Top 30 Strongest One Punch Man Characters from Anime and Manga

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Top 30 strongest character of One Punch Man
One Punch man strongest characters

Talking about the 30 strongest characters in One Punch Man is going to be a long way till we reach our first place. So, I assume that all of you here have already watched the anime and read the manga because this article is going to be a major spoiler for a beginner. To the people who are here randomly, let me tell you that we are going to give the rankings to the top 30 strongest characters from the series of One Punch Man. This is not any other anime series, but one of the top-ranked superhero Japanese animation series. The most impressive fact about this series is that the protagonist of the series is originally the strongest among all. As the series “One Punch Man” is known for the ability of our protagonist.

This is the first and last hint I have given to you, after that, you have to stick till the very end in order to get the heavy dose of spoilers. So, let’s jump in and know some of the strongest characters from the whole series, including both manga and anime. However, the ranking I have shared below is totally based on my own experience and opinion, and some of you can be both agree or disagree with it. The Japanese manga series One Punch man that is a manga adaption of a webcomic series by the writer ONE. The manga adaption was demonstrated by Yusuke Murata, and an anime adaption of the manga was produced by Madhouse and J.C. Staff Studio. All the series of One Punch Man was an absolute hit and is ranked as one of the most popular superhero anime series.

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30 strongest characters in One Punch Man

The plot of the series One Punch Man is set up on a supercontinent of Earth that has been wrecked by powerful monsters and villains. In order to tackle this problem, the millionaire Agoni decided to create a Hero Association and to start employing superheroes around the supercontinent to kill those monsters. The protagonist of the Saitama is popularly known as “One Punch Man”, is a non-associated superhero. To defeat the monsters on a personal level, he has trained himself really hard and became the strongest of all. Due to being super powerful, he developed a sense of boredom because of not getting into a battle with a worthy opponent.

Later, in the series, Saitama met Genos and became his mentor, they both joined the superhero association. Genos was selected as an S Ranked hero while Saitama became a B- Ranked hero. Due to people not being aware of his true strengths, he was ranked this low. The list below contains the characters who are compared totally based on their physical strengths. Their abilities, personas, and appearance have been revealed below. Enjoy Reading!

30. Gums

The least strong character on the list in the Gums. It is a dragon-level mysterious creature and a member of the Monster Association. Yes, just like a hero association, monsters have their separate organization. As the name suggests, the monster is a huge, gluttonous round creature with two arms and legs sprouted out of the main body. Its face doesn’t contain any features, just largemouth, and prominent teeth and gums. Although it won’t have any ears, it is said that, during any meeting of Monster Association, Gyoro Gyoro is able to communicate with him. Till now, you might have guessed that this creature has a lack of intellect and only runs by the desire of consuming anything. However, is intelligent enough to understand the speech.

The main ability it has is its bite force and digestive system. It has a brutal physical strength and can eat and digest almost anything that comes across it. Whenever he needs to make a more powerful bite force, his stretchy gums stretch out, letting him get more space to consume stuff.

top 30 strongest characters from One Punch Man
Gums (right)

29. Pig God

The next on the list is Pig God, things are going to get more wired. He is an S – Class Rank 10 professional Hero at Hero Association. As for his looks, he looks like a large obese man with short black hair and big lips. Now you guys can relate his name with his appearance. Opposite to his appearance Pig God has a very selfless personality and is a very caring individual. He speaks in a blunt manner is very lazy. Lazy enough to crash into a building instead of going around it. He is constantly eating food but is very humble and doesn’t mind helping his fellow heroes. I guess this is the greatest quality of a hero.

