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If somebody just randomly asks me what my favorite part of watching an anime series is, it is going to be the fact that anime shows can do anything. I mean, the level of genre, as well as subgenre achieved by anime, is on a higher level which sometimes can not even be touched by live and action shows or maybe is just pretty hard, costly and time-consuming. In other words, if you like the creativity of mind and exploring concepts that have never been seen before, anime is for you. But today, in this article, we will be talking about some pretty great anime from a particular genre.

Yes, the vampires. Well, you might know that this genre has been produced so many times in the entertainment sector that it seems repetitive to some people out there. Even the live-action world has so many vampires shows that at one point, you might get tired of the whole concept. But if you are someone who likes vampires but is sick of that vampire boy human girl romantic story, then here, my dearest friend, we would try to engage your interest.

Anime in the vampire areas are not the same. There are so many genres explored by these Japanese series that you might not even think of. There is added horror as well as fantasy and sometimes even comedy. The plot twists are so insane that you will sit there, hands clutching the back of your hair, in shock. Yes, this is the effect that anime shows have on you, especially the ones with intriguing storylines.

The fact which makes these vampire shows better to watch is that they are made by different creators and writers, and the whole perspective changes when a new person pens the script down. Vampires, in their own rights, are dangerous beings, and we all know how much we like to watch dangerous creatures who are deadly suck the blood right out of your body. If you are someone, who finds this whole vampire thing charming, then here we have wrapped up almost 20 anime series that you will love watching.

1. Helsing Ultimate

As the name of this show already suggests, this series is your ultimate vampire anime that is just made to absorb your full attention and never let it. Once you hit the play button for this series, you will understand how stopping it was never an option. The plot of Hellsing Ultimate revolves around the Royal Order of Protestant Knights that were found by Abraham Van Hellsing. When the show starts, we can see the story proceed with the order being run and managed by Sir Integra Hellsing. She is a formidable woman and takes immense pleasure in hunting down the vampires. Her team of trusted members includes Alucard, who is a very powerful and ancient vampire. He can be considered as her right hand on the show.

The other members on her team include Seras Victoria, who has turned into a vampire pretty recently. Together, the whole group is determined to fight against the enemies who are trying to dominate England. The anime starts with Integra Hellsing as she takes charge of a little Hellsing unit located in Cheddar.

This step was undertaken by her after she found out that people in her village have gone missing. Their team, which we talked about earlier, was deployed in order to investigate more about these circumstances and how they were caused. Thus, if vampires fascinate you, my recommendation will always first lie on Hellsing Ultimate’s side. All this while, you can even check the parent series called Hellsing out. That show was all about how Abraham Van Helsing was the leader of his community. This is when we got to know the whole origin story and its aim. The creatures were made to destroy the immortal beings along with other supernatural forces of evil that are capable of threatening the queen as well as the country. There are so many subplots within the Hellsing franchise that you need to get a taste of.

Helsing Ultimate

2. Vampire Knight

This anime is linked to a more emotional plot if we compare it with other anime out there. Basically, the show focuses on Yuki and her earliest memory of being on a stormy night in winter. At this place, Yuki was potentially attacked by a killer vampire, but soon enough, Kaname Kuran saved her. Kaname is a pureblood as both his parents are vampires. This is when the show changes its timeline and enters into the future, that is, ten years after the incident. Here, we witness Yuki Cross. She has been adopted by the headmaster of Cross Academy, that is, Kaien Cross. But she is now a vampire because of her past events and is a fully grown guardian of her new race.

Yuki is trying to protect her crush Kaname, whom she has been liking from the point where he saved her. As all the teenagers study at this elite boarding school full of vampire children, the story navigates through their drama. To remind you all, this anime serves the best form of young adult fiction, which is liked by many and is fused with the romantic genre.

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We see a bunch of lovely, young characters all in their early teens while they pass through their own emotional hurdles but remember to stay strong and united. Yuki is accompanied by Zero Kiryu. This friend has been as a company to her from her childhood but the fact that other deadly creatures have destroyed everything that was close to Zero, holds him from opening up to people easily. Well, from the upper surface, this anime will look quite perfect to you.

As if it were your average high school drama. But we are talking about vampires here, and these are some truly killer beings. So, the question remains in the fact that has these creatures stopped being deadly, or is there a greater hidden truth that will unravel later in the show? To find out the answer to this question, you will really have to watch this anime.

Vampire Knight

3. Blood Plus

When it comes to Blood Plus, you really will love the whole plot as well as the characters too. The timeline of this anime is set in September of 2005, and the location is at Okinawa City in Koza. The characters are all found on Okinawa Island, which is situated right near the Kadena Air Base of the United States. All the spotlight is thrown on Saya Otonashi, who lives with her adoptive parents. As per her character description, it has been revealed that Saya has been spending a life in the form of an anemic amnesiac, but on the outside, she just pretends to be your average ordinary schoolgirl. Yes, this is a bit bizarre, but we can not complain because we are here to watch.

