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Love All Play Episode 15 Release Date: Becoming the Seniors

Love All Play Episode 15
Love All Play

Love All Play Episode 15 is about to release soon, and we have got all the necessary information covered right here. To all those new ones who stumbled upon this article and are reading it, Love All Play is a sport-based anime. The demand for sport-based anime has increased a lot in recent years. Kuroko’s Basketball, Yuri on Ice, Haikyu, and many other sports anime have revolutionized the genre of sports anime. Following the trope of sports anime, Love All Play was made. The anime is adapted from the novel series of the same name. The novel series is old compared to the anime and the manga. While the anime began on April 2, 2022, and the manga began on April 8, 2022, the light novel series ran between March 2011 and March 2104.

The anime adaptation of Love All Play has been directed by Hiroshi Takeuchi, written by Tomoko Konparu, music is given by Yuki Hayashi, and is produced by Nippon Animation and OLM studio. Love All Play Episode 14 was released on July 9, 2022, and was titled “Discord”. The fifteenth episode was lighter in terms of the previous episodes, which showed some enthralling and tense matches.

Let us now discuss the release date and where to watch information regarding Love All Play Episode 15.

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Love All Play Episode 14 Recap

The episode starts with many girls looking at the school’s notice board, where a newspaper shows the photo of the winners of the recently finished badminton players. Satoru (not Gojo) feels happy that the pictures he took got published. We then see all the players on the court along with their coach. He announces that four players from junior high will join the badminton team for practice while Sakurai Hana will join as the manager. The four players who have joined the team are Ichinose Toshi from Hokuyo Junior High School, Kasuga Tomokazu from Shohoku Junior High, Matoba from Konan Gochu, and Shiba Rintaro from Kawasaki Junior High.

While everyone is practicing, Hana sees Mizushima trying to recollect how he managed that quick-reflex counterattack in his final match. We will see the funny trio of Youji, Kobayashi, and Sakai running around Hana (just like Tanaka and Nishinoya around Shimizu). Mizushima arrives home concerned that everyone was less concentrated today because of Hana. The next day we see Sakai in a new hairstyle just when the ever-funny Higashiyama twins ruin his hairstyle. They see Mizushima practicing his movements alone and ask him why he is doing so. We see Yuusuke inviting everyone to dinner, to which each one of them says no. As soon as Yuusuke invites Hana, everyone says yes and gets ready to leave.

Love all play episode 15

Misaki Shogo in episode 14

Yuusuke reveals he called everyone for the dinner to talk about the ace players, which many of them failed to recognize at the tournament recently. He goes on to say that they should not underestimate the Shiga Hirayama High School, where the popular player Misaki Shogo is present. While on his way to the restaurant, Mizushima sees Misaki practicing and approaches him. Mizushima reminds him that he and Misaki used to play against each other a lot in middle school. Mizushima and Misaki start playing while Misaki thinks about what’s going on in their head of Mizushima. At that time, Misaki realizes and remembers Mizushima and his imitation shots against him. Yuusuke announces that he has decided to quit singles to focus on doubles.

Mizushima and Hana at the end

Mizushima continues his training, trying to recreate his move in his final match. Seeing him fail, Hana comes and suggests he move his body by shifting the whole weight to the side he wants to move to. Mizushima finally succeeds and has a heartfelt conversation with Hana on his way back home. The training goes on as usual, and soon a year passes, and by the end of the episode, Mizushima and his classmates become 2nd years.

Love All Play Episode 15 Release Date

Episode 15 of Love All Play will release on July 16, 2022. The fifteenth episode is titled “Seniors”.

Love All Play Episode 15 Streaming Details

Love All Play Episode 15 will first air on local Japanese networks ytv and NTV. Later on, it will be available on Crunchyroll for premium subscription enjoyers.

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