As for his abilities, just like gums, he also has this inhuman digestive system. He can consume almost everything and can digest it instantly. Pig God also has full control over his digestive system and can make it work according to it. Other than this, he has thick and hard layers of fat, which is capable of taking heavy shocks and impacts.

strongest characters of One punch Man
Pig God – One Punch Man

28. Melzargard

Melzargard made his first appearance in the Alien Conquerors Arc, his visuals are kind of disgusting, but I have to include him because him being powerful. He served as the secondary antagonist of the Arc and was defeated by the team of S – Class Heroes Metal Bat, Puri Puri Prisoner, Atomic Samurai, and Bang. As I have mentioned before, he has some really disgusting visuals, being an alien, Melzargard has pale grey skin with blood-red eyes. He has the ability to change its shade and resize and reshape it according to the circumstances. The most fascinating feature of his appearance is his having multiple heads, and every head has its own small orb in it to regenerate the body around it.

He has a most unexpected and different personality. Every head he possesses has its own way of speech, tone, and personality. If one head is able to use a clear form of speech, then another one can be more intelligent another one can be more analytic and give some good ideas. As for his abilities, he can get separated into multiple bodies according to his head, he can regenerate and an alarming rate. He also can shapeshift himself, fight using all the bodies that possess great strength.

one punch man characters
Melzagard – One Punch Man

27. Groribas

Groribas is better known as a general of the organization Dark Matter Thieves. The character appeared in the Alien Conquerors Arc and was killed by Saitama. In the Hero Association Saga, Geryuganshoop and Groribas learn of Saitama trying to enter into the ship, Groribas decided to tackle him. As he was going towards Saitama, he was wondering about what tricks he should pull to defeat him. Groribas moved to make a weak attempt to stop Saitama, he was beheaded by Saitama’s punch and died instantly. He doesn’t get a lot of screen time that’s why he put him up on the list. Groribas is a very large, muscular-bodied alien with a green-shaded body. His face is featureless but has a huge mouth with large needle-like teeth.

As he died instantly due to getting punched by Saitama, we only knew that he have the ability to breathe acid. Other than that, he has a huge muscular body that also contributes to the fact of him being physically strong. If it was not Saitama, then he would have given a hard time to any order S – Class hero.

One punch man character
Groribas – One Punch Man

26. Phoenix Man

Phoenix Man is a mysterious being from somewhere on the earth and is a member of the Monster Association. He is not a high-ranked member of the Monster Association but is in one middle management position in the association. From its appearance, Phoenix Man is a tall bird that looks like a phoenix have big green eyes and red and gold feathers. After his first resurrection, he took a more humanoid form, and his costume turned into golden and red armor. Unlike other monsters listed above, he is intelligent from among all. As he is one of the middle posts in the Monster Association, can get a chance to have a word with both upper and lower members of the association. Phoenix Man is referred to as a powerful being but was easily defeated by the Child Emperor.

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Being the “Phoenix Man” he was the ability to manipulate the fire. After his resurrection, he gained the ability to wield fire according to his liking. Before his resurrection, he was more like a bird but afterward, he gained a lot of other abilities and some physical strength.

one punch man characters
Phoenix Man – One Punch Man

25. Child Emperor

Child Emperor weird name, no? You are going to read a weirder name than this. He is an – Class Rank 5 professional hero of the hero Association and is the youngest hero. Child Emperor has the looks of any other normal human boy who is in his pre-adolescent phase. He has short brown hair, which large yellow eyes. The most important things about his appearance are his backpack and his lollipop. As for his personality, even being only 10 years old, he has a mind of a literal genius. He can also be referred to as the planner or strategist when it comes to making and executing a plan. The special abilities he has does not limit to only being genius.

Child Emperor has a great physical strength that even surpasses Stinger – an A-class hero. He can also move with great speed and is also a master of hand-to-hand combat, other than this, he is a gadget expert despite being a mere child.

one punch man character
Child Emperor – One Punch Man

24. Overgrown Rover

Overgrown Rover or Rover is a Dragon – Level mysterious being and a member of the Monster Association. He is just like a watchdog and the guard of the headquarters of Monster Association. As the name suggests, Rover is very huge and indeed Overgrown, he is a monster with behaves more like a guard dog. He has six crimson eyes, is black in color, and has very large intimidating fangs. Just like I said before that he is a typical guard dog and is a very diligent, loyal, and smart protection animal. He can perform Energy Projection and can shoot fireballs from his mouth. Rover has an immense level of strength, is very fast, and has great durability during a battle.

