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How Did Wes Craven Die? Scream Director’s Death Cause & Notable Works

How Did Wes Craven Die?
Wes Craven: The Horror Maestro (CC: The New York Times)

How Wes Craven died? Yes, we are talking about the late film director, who recently made headlines for getting tribute by the Scream VI’s costume designer through the film’s apparel. Well, keeping this aside, we are much aware of how Wes Craven was considered one of the best filmmakers. It’s been several years since Wes Craven passed away. Still, not every one of you knows the real cause behind it. Was he ill? Before further discussion, let’s briefly discuss some of Wes Craven’s notable works. 

Starting from the basics, Wesley Earl Craven didn’t only own directing skills but also was an actor. To be more precise about his favorite genre, he was mainly famous for horror shows and films, having a cultural impact on them. Regarding Wes Craven’s directorial works, the hit ones include My Soul to Take, Music of the Heart, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Deadly Friend, and Cursed. 

On the other hand, some of Wes Craven’s notable acting roles include Shocker, The Fear, Scream (franchise), The Fireworks Woman, The Twilight Zone, Stark Raving Mad, and a few more. Coming back to Wes Craven’s death, the film director passed away at the age of 76. Despite his age, his fans were unable to accept the news initially.

People started wondering what went wrong with Wes Craven, as he seemed to be doing good. On the other hand, some wondered if he was diagnosed with any kind of disease following his age. Whereas the rest are still blank about it. If you fall in the latter category and are looking for how did Wes Craven die, here are the details. 

How Did Wes Craven Die?

Wes Craven gained fame massively after directing Scream (CC: The Hollywood Reporter)

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Wes Craven’s Death Cause: What Happened To The Film Director? 

It was in 2015 when Wes Craven passed away, leaving each of us shocked. To be more exact about the date, this disheartening incident took place on 30 August. But the question is, what happened to Wes Craven? Was it all just because of his age? No. 

Wes Craven was at his Los Angeles home at the time of his death. The major reason behind his pass away as he was diagnosed with brain cancer. This was confirmed by his family. Initially, nobody knew that the horror maestro was diagnosed with such a life-threatening disease. Little did you know, he died during the afternoon period. It was later found that Wes Craven had been struggling with brain cancer for more than three years before his death. 

Well, Wes Craven’s death was a major loss for the film industry. Following Wes Craven’s sudden death, several actors paid tribute to him through social media posts, sharing their heartfelt messages. Some of those weres were John Carpenter, Bruce Campbell, Jamie Kennedy, Angela Bassett, Courteney Cox, and many more. 

We aren’t aware of the symptoms or how much Wes Craven suffered. It was never mentioned or talked about in public. But, in general, we are much aware of how dangerous and life-threatening cancer can be to the person suffering from it.

Moreover, it has nothing to do with age. Concerning the horror legend Wes Craven, he reportedly suffered internally, and nothing much from the outside was visible. Several years have passed, and some people still don’t know that Wes Craven is no more with us. That’s sad!

Now, we may realize, despite his worst health conditions, Wes Craven stood out and continued to do wonders. That was his determination, dedication, and love for work. His contribution, especially to the horror genre of the film industry, can never be neglected, no matter if he is no more with us. We still cherish each of Wes Craven’s movies. Which is your favorite Wes Craven work? 

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