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Who is Chase Sui Wonders Dating? Everything To Know

chase sui wonders dating
Chase Sui and Pete Davidson, Credits: Deadline

Chase Sui Wonders is currently in very trending news right now, but why? she is currently in the news right now due to her dating buzz. She is linked with one of the biggest personalities in Hollywood and one who has a history of dating famous women within Hollywood.

This article will therefore take a look at Chase Sui Wonders’s current relationship, who the man is who Chase Sui Wonders is dating, her involvement in a car crash, and various other insights that are going to excite you to your roots.

But before that, maybe you might not know much about Chase Sui, and she is an American actress best known for some of her roles, such as Riley in the HBO Max series Generation and also Emma in the horror comedy film Bodies Bodies Bodies.

Apart from being an actor, she is also a director and has therefore written a lot of screenplay for some of the blockbuster films such as Daniel Isn’t Real, On the Rocks, and several others. Let us take a look at this article in order to take you on a brief journey regarding who Chase is actually dating and some other details. 

Who is Chase Sui Wonders Dating?

Chase Sui Wonders is the newest actress in the Hollywood era, and recently she has been taking a lot of spotlights, not for professional reasons, but for personal reasons, regarding her relationship. Therefore she is currently in the news for dating her Bodies Bodies Bodies co-star and every Hollywood women’s ex-partner Pete Davidson

Well sounds cute, right, but that is actually true. Both of them met when they were shooting for a horror comedy film, and this has led many fans to believe the many boyfriend roles that Pete has played throughout his personal history. 

chase sui wonders dating

Chase Sui and Pete Davidson, Credits: People

Since the two still have to confirm their relationship status, but from the various evidence and their recent Hawaii vacation, it is hugely proven that they both are very much hooked and in love with each other.

They started to see each other in 2022 when Pete was having an affair with Emily Ratajawoski, but considering the number of high-profile relationships the actor has gone through, we have to explore and see how much time this relationship will actually stay up to.

Were Chase Sui And Pete Davidson Involved In A Car Crash?

Well, that’s true. Pete Davidson and his current alleged girlfriend Chase were involved in a car crash at Beverley Hills when he was driving the Mercedes Benz at a very high speed and also around 11 at that point in time, but the insane thing happened when he lost the whole control, and to both of their safe side they jumped out of the car.

The car hit the fire hydrant and eventually went on to hit the nearby neighborhood house, and they’re both of them. Pete and Chase didn’t have any injuries, and their health was not threatened, which is a very good thing in all of these serious car crashes. 

Pete dating history

Pete Davidson, credits: Today

Photos were also taken by the police authorities, who confirmed that both the alleged couples jumped out of the car when they realized that the situation was getting out of control, even confirming that the car hit some house properties, but the celebrities were safe in terms of their health. However, they on their side also refused to give details regarding the whole incident stating that the investigation is still going on.

Pete Davidson’s Previous Relationships Explored

For the past couple of days, Pete has been in very much news regarding the high-profile relationships that he had gone through. From dating the queens of Holywood, Ariana Grande, to Kim Kardashian to Kaia Graber, he hasn’t left anyone in the industry which he hasn’t dated.

Well, after being engaged to Grande in 2018 and after breaking it off to being with Kim and splitting thereafter, the comedian and actor’s pats relationship has been very high profile and also very buzzing and trending within the industry. 

But now he is dating another American actress Chase. Their recent Hawaii vacation proves the fact that they are hugely in love with each other, and also, the fact that Pete has erased all of the Kim Kardashian tattoos that he had on his body kind of portrays the fact that he has erased his past relationship memories and is therefore currently focusing on the newer ones.

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