He appeared for the first time in the Monster Association Arc and was encountered by Garou and Tareo when both of them were trying to escape the headquarters. They both decided to sneak out without provoking him.

strongest one punch man characters
Overgrown Rover – One Punch Man

23. Gouketsu

Another mysterious being on the list is Gouketsu. He is a dragon-level mysterious being that is an executive member of the Monster Association and was also killed by Saitama. Gouketsu made its first appearance in Super Fight Arc as the main protagonist of this Arc. Initially, Gouketsu was a very muscular man, his facial features are very profound and strong. He also has quite a noticeable scar over his upper lip and also has sharp eyes with spikey eyebrows. After being transformed into a mysterious being, his body grew at an enormous rate and gained large spikes on his arms and shoulders. Gouketsu has a very calm and composed personality which is not expected from a villainous creature. But this does not mean that he has a kind heart and is gentle. He also has shown good traits of being very arrogant and cruel.

strongest character of one punch man
Garou comapred to Saitama

22. Drive Knight

Drive Knight is also a mechanical cyborg, other than Genos. He is an S – Class Rank 9 professional hero of the Hero Association. As for his appearance, Drive Knight has long black hair and wears a metallic white mask. He only has one red eye on his mask and vertical slits near the mouth region. Drive Knight is a very serious character and has a very analytic and calculative persona. As for his abilities, being an S- Class hero, he is very possible and was easily able to defeat a bunch of tiger-level mysterious beings. Just like Genos, Drive Knight also gets the energy through the core that is there in his chest. He is able to make body transformations according to the need of the situation. Drive knight is very tactical and has good reflexes and immense durability during a battle.

strongest one punch man character
Drive Knight – One Punch Man

21. Black Sperm

Black Sperm, the very weird thing among all, is a Dragon – Level Mysterious being and an important and executive member of Monster Association. Yes, he is indeed a weird-looking humanoid but looks more like an actual sperm but black that’s the reason behind his name. Black Sperm have a place white face and a whole black body. His face looks like someone had drawn it with a pencil or marker. Black Sperm thinks very highly of himself, he is very arrogant and is confident enough for willing to take down Lord Orochi himself.

Black Sperm is capable of shapeshifting, regenerating and can create his replications. He has the ability to combine his cells and create a more powerful and huge form of himself. Golden sperm and Platinum Sperm are some of his special abilities.

strongest one punch man character
Golden sperm form

20. Geryuganshoop

Geryuganshop is better known as the general of the Dark Matter Thieves alien group. It made its first appearance along with Lord Boros as it is his right-hand man. During the Alien Conquerer Arc, he was killed by Saitama. At the time when Saitama was going to intrude on the alien ship, after noticing that both Groribas and Melzardgard have been defeated, he came forward to stop Saitama. Geryuganshoop introduces itself as the top telekinetic in the universe, started throwing rubbles towards Saitama. In reply to this, Saitama stated that it’s a waste of a superpower to throw rocks using telekinesis because can one can do this. Then he demonstrated it by throwing a small rock that pierced through Geryuganshoop and he died splitting in half. No, one can stand against mighty Saitama.

As mentioned above, telekinesis is one of the main techniques of Geryuganshoop. He can also perform techniques like a telekinetic gravitational wave, a telekinetic shower of rubble, telepathy, and psychokinesis.

strongest one punch man character
Geryuganshoop – One Punch Man

19. Vaccine Man

This character looks like it is out from Dragon Ball Z world. Vaccine man is a mysterious being who is said to be a result of excessive pollution and waste that is generated by humans. According to him, he is a result of nature’s wrath and is created to wipe out humanity, hence vaccinating the earth and giving protection from future infection. However, once again, his villainous mysterious being was killed by Saitama. Vaccine man is a purple-cloured creature and is a hairless humanoid with round antennae popping out of his head. He is said to be a master of shapeshifting and can change into complex forms, can grow big in size, gets armed with large teeth and fangs. When it came to crossing Saitama, he got irritated by Saitama’s casual behavior and charges himself on Saitama but was defeated with a single punch.

