level endeavor began in July 2021 and concluded in March 2022. Right now, the series is in post-production. Post-production of a series entails a lot of work. First and foremost, the audio and video need to be synced up. Then, any final editing needs to be done, such as cutting out scenes that didn’t make the final cut or adding in special effects. Once all of that is complete, the series is ready for distribution! With this, we conclude our coverage of this topic here at Otakuakrt. Thanks for your attention, happy streaming, and see you soon!

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