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Who Is Anne Jakrajutatip’s Boyfriend? The Miss Universe Owner’s Love Interest

Anne Jakrajutatip

Who is Anne Jakrajutatip’s boyfriend? This is something that fans have been lately curious to know. Why suddenly? Because of her getting accused of rigging the pageant. The trans mogul has become the protagonist of a lot of recent drama on the internet. What’s going on in Anne Jakrajutatip’s life? Is she successful in having a bright love and happening love life? We will get into that briefly.

Before that, let’s look at Anne’s prominence in the industry. Starting from the basics, Anne is originally known as Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip. How can we not mention her as another popular name? It’s Anne JKN. This has something to do with her company, JKN Global Group. 

Born on 17 February 1979, Anne Jakrajutatip is now 45 years old. She is a Thai businesswoman and is currently the owner of the Miss Universe Organisation. Besides this, Anne also serves as the proprietor of beauty pageant organizations- Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. Her journey from being a gas station worker to the world’s third-richest transgender woman has been pretty much inspiring.

 Coming back to Anne Jakrajutatip’s personal life, she serves as the mother of two children. Little did you know both of them were born through surrogacy. This eventually questions who Anne is romantically related to. Who is that special person? If you are looking for Anne Jakrajutatip’s boyfriend, here is what we know.

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Anne Jakrajutatip’s Boyfriend: Who Is He?

Anne Jakrajutatip’s boyfriend is pretty much confusing. The Thai trans mogul, more precisely, the Miss Universe owner, is reported to be dating a British man. However, the identity of the person is not at all known. Still, it seems like Anne’s love interest is in no way related to the entertainment industry. 

Who Is Anne Jakrajutatip's Boyfriend

Anne Jakrajutatip

Anne likes to keep her personal life away from the media. Why? That’s because her sexual orientation is enough to cause drama. Well, that’s what she thinks, especially after getting associated with women’s beauty pageants. 

Whoever Anne Jakrajutatip’s boyfriend is, she seems to be happy and satisfied in life. Mental happiness is more significant than materialistic achievements. Concerning this, Anne appears to be very happy with her two children. Yes, she is loved! 

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Relationship Rumor With Clint Bondad

There have been rumors about Anne Jakrajutatip dating Clint Bondad. Who is he? Well, Clint is an actor. Some of his notable works include- Love You Two, Girlfriend for Hire, Tragic Theatre, Trophy Wife, Chain Mail, etc. Born in 1994, Clint is now 28 years old. Talking about Anne’s relationship with Clint, both are very good friends. Yes, they are close. But there is no romance between them. Also, they never dated. 

Meanwhile, Anne once shared that Clint stayed with her under the same roof for nine months. Also, both have been very often hinting to the fans about how close they are. The actor even got called ‘boy toy’ of Anne. In response to this, Clint simply ignored it with laughter.

One person even asked him if Anne was pregnant with his child. He again laughed at it and addressed that fan as “stupid,” notifying him that Anne is a trans woman. On this note, Clint said, “She is a trans. Are you stupid?” 

Who Is Anne Jakrajutatip's Boyfriend

Anne Jakrajutatip and Clint Bondad

Not to forget to mention, Anne Jakrajutatip considers Clint Bondad as her younger brother. Their age difference is quite huge, and also, they don’t have any romantic feelings in between. Well, Clint also has a girlfriend, and Anne shares a great bond with her. 

Discussing their sibling-like relationship, when asked, Anne addressed Clint as a “good man.” In addition to this, she even mentioned teaching him to rectify some manners. Little did you know, he has been serving as her fitness coach too. Best Wishes to Anne Jakrajutatip for the upcoming days of her life. You may give Anne JKN a following on her Instagram account for more updates in case she provides any. 

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