Even though he was killed so damn easily because he was against Saitama, he was recognized as a dragon-level threat. Even the A-Class herpes would have a hard time defeating him. However, when he was defeated by Saitama, its credits were given to King as he tripped upon his death remains while casually passing by.

strongest one punch man characters
Vaccine Man – One Punch man

18. Mosquito Girl

Till now, the first female character that made it into the list is Mosquito Girl. Though she didn’t have a huge role in the series, she was able to give a hard time to Genos, enough for Saitama to come to the rescue of Genos. She is a minor antagonist and is one of Dr. Genus’s human experiments and a member of the House of Evolution. As for her appearance, she looks very beautiful but has a body of a complete mosquito. She is a tall and large woman and is a result of a crossbreed between humans and mosquitoes. Being a mosquito, he preys and feeds over blood even though being part human. As she is half or somewhat full mosquito, she can control a huge crowd of mosquitoes, her body and shape let her have all the abilities of a mosquito, can fly, and can transform into a stronger form when injected with more blood.

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Strongest one punch man character
Mosquito Girl – One Punch Man

17. Speed-o’-sound Sonic

Speed-O-sound Sonic, popularly known as Sonic is a villain and occasional anti-hero of the One Punch Man series. He was a classmate of Flashy Flash and was a member of 44th Graduation Class of the Ninja Village. Sonic was introduced as the bodyguard of Zeniru. He is a slim young man, has long black hair, which he generally ties as a man bun. The most differentiating feature of his face is the purple marks that it has under his both eyes. Sonic is a battle freak, bloodthirsty man always eager to fight. He gets thrilled out of battles and when his opponent is weaker than him. Being a Ninja, Sonic has some very good reflexes and speed. He is a ninjutsu master, and some of his main techniques include, Full Frontal Attack, Wind Blade Kick, and Hail of Carnage.

His Ten Shadows Burial attack was developed to defeat Saitama. He referred to it as his ultimate weapon against Saitama. This technique lets him create ten afterimages and let him move at an ultrasonic speed.

strongest one punch man characters
Speed O Sonic – One Punch Man

16. Carnage Kabuto

Another mysterious creature on the list, Carnage Kabuto is an artificial mutant, a creation of Dr. Genus. He is also referred to as the strongest creation of House of Evolution but unfortunately was killed by Saitama. Carnage made its first appearance during the house of evolution Arc. As Saitama and Genos arrived at the base of the house of evolution. Dr. Genus asked Carnage to get Saitama’s body at any cost, but Carnage stated that he is far more superior to him and asked Saitama to fight with him in the nearby chamber. Initially, Carnage gave a really hard time to some likes of even Genos, but as Saitama realized that it’s Saturday, not Friday, and might have missed the special sale that the nearby market, he punch Carnage Kabuto that disintegrated with him many pieces.

But as it was said that Carnage was the most powerful creation of House of Evolution, he might have given a really tough time to someone other than Saitama. As it was witnessed that Genos had a lot of blows by Carnage during the fight.

strongest one punch man character
Carnage Kabuto – One Punch Man

15. Gyoro Gyoro

Gyoro Gyoro or better known as the puppet of Psykos. Although being a puppet, Gyoro existed as an individual identity that helps psykos to stay in monster association meetings without revealing her identity. But Orochi, the leader of Monster Association, was aware of it and lets her do so. Later, in the series, Gyoro Gyoro was destroyed by Tatsumaki. As for his appearance, Gyoro has a look of a literal slug monster and don’t have any facial feature but a big eye on his face. He has visible eight arms that are sprouting from his head.

