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Bella Hadid Before and After: Her Cosmetic Procedures Broken Down

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid has gone through various procedures on her body through the years of becoming a model, and both the before and after look stunning. Bella was initially seen through the eyes of the paparazzi and the media first when her mother, Yolanda Hadid, starred in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Obviously, she was a little girl, a teenager studying at Malibu High at the time, and she loved athletics.

This was the time when her elder sister Gigi was moving to New York to study criminology and start her career as a model on her own. Bella doon then took her sister’s footsteps and the mentoring provided by her model mother herself and moved to New York to become one. We know the story after and how the Hadid sisters rule the fashion industry right now.

Throughout the years, through the public lens, we have seen her rise with her fellow mates such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber. She has been a true icon in terms of bold looks and starting new trends with her street fashion. I remember looking at her look when she stepped out in jeans and tied her waist around with a shoelace. I mean, COOL, RIGHT?

Bella Hadid Before and After

Bella Hadid Before and After a Nose Job

There have been so many moments like this when Bella has come to the attention of the media. She talked mostly about her relationship, the one where she was with The Weeknd. And even now, if you open Instagram and start scrolling, there will be some or the other edit from her Victoria’s Secret Fashion show when Abel was singing on stage, and she walked the runway.

Bella Hadid Before And After – Nose Job And Brow Lifts

Coming to her face and the procedures she has done, you will notice a significant change in her facial structure. There have been eyebrow lifts, and with a more conscious diet, Bella’s face has also thinned a great deal. If you see pictures from her childhood or even her teenage bits, Bella used to be a lot chubbier in the cheeks than she is right now.

Both ways, she looks as stunning as you possibly could imagine a model to be. Back in Vogue in March 2022, Bella was called upon for an interview. She talked about all the changes that her body has seen through the years.

When asked about plastic surgery, she agreed to have a nose job. It was when she was just 14 years of age. This was almost three years before she started her career as a model. She also talked about how she loved her previous nose.

Bella Hadid Before and After

Bella Hadid Now With The Procedures Done

Now, Bella is pretty famous for her fox eye look, which sees the eyebrow and the outer corner and crease of the eyes pretty lifted. She talked about the same in an interview claiming that she achieved the same with the help of a face tape.

Bella claims that it is the oldest trick in the makeup world. Although this is not stopping her fans from trying to achieve the same look by going through expensive cosmetic procedures but well, who can stop them, right?

Bella Says It’s All Makeup

Also, as Bella described, there are various tricks that can be used in order to achieve the same lifted fox eye as hers. You just have to know your makeup really well, and it honestly depends more on the concealer and contour placement along the face structure.

Through the years of growing up, Bella was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease along with her mother and brother in 2012. This stopped her Olympic dream and the athletic career which she always wanted to have.

Throughout the years, she dropped out of college in order to focus on her career as a model. Although, she is hoping to come back to school after she retires from the runway. She will pursue fashion photography thereafter. In some of her interviews, Bella also talked about taking up acting and being in some films or shows.

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