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Pete Carroll: Net Worth & Earnings

Head Coach

Want to know about Pete Carroll Net Worth? He is currently making headlines for his discussion regarding a preliminary contract with Geno Smith. The former said, “We’ve got our guy.” Well, Pete’s prominence is getting highlighted majorly this day. That eventually calls for the discussion of how much Pete Carroll has earned to date. 

Before getting into further discussions about Pete Carroll Net Worth and wealth, let’s have a brief look at his notable services. 

Starting from the basics, Pete Carroll is known for being the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. Along with that, he also serves as the executive vice president of the same NFL team. 

Born on 15 September 1951, Pete Carroll is now 71 years old. He hails from San Francisco, California. Earlier, Pete served as the head coach for a couple of other teams- New England Patriots and New York Jets. 

As a coach and a coordinator, Pete Carroll was previously associated with many teams, including Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, Ohio State, North Carolina State, Minnesota Vikings, etc. 

Talking about his achievements, Pete Carroll successfully made it to the Pac-10 Championship for seven consecutive years, since 2002. Also, he became the National Champion twice. 

Coming back to Pete Carroll Net Worth, the head coach has earned quite a lot from his sports career. That’s his primary income source. With that, he made a few real estate investments as well, which we shall discuss shortly.

If you are looking for the details of Pete Carroll Net Worth, here is what we know.

Pete Carroll Net Worth

Pete Carroll

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Pete Carroll Net Worth: The Head Coach’s Earnings & Wealth Revealed 

Talking about his monetary accumulation, Pete Carroll Net Worth is estimated to be a whopping $40 million. Yes, that’s a lot and he has successfully earned it after working very hard from the beginning. It takes a lot to become a head coach. His journey has also not been very smooth. Here is the outcome! 

As mentioned already, a major portion of Pete Carroll Net Worth comes from him being a very skillful and talented head coach. He seems to be very much dedicated and has been helping in the development of several players of the team he becomes associated with.

While discussing his earnings, Pete Carroll’s annual salary is reported to be $8 million. It’s not always money, that matters the most. Even at this age, Pete Carroll has not given up and is delivering his best on the field.

If only his monetary income is considered, the journey has been tough for, Pete. In the initial days of his career, he used to serve as the assistant coach for the University of Arkansas. He was under Lou Holtz. For that, Pete Carroll used to earn $182 each week. It has improved over the years and so has his performance. Today, Pete is considered one of the finest NFL head coaches. 

Pete Carroll Net Worth

Pete Carroll 

With Pete Carroll Net Worth being so huge, the head coach owns several real estate properties too.

It was in 2015 when Pete sold his Hunts Point home for $6.1 million. But, the weird part was he held the ownership for less than a year and purchased it with $5.9 million. So, he didn’t make much profit out of that. The house reportedly covered an area of 3860 sq. ft.

Back in 1999, Pete Carroll bought a cottage home in Manhattan Beach. That was worth $540,000. Today, it has become more expensive though. After several years in 2016, he sold it out for $2.05 million. The deal was good enough. 

Besides these, the Seattle Seahawks head coach, Pete also owns a good collection of luxurious cars. We shall update it real soon. 

Best Wishes to Pete Carroll for the next days of his life. Hoping he successfully makes his team achieve more! We support Seattle Seahawks! You may give Pete Carroll, a following on his Instagram account. 

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