As Gyoro is a puppet of Psykos, who is an esper herself, he can perform psychokinesis, can take a flight using psychokinesis, and uses psychic technique during combats. Gravity Waves and Gravity times 300 are some of his common techniques. The reason why he is ranked that high on the list is just because of psykos.

strongest one punch man character
Gyoro Gyoro – One Punch Man

14. Psykos

Psykos, the second female character that made it into the list, she is an esper just like Tatsumaki and a military advisor of the Monster Association. She is a friend of Fubiku and was one of the main antagonists of the Monster Association Arc. During the monster Association meetings, Psykos don’t go by her original face and identity, she uses her meat puppet named Gyroro Gyoro. As for her appearance, she is a really beautiful slender, and curvaceously build young lady. Being a military advisor, Pyskos is very cunning and manipulative. Not only outside the Monster Association, Psykos is also found conspiring against her fellow members of the Monster Association.

Just like her Tatsumaki, Pyskos is an expert user of psychokinesis, she can use telepathy, gravity manipulation and can use control several spy drones at the same time.

strongest one punch man characters
Psykos – One Punch Man

13. Flashy Flash

Flashy Flash is the pretty man on the list who looks more like a girl than a man. He is an S-Class Rank 13 hero at the hero association. Flashy is the former member of the Ninja Village’s 44th Graduation Class and was nicknamed “The End”. He is also among those few people who are aware of Saitama’s actual power. Flashy is a very muscular young man with an average height and have blonde hair. He also possesses pretty blue eyes and always wears a dark blue bodysuit. As for his personality, Flashy has a very serious personality and stays calm in the worst of situations.

As the name suggests, Flashy possesses some great ability to move really fast. Along with this, his reflexes are super active, and can make decisions within seconds. He has a traditional fighting style and is a ninjutsu master.

one punch man character
Flashy Flash – One Punch Man

12. Watchdog Man

Watchdog man, weird, but yes he is an S – Class Rank 12 professional Hero of Hero Association. He is a normal young man with an uninterested look on his face and dressed up in a full-body dog suit. If you spot him roaming in the Q -city he will look like a fluffy big dog. Being a dog man, he acquired some habits of a literal dog. His table manners are very bad since he eats like a dog, he always wears his dog suit even when he takes bath. Just like other dog habits, he is also very loyal and behaved like a well-trained dog. Just like dogs have their territories, he is only interested in protecting his territory, the Q – city.

Don’t underestimate Watchdog Man by his looks, remember that he is an S-Class hero and is very powerful. Unlike other heroes, he is a master of hand-to-hand combat and doesn’t use any weapons. In the fight against Garou, he gave a hard time to him.

strongest one punch man character
Watchdog Man – One Punch Man

11. Genos

The character has been mentioned above as the disciple of Saitama. Genos is a cyborg and the deuteragonist of One Punch Man. Even being a mechanical cyborg, Genos always targets to get stronger that’s why he made Saitama his mentor and later joined the Hero Association. In Hero Association, he became an S – Class Rank 14 superhero and was also known as “Demon Cyborg”. As for his appearance, Genos only have the face and ears of a normal human, the rest of the body is made up of artificial skin. He has dusty blonde hair and yellow irises with black sclera. Genos is very muscular and has a height of an average human. Being an S- Class hero, Genos is super powerful and can be associated as one of the most powerful heroes of the Hero Association. Due to having a body of an artificial cyborg, he can throw cannons and can replace his parts upon getting damaged.

one punch man characters
Genos – One Punch Man

10. Superalloy Darkshine

The most different and interesting-looking superhero on the list is this one. Superalloy Darkshine is an S-Class Rank 11 professional superhero at Hero Association. What’s so amusing about his looks, let me tell you. Superalloy Darkshine is a very tall and extraordinarily muscular man. His skin is what makes him look different. He has a dark complexion and extremely lustrous skin, which looks more greased. Superalloy Darkshine has big full lips and a bald head with prominent black eyebrows. Throughout the series, we will witness him working as a mediator between the people having conflicts because he dislikes conflicts.

