The Challenge: World Championship Episode 5: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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The Challenge: World Championship Episode 5 Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

The last episode was high on adventure as we saw KellyAnne Judd attacking Jonna Mannion. KellyAnne blew up at Jonna, and Jonna told Ben Driebergen that KellyAnne was a liability. Tristan Phipps of the United Kingdom and Zara Zoffany discussed how KellyAnne, his “emotionally sensitive” partner, interferes with their game in the house.

Wes Bergmann discussed his companies with Grant Crapp and Troy Cullen, whom he called his “fanboys.” Grant claimed he doesn’t believe in the “ginger boy with a beard.” Troy also realizes how crafty and deceitful Wes is.

The last episode’s recap below will reveal all this and more. This post will also reveal The Challenge: World Championship Episode 5’s release date and streaming guide. Kaycee Clark discussed her need for more knowledge regarding Wes’ activities with Johnny Bananas. Wes, according to Bananas, never remembers his prior errors.

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A quick recap

Tori Deal learned how to dance salsa from Rodrigo Cascon. Jordan Wiseley, a former flame of Tori’s, was seen nearby with Nia Moore. Tori discussed that there are now just two Argentinians remaining and wondered whether Team USA should play it safe or take a risk.

Because of her vaping addiction, Nia Moore said she had a health concern that “potentially could’ve been fatal.” She claimed to have a “reckoning,” and returning to The Challenge is significant. She claimed that achieving one triumph would suffice.

The Challenge: World Championship Episode 5
A still from the show. Credits: Paramount

Jodi discussed tactics with Darrell. She said that she was unaware of the whereabouts of her teammate Benja Alfonso. He was captured on camera talking about needing to win the ultimate challenge while meditating by a pool.

Danny McCray and Grant discussed killing Jordan or Wes. He claimed it would be challenging to eliminate Jordan because he is coupled with Tori. He mentioned that getting everyone out could be a good idea as they all took finals simultaneously.

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Presenters TJ Lavin and Australia’s Brihony Dawson greeted the competitors. Competitors had to sprint down a hallway to get below a closing fence. Before the green light turned on and the gate opened, they had 35 seconds to jostle for position. They then had to hurry to go beneath a different gate before it closed from the opening gate down the corridor.

They had to both pass under the gate to keep their team in. TJ stated that they would do this repeatedly until only one team remained. He said the team would avoid elimination, and the last-place squad would advance.

Several teams, notably Amber Borzotra, Jonna and Grant, Kiki Morris, Darrell, Nia, Troy, and Rodrigo, were eliminated following Round 2. Nia added as she watched her partner grimace in pain over his leg, “The last thing you want to do is show your misery to others.”

When it came down to the final four, Wes and Zara, Jodi and Benja, and Tori and Danny squared off. Jodi and Benja were forced to leave as the door closed, leaving two teams. Wes ultimately prevailed by getting under the door before Danny, giving Zara and Wes the victory.

Nia and Rodrigo finished last, which resulted in their automatic elimination. In planning for the subsequent elimination, Team USA advised that they keep things straightforward for now and continue using the same names. Grant met with other individuals to discuss attacking Wes. When Darrell entered, he proposed offering the least amount of opposition.

Wes would need to decide which one to send in, so Danny, Ben, and Justine Ndiba chatted with Tori about making it KellyAnne, Tristan, Jordan, and Crossley. To get the “very little amount of blood” on her hands, Tori claimed she wanted to be cautious.

When it came time to vote, KellyAnne, Tristan, Jodi, and Benja received most of the votes. KellyAnne said that certain individuals shouldn’t be allowed to control the situation since they will ultimately turn on one another. Bananas, Tori, and Theo discussed Danny and Sarah’s efforts to manipulate them while playing by their own rules.

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Danny, Sarah, and Justine had a private meeting to discuss winning the challenge the following time to take control of the game. The actors went to the bar to have a party. Kiki claimed in the confessional that they continued to play the game while pretending to be having fun.

Rodrigo, Nia, and Benja mentioned the others playing a terrifying game. Bananas spoke privately with Danny to reassure him that there is no grand scheme being carried out by the Legends. Danny claimed in his AV confession that the Legends couldn’t be trusted, given their past behavior.

The Challenge: World Championship Episode 5’s release date

The Challenge: World Championship episode 5’s release date is Wednesday, March 29, 2023. The Challenge: World Championship Episode 5 will air via Paramount+ in the USA around 3 a.m. Fans from across the globe can stream the show at:

  • Watchers of India: 12.30 am Indian Standard Time
  • Watchers of Britain: 7 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time
  • Watchers of Australia: 8.30 a.m. Australian Eastern Daylight Time

The Challenge: World Championship Episode 5: Where to Watch

Episode 5 of The Challenge: World Championship is available only on Paramount Plus. The website requires registration if you wish to follow the tournament live. Paramount Plus now offers a few monthly subscription plans.

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