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10 Anime Characters Who Can Defeat Rimuru Tempest


It’s been a custom for Anime fans to always compare their favorite overpowered Anime characters to other characters. There are often heated debates about the fighting skills and the level of intellectual Intelligence of the characters. We all want our favorite main character to win. There is countless Anime verse featuring many Overpowered Characters who can maybe defeat your favorite character easily. So what happens when your favorite character happens to be Mikami Satoru, Aka Rimuru Tempest, who can also be called “The Demon Lord”. The character has a huge fan base, mostly because of his unique evolution as a slime in the Isekai. So, which anime characters can defeat Rimuru Tempest in a fight?

Rimuru Tempest is the main protagonist of the anime, ‘That Time I Got Reincarnation As A Slime’. The story follows a thirty-seven-year-old common Japanese salaryman Mikami Satoru. One day while protecting one of his Junior subordinates, he dies after being stabbed by a passing robber. Having one regret of never having any girlfriend and dying a virgin, he peacefully prepares himself for death. But instead, he is reincarnated into slime in another world. While being a Slime, he tries his best to survive by being cautious about his surroundings. He eventually starts to realize his growing powers and makes it better to help his friends in need.

Rimuru has many advantages in terms of fighting any anime character, like his arsenal of divine magic powers. He can easily defeat many villains and main characters, but there are always exceptions.

So here are the Top 10 Anime Characters Who Can Defeat Rimuru Tempest:

10. Saitama – One Punch Man

Everyone Knows Saitama from One Punch Man. And many die-hard fans already believe that no one can defeat him as he’s the ideal superhero character. Both Rimuru and Saitama have similar past and human qualities. Like Rimuru, Saitama was a common Japanese salaryman whose life changed when he was on the verge of death. While Rimuru still died and was reincarnated as a powerful slime, Saitama decides to train himself to gain superhuman abilities.

10 Anime Characters Who Can Defeat Rimuru Tempest - Saitama

Rimuru vs Saitama

Who can, in no doubt, defeat any of his enemies in One Punch. In a fight between these two characters, Rimuru, who has boundless powers with infinite regeneration can easily overpower Saitama’s Punch. But Saitama also has Infinite Stamina, which as a result, can become a little problem for Rimuru, as he normally exhausts his stamina while using magic.

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9. Koro Sensei – Assassination Classroom

No one can forget Koro Sensei and the quirky life lessons he taught us. Koro-sensei is a teacher who has evidently destroyed half of the moon and eventually plans to destroy the earth. But he will stop if he is killed within a year by his students. There are many common powers between Koro Sensei and Rimuru. Like Regeneration and shape-shift and great sense. Koro Sensei can even digest many materials as Rimuru does, and both of them have super reflex and speed. Honestly, both of them would be a great team. But if they were to fight, Koro Sensei’s extreme laser energy and his great adaptability to the situation with his body armor could be dangerous for Rimuru.

10 Anime Characters Who Can Defeat Rimuru Tempest - Koro Sensei

Rimuru vs Koro Sensei

8. Beerus – Dragon Ball Super

Beerus, also known as “The God Of Destruction,” is one of the most feared gods in the universe. Being a god, he possesses extreme power as he has easily defeated Goku in Super Saiyan mode. In a showdown with him and Rimuru, just the sheer authority of both being at god-level power would make it an interesting watch. Rimuru being the Demon Lord, can easily defeat Beerus, let alone make him one of his pets. But Beerus’s Hakai, which is like his deadliest technique, can destroy or nullify Rimuru’s attacks. His Hakai can easily destroy Rimuru’s universe.

10 Anime Characters Who Can Defeat Rimuru Tempest - Beerus

Rimuru vs Beerus

7. Truth – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Truth, as we know, is the most known character from our all-time favorite anime and is also known as the God of Alchemy or the Universe. Truth’s insane smile is enough to creep out Rimuru. He has definite knowledge of alchemy and its uses and can pretty much take Rimuru down. Rimuru, on the other hand, also has magic tricks with enough power to destroy the existence of Truth. But if the latter is possible or not depends on the will of the other. If Truth can summon Rimuru in his gate, then there is a chance for him to win. He can trick Rimuru into absorbing alchemy power and perform alchemy at the expense of something precious to him.

