Walker Season 3 Episode 14: Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

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Walker Season 3 Episode 14 Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

The most recent episode included several twists as well as some surprising solutions. Cordell Walker is dedicated to bringing an end to Grey Flag, a domestic terrorist organization. Walker finds that his mentor from the Marine Corps is still alive and connected to the group, while Trey Barnett and Captain Larry James have sent Trey on an undercover mission to infiltrate Grey Flag.

The Texas Rangers learn that not everybody close to them should be believed when Grey Flag quickens and intensifies their activities. A lot more happened in the last episode, which will be recapped momentarily. The post will also discuss Walker Season 3 Episode 14’s release date and streaming guide.

The Walker family starts working hard to expand their budding therapy with horses business, but several are wary of Kevin, their enthusiastic mayor’s office donor. In another location, Cordell and other Rangers examine the proof that Walker’s Marine friend Cooper fabricated his death in Afghanistan years before.

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A quick recap

Walker locates Cooper in Austin using a paper trail left by one of his previous aliases, and he is ready to confront him there. In case Walker cannot settle the conflict amicably, Cassie Perez follows him. Trey is still practicing with Grey Flag, anticipating using their recently stolen explosives to bring down a certain structure.

Walker Season 3 Episode 14
A still from the recap. Credits: HBO

As he struggles, his accomplice Lana admits her own doubts about their goal and concludes that he is not a sincere believer in Grey Flag’s cause. After helping Lana flee Grey Flag’s stronghold, Trey pretends to still be on board with the mission while providing her with important information to give to the authorities.

Given Kevin and Cassie’s recent dating history, Cassie stops at the Walker property and has an uneasy reunion. At the same time, Kevin gives Liam some financial advice regarding the horse therapy business. Walker is ambushed and rendered unconscious by Cooper on a lonely road, having been tricked into being duped by the tracking device on Cooper’s rented car, while Cassie is obsessed with this encounter with her ex.

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Cooper pulls the defenseless Ranger further into the forest while taking the unconscious Walker’s possessions, but he purposefully leaves a trail that may be tracked. As they finish building the renovated ranch, the rest of the Walker family, especially Abby, starts to warm up to Kevin, but that isn’t the biggest obstacle.

Walker subdues Cooper after they both travel to a little home on the other side of the woodland. Walker is not persuaded by Cooper’s assertions that he is in Austin for his mom’s burial and that he staged his death to get a fresh start.

After asking Walker this series of questions, Cooper persuades him to let down, then turns the tables on him by handcuffing Walker to the cabin before heading to face Grey Flag. Captain James and Cassie move to capture Grey Flag before starting their anticipated attack after Lana briefs them.

However, when they study the terrorist organization from a security position, everyone is startled to learn that Kevin is the gang’s leader. As they prepare to carry out their elaborate plan, he warmly welcomes Trey to their ranks.

Walker Season 3 Episode 14’s release date

Walker Season 3 Episode 14’s release date is March 23, 2023. Walker Season 3 Episode 14 will air via The CW at 8 pm in the USA. The following times:

  • For the Australians: March 30, 12 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time
  • For the Germans: March 30, 1 am Central European Time
  • For the Indians: March 30, 6:30 am. Indian Standard Time
  • For the Britishers: March 30, 1:20 am, Greenwich, in the meantime

Walker Season 3 Episode 14: How and Where to Watch

For viewers in other countries, Walker Season 3 Episode 14 will be streamable at the time specified above on HBO Max, the CW Seed app, and the CW app. However, American viewers may watch it live at 8 pm on the CW channel.

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