Being an S-Class Hero, Darkshine can also be referred to as one of the strongest superheroes of the hero association. He is arguably the strongest alongside Tatsumaki and Genos. Darkshine has she super big muscular, strong body that is proof of him having great physical strength.

Darkshine the strongest character of one punch man?
Superalloy Darkshine – One Punch Man

9. Zombie Man

Zombie man, another result of Dr. Genus’s experiments and the product of House of Evolution. However, unlike other members of House of Evolution like Mosquito girl Carnage Kabuto, Zombie man is a hero. He is an S – Class Rank 8 professional hero at the hero association. Zombie man looks like a normal human but has pale skin and red eyes like a dead man. To give a typical zombie look, he always wears worn-out clothes and looks quite good in them. Zombie man is an easily irritated being, he gets annoyed by the peculiarities of Hero Association meetings and always hides his annoyance for Pig God. However, as compared to any other 2-class Hero, he is very respectful and thoughtful.

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Being a man that “even in death cannot die”, he can regenerate quickly, is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, have immeasurable stamina and durability. During the battle, he uses a long-bearded axe, machetes, and swords.

strongest one punch man character
Zombie Man – One Punch Man

8. Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai, aka Kamikaze, is the 4th strongest Hero of the hero Association. He is S-Class Rank 4 professional hero and is recognized as one of the strongest superheroes. Kamikaze is a master swordsman and is a member of the Swordmaster’s council. Being a Samurai, Kazikame has long hair, which he ties into a ponytail just like a typical samurai. He has dark eyes and a slightly dark complexion with a profound jawline. Being a very skilled Samurai, Kazimake can move at great speed and gives come quick responses and reflexes. Being a swordmaster, he fights with his Samurai sword and is able to do techniques like Atomic Slash, Air Blade, Atomic Beeline Slash, which are enough to slash down a whole meteorite into small pieces.

strongest one punch man character
Kamikaze – One Punch Man

7. Orochi

The “monster king” Orochi also referred to as Lord Orochi is a Dragon Level mysterious being and the face of the Monster Association. He made his first appearance during the Human Monster Saga and was one of the main protagonists of the saga. If someone asks you the definition of ominous, tell them about Orochi. He is a true definition of a pure monster both by looks and his personality. Orochi is very humongous in size, and any human or Hero will look like some small creature in from of him. The reason why he is the leader of the Monster association is his personality. He is a literal definition of cruelty and whatever a true monster can do.

Orochi is very well capable of performing many techniques like metamorphosis, fire manipulation, horn manipulation, monster cell generation, energy projection, and many things, which makes him really dangerous and best for being the leader of Monster Association.

strongest character of one punch man
Orochi – One Punch Man

6. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is the third female character that made it into the list. She is an S – Class Rank 2 professional Hero of Hero Association and is also known as “Tornado of Terror”. Our girl managed to make it at the top of the list because she is considered one of the strongest heroes of the Hero Association. Tatsumaki is an esper and is the older sister of Fubuki, along with her sister is known as Psychic Sisters. She is a very cute short-statured petite woman which is easily mistaken as younger than she really is. Tatsumaki possesses a pair of emerald eyes and hair of the same color.

As for her abilities, Tatsumaki is the most powerful esper in the series. She is an expert when it comes to performing psychokinesis. With this technique, she was easily able to prevent the bombardment from Boros’s ship and send them back towards the ship.

one punch man character
Tatsumaki – One Punch Man

5. Silver Fang

Bang, who popularly goes by the name Silver Fang is a professional hero at Hero Association. He is the creator and teacher of Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist and is the 3rd highest rank hero of the hero association. Bang is an S – Class rank 3 hero and is one of the strongest heroes of all time. Although Bang is an old man but has powers surpassing many young men. In his youth days, he was known as the “Wind of Blood”. In the world of One Punch Man, Bang and his brother Bomb are the greatest Martial Artists. Bang is also known as the mentor of Gorou and has taught him to become a great martial artist. Currently, the silver fang is looking around to find a new disciple in his dojo and mainly has his focus on Saitama and Genos.