10 Anime Characters Who Can Defeat Rimuru Tempest - Truth

Rimuru vs Truth

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6. Lord of Nightmares – Slayers Next

Lord of the Nightmares is an omniscient deity. She takes human form in the body of a young blonde. In anime, she is known as the creator of four worlds, or that the entire universe is made up of her. She cannot be destroyed as there is no one more powerful than her in her universe. The fight with Rimuru could turn ugly if he is reincarnated in her universe. But with her having the power of her true form, that is, the Sea of Chaos, which is like a golden lagoon in oblivion that can save her from all the attacks of Rimuru. She can ultimately swallow, Rimuru and make him part of her universe.

10 Anime Characters Who Can Defeat Rimuru Tempest - Lord of the Nightmares

Rimuru vs Lord of the Nightmares

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5. Anti Spiral – Gurren Lagann

Anti Spiral is the collective awareness of many Spiral beings, which has the power that empowers species to evolve. But when they came to know the disadvantage this power possessed to destroy the universe, eventually, they ceased evolution and ended up becoming the Anti Spiral. Anti Spiral fight with Rimuru would be catastrophic and well enjoyable as the Reality warping power can cease Rimuru’s Existence. Even if Rimuru tries to resurrect itself, Anti Spiral can alter the probability of Rimuru’s resurrection by his powers. Having Power that transcends the level of Rimuru is enough reason for the Victory.

10 Anime Characters Who Can Defeat Rimuru Tempest - Anti Spiral

Rimuru vs Anti Spiral

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4. Sinbad – Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Sinbad is as interesting a character as his name. He is one of the main characters of Anime Magi and has an important high-ranking power. He’s a sweet person, the kind of man every girl dreams of marrying someday. Having captured seven dungeons, he is the king of Sindria. Despite all his quirky lifestyle, he has great skill and knowledge of swordplay and fatal martial arts skill. In combat or a sword tournament between Sinbad and Rimuru, his experience as a leader and swordsman can guarantee Sinbad’s win.


Rimuru vs Sinbad

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3. Anos Voldigiad – The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Anos is the reincarnation of the demon king, who is almost 2000 years old, who died separating the world into four. Now being a student of demon king academy, he is superior among everything. He can easily overpower. As both are known as Demon Lords, but Anos was an actual demon in his previous life. While Rimuru will attack with his ultimate skill, demon lord Haki, he can stop the attack by generating a heartbeat. He can even remove Rimura’s will for using his power ever again. This will get him a win and make him a superior demon lord.


Rimuru vs Anos Voldigiad

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2. Simon – Gurren Lagann

Simon is the main protagonist of the anime and is often known as “The Digger”. He was usually a shy person, but after finding the mecha gunman Lagann and fighting beastman eventually started being brave. He often enjoys himself on the battlefield. Having the ultimate power of Spiral greater than the Anti Spiral is reason enough to know that he possesses a threat. In a fight, his incomparable spiral power attack would be dangerous for Rimuru.


Rimuru vs Simon

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1. Gilgamesh – Fate/Zero

Gilgamesh, also known as the” Golden King,” is one of the greatest antagonists ever. He is very manipulative and selfish. He wants to claim everything in the world as his property. His lethal fights are beyond imagination. His fights are normally won, with him always planning his strategies at the expense of the enemy. The fight between Rimuru and Gilgamesh is not only just based on their power levels but their intellectual differences also.


Rimuru vs Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh is very proud and egocentric. He will rather fight off a whole army with Rimura and lower his stamina. Then attack Rimuru’s weak points and make him submit before him. The wickedness of Gilgamesh will be the end of the Rimuru Tempest.

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