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Who is Bruce Oldfield’s Partner? The Fashion Mastermind’s Love Interest

Many of you are lately curious to know about Bruce Oldfield’s Partner. Before getting into his love life, let’s have a look at what he is famous for. Starting from the basics, Bruce Oldfield is a professional fashion designer, popular for his couture occasion wear. His works are celebrated by various renowned artists. Some are- Rihanna, Angelica Huston, Queen Noor of Jordan, Diana Ross, Jerry Hall, Joan Collins, and many more. His ready-to-wear collection has also made quite a prominence, especially in the European and American stores. Rootless, which is Brue Oldfield’s autobiography, was published back in 2004. Besides this, Bruce has also served as the Governor of the London Institute for a few years. 

Knowing his versatility in the fashion industry and working for so many renowned clients, fans are lately curious to learn what’s happening in Bruce Oldfield’s personal life. Is it as good as his works? Well, it’s very absurd to say that the designer hasn’t sparked any romantic rumors so far. This has made all his fans wonder if he is secretly married or seeing someone in life. What do you think? Let’s dive into this piece to learn who Bruce Oldfield’s Partner is. 

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Bruce Oldfield’s Partner: His Love Life Details

Talking about his love interest, we wonder who Bruce Oldfield’s Partner is. This means we are not aware of his love life at all. The fashion mastermind has always stayed tight-lipped about his personal life whenever asked in the interviews. His silence also sparked rumors of him being interested in men. However, that turned out to be false, and he is reported to be straight.

Bruce Oldfield's Partner

Bruce Oldfield

Born in 1950, Bruce Oldfield is now 72 years old. Some people are already convinced that he is surely married to someone at this age who is in no way related to the industry. In addition to this, people are also assuming that Bruce Oldfield’s Partner doesn’t prefer being in the limelight. So, that can be the reason for this secrecy maintained by him. On the other hand, even at the events, Bruce hasn’t been spotted walking with any woman, questioning the fans more. So, we wonder if Bruce Oldfield is single or romantically involved with anyone at present. Nobody is aware of his relationship status! Thus, it is unsafe to comment on that. Briefly, we may call it to be mysterious. 

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More About Bruce Oldfield

Besides knowing Bruce Oldfield’s Partner and his mysterious love life, fans want to learn more about him. Bruce celebrates his birthday on 14 July every year. Talking about his birthplace, he was born in London, United Kingdom. 

Because of his prominence in the fashion field, it was in 1990 when Bruce Oldfield earned the OBE order of chivalry. He also served as the Trustee of the Royal Academy of Arts from 2000 to 2002. Besides his unique work, he has also worked on the uniforms of the McDonald’s staff for 2008. His popular works are very much evident from their usage of them by celebrities. Best Wishes to Bruce Oldfield for the rest of his life. Hoping Bruce confirms his relationship status real soon. 

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