Being a martial artist, Bang has very good reflexes and durability when it comes to going inside a battle. His prominent abilities are water stream rock smashing fist, exploding heart release fist, whirlwind water stream: roaring aura sky ripping fist, and many other kinds of fists.

strongest character of one punch man
Silver Fang – One Punch Man

4. Garou

Garou is neither a hero nor a monster. He has this villainous look and poses a threat for both Hero and Monster Association. Garou is popularly known as “Hero Hunter” and was the former disciple of Bang, but he was expelled from Dojo for being extremely rampageous. As for his appearance, Garou has very sharp features, have yellow eyes, long silver spikey hair, and large sharp prongs that make him look like a wolf. As for his personality, Garou thinks very highly of himself and has a great deal of hatred for heroes. He easily gets offended for minor insults and will immediately charge himself over anyone who insults him. Garou is kind of unstoppable and can pick a fight with both S – Class heroes and the general staff of the hero association.

The most prominent ability of Garou is his enhanced speed and reflexes. He is very well able to dodge bullets and attacks even when done from a very close range. Garous also has great strength and can be easily compared with any S – Class Hero. Other than this, Garous possess inhuman senses due to which his reflexes work really fast.

Garou strongest character?
Garou – One Punch Man

3. Lord Boros

The topmost strongest antagonist of the whole series is Boros, who was the main antagonist of the Alien Conquerors Arc. He is an alien and the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves alien group. If we talk about the similarities, Boros and Saitama have a lot in common. Just like Saitama, Boros is also facing a self-imposed existential crisis and doesn’t get thrilled by the battles he takes part in. So, in order to find a worthy opponent, Boros began his search and invaded earth. Isn’t it obvious that on Earth, he met Saitama? Yes, he met him on earth and was killed by Saitama. Being super powerful, Boros has this very proud and arrogant personality that loves to make fun of his opponents during a battle. Some of his prominent abilities include immense strength, regeneration, energy project, and flight through the air.

strongest one punch man character
Lord Boros – One Punch Man

2. Blast

If it was not Saitama then it will be Blast. Blast is an S – Class Rank 1 Hero at Hero Association and is ranked as the strongest Hero of all the heroes of Hero Association. Just because no one is aware of Saitama’s true powers, Blast is one who shines as the strongest. Blast has this weird habit of going places to for collecting Mysterious Cubes. Because of is a top-ranked hero, only a few people of Hero Association Staff have the access to talk to her. Blast is a very tall and muscularly build man with grey spikey hair with a slight beard. The prominent feature about his looks is his bulky armor that has wide shoulders and heavy shoulder pads.

As Blast is widely referred to as the most popular and strongest Hero of the Hero Association, he can assume that he possesses a great deal of strength. His abilities include immense speed, reflexes and can perform dimensional travel.

strongest one punch man character
Blast – One Punch Man

1. Saitama

Do I even need to tell the number one character on the list? Yes, everyone must be aware of the strongest character on the list, as most of the monsters on the list above have been defeated by Saitama with merely a punch. Saitama is the main protagonist of the series “One Punch Man”. He is a professional hero at the Hero Association and goes by the name “Caped Baldy”. Initially, Saitama worked on a personal level to defeat the monsters just for fun but later get his name into the Hero Association. Saitama is exceptionally powerful in that he is facing the self-imposed existential crisis. He is always shown as a bald man, but he was not bald at first. Due to intensive training and a hard workout schedule, his hair shed off due to him possessing so much power.

strongest character of one punch man
Saitama – One Punch Man

As for his abilities, Saitama is called “One Punch Man” for a reason. He is the strongest, fastest, and most durable of all the heroes of the Hero Association. The reason why he was called one punch man is that he can knock out the most villainous monster with only one punch. This is also a reason why he is not finding any worthy opponent and developing a feeling of boredom.

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