Alaska Daily Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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Alaska Daily Episode 10
Alaska Daily Episode 10 Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

Roz Friendly and Eileen Fitzgerald are certain that Reed Gallahorn didn’t kill Gloria Nanmac. Therefore, the offender is still present and undetected. Our journalistic team delves deeper into the case in the most recent episode, revealing additional fresh information. Gloria Nanmac’s murder appears to be a component of a bigger plot that needs to be exposed.

This post will serve as a recap of the previous episode and a release date and streaming guide for Alaska Daily Episode 10. In light of the hostage scenario, Eileen acknowledges that she is terrified. She argues, however, that Gabriel can be a fantastic reporter and shouldn’t waste it out of fear. Gabriel returns to work, and the other reporters are happy to have him back.

Eileen decides to discuss Toby’s latest arrest in her and Roz’s office. Toby was arrested by police for severe assault a few weeks after Eileen and Roz spoke with him, so it appears the system had his DNA in it. And regrettably, the Daily Alaskan is the last to learn of Toby’s arraignment because Governor Thacker is still angry with Eileen for confronting him in episode 6.

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A quick recap

Rushing to the site, Eileen and Roz encounter Dennis Gibson of the Anchorage Eagle. When Eileen urges Dennis to shove it after apologizing for what occurred with the Concerned Citizen, Roz is impressed. Toby is accused of murder in the first degree, sex assault, and aggravated assault, the prosecutor says at the arraignment.

Alaska Daily Episode 10
A still from the show. Credits: ABC

Toby enters a not-guilty plea, but the judge refuses to release him on bail because he had previously admitted killing Gloria. At the arraignment, Eileen and Roz also discovered that the DNA discovered on Gloria’s body that fitted Toby was semen.

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Later, a press conference is held with Governor Thacker and Public Safety Commissioner Haynes. They discuss Gloria’s death as well as their efforts to solve the epidemic of Indigenous women who were missing or murdered. Eileen and Roz question Thacker about the unverified DNA, despite the impressive display he puts on.

The governor suddenly ends the press conference as he declines to respond to their queries. We saw that Stanley concentrates on Conrad Pritchard’s most recent (protected) land acquisitions while Eileen and Roz continue to work on Gloria’s case. Austin Teague and Claire Muncy are assigned to work on the developing story by the managing editor.

After flying over the area in a chopper, Claire and Austin find semi-trucks marked “Katona Resources.” When Claire returns to Anchorage, she discovers that Katona is a company that focuses on “improving value through the extraction of rare earth materials,” implying that they are unconcerned about the environment.

To obtain more information about Conrad, the crew turns to Frank Moses, the senatorial nominee. Fans may recall that Austin destroyed Moses’ candidacy after uncovering his connections to a dubious mining firm in an article. But after the narrative, Conrad, who had supported Moses, turned his back on him.

Moses discloses that the new senator proposes legislation to loosen mining limits on federally protected areas. Austin uses Moses’ dislike of Conrad to his advantage. Aaron, who is displeased because he used the questionable purchase of land as leverage to persuade his dad to sell him the paper, hears this information from Stanley.

The Daily Alaskan nonetheless chooses to publish the piece. The following day, environmental organizations oppose Conrad’s mining ambitions, and the senator drops the proposal. Conrad confronts him at Aaron’s guest house, but Aaron resists, and his father figuratively declares war on the paper.

Alaska Daily Episode 10
A still from the series. credits: Hulu

We saw that Gabriel struggles to secure a job after witnessing his kidnapper being shot and killed. Gabriel is assisted in managing his rage by Yuna Park, who can identify with him due to their shared relationship with Jordan Teller. She brings him to a deserted structure where they toss cement blocks from the roof.

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Alaska Daily Episode 10 Release Date

Alaska Daily Episode 10’s release date is March 23, 2023. Alaska Daily Episode 10 will be aired via ABC in the US around 10 p.m. Watchers around the globe can stream this show at:

  • For the fans from Britain (March 24): 3 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time
  • For Australian viewers: March 24 at 2 p.m. Australian Eastern Daylight Time
  • For the viewers from India: (March 24): 8.30 a.m. Indian Standard Time
  • Pacific viewers should tune in at 7 p.m. Pacific Time on March 23.

Alaska Daily Episode 10: How to watch

If you’re watching it outside of the US, episode 10 of Alaska Daily can be streamed on Hulu, the ABC app, Directv, or Fubo TV. Followers of the show must compare the times indicated here with those in their neighborhood.

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