Now, as it turns out, her entire life gets shattered when she is attacked by a creature popularly known ad a Chiropteran. This being is more or less like a bat but very deadly, and his diet includes human blood. I mean, yes, there is not particularly a vampire in this show, but we can all see how the deadly creatures react and are included in the new concept, right?

This is what makes the show so special at it is placed in third place in this list. Later, every situation gets even more interesting to watch we learn that Saya can actually defeat these Chirooterans, and this adds to the concept development. Also, she is the only one who can do so, and when the evil forces get to know this fact, they will desperately try to kill her off. Also, on a side note, Saya is able to kill these creatures because her blood causes their body to crystallize, and at last, they all shattered to the ground.

Everything gets very intriguing after this new revelation, and Saya sets on a journey to bring peace within her fellow folks. Her special artifacts include a katana which she wears and her team supporting her back includes her family as well friends and allies who also want to defeat the antagonist party. While she is at it, Saya also has to find answers to many questions. She will want to know how her body made in a way that is capable of killing these creatures off is?

Blood Plus

Thus, her entire origin story will be discussed, which will be nothing less but engaging to watch on the screens if you love this type of genre. While Saya is trying to figure out her plan to defeat these deadly creatures, she also comes face to face with her own mysterious past. All of the answers stretch back as far as the 19th century, I mean, how bizarre but interesting at the same time, right? The animation, as well as the graphics of this show, is as amazing as its unique storyline.

One of the best things that I personally liked about Blood Plus is that Saya travels all around the world to look for answers and fighting the evil forces, and thus, we get to see the animated aesthetic format of countries not only Japan but also Vietnam as well as Russia and France. Saya, at last, also heads over to the United States. You guys can also check out the parent show called Blood: The Last Vampire, from which the inspiration of Blood Plus has come from.

4. Dance In The Vampire Bund

This anime show just includes 12 episodes, but that does not mean it falls any short on the vampire content for its fans. The story of this series has been adapted from a manga of the same name that has been illustrated by Nozomu Tamaki. The story is as extravagant as you can think and throws light on Mina Tepes. She is the princess of all the vampires in the world and rules them and her verdict is always the final. Generally, we are shown that vampires and werewolves can never be friends and how they are two forces that repel each other. But this time, we see that Mina has her protector, who is a werewolf called Akira Kaburagi Regendorf.

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Although there is a rule in their world to hide from the humans and live among them but with their secret identity. Centuries pass by and these creatures feed in secret and never show their true identity to the humans. But one day, the princess receives permission to form a special district that will mark as the first vampire settlement in the world. This is when Mina works on the whole thing and creates a safe place for her race called The Bund. It is located off the coast of Tokyo in Japan.

Now, how she got permission to do so? She went on to pay all the debt of the Japanese government with the huge wealth that her family owns and, in return, got permission to make her own area. But this is all just foreplay. The real story starts much later after the discussion. Seiichi Hirai, a movie actress who is also a vampire, is killed by her during his rampage. This is when Mina reveals her true intentions of positivity to the world and tells how she wants both the humans as well as the vampires to live together. This is really not your average vampire series, as it also includes the political reviews and the fact that humans start to fear vampires.

On the other hand, we also get some out-of-control vampires who start to interfere with Mina’s wish to live in peace and let other people stay happy too. But the tables turn when The Bund, which is literally like Mina’s baby, is attacked, and she, along with Akira, has to save it. I bet you are going to love Dance in the Vampire Bund if you are looking for something else than just drama and romance. Hardly in any moments of this show shall the audience come off with a romantic gesture else than the fact that Mina is trying her best to a good vampire and settle down in the world without any hatred and secrets.

5. Rosario + Vampire

This anime series comes forth with yet another concept of vampires and tells us the story of Tsukune Aono. This guy is your common teenager who does not get into any high school because he does not has many grades. His parents try really hard to get him into a school, but no one is ready to accept Tsukune. Soon, they find a way to secure his education and admit him to a private school known as Yokai Academy. But later in the scenes, as Tsukune starts attending this school, he finds out deeper secrets regarding this institution. First of all, most monsters attend this private boarding school. This is when things get a bit creepier because the school teaches these vampires about how they can exist within the human world by disguising themselves as humans. But if a human actually walks on the campus of this school, they are likely to get killed.

As Tsukune starts to fear for his life the most, he comes across a beautiful vampire girl named Moka Akashiya, who loves to talk with him and taste his blood. But things take a very different turn when Tsukune accidentally removes the Rosario from around Moka’s neck and sees her true self. Later, when the whole fight things are over, Tsukune is seen wanting to leave this place and go away back to his human world. But it is Moka who stops him, and thus, he decided against his initial plans. Well, this is where the two start their adventures, and it all gets pretty interesting to see. If you like vampire anime shows, then I bet you will love watching Rosario + Vampire.

Rosario + Vampire

6. Vampire Princess Miyu

This vampire anime will blow your mind because it is set in a whole different concept than what we are generally are used to seeing in the anime genre. But again, we should never forget that literally, everything is possible in anime and how much uniqueness they can have. This story is about a Japanese vampire girl whose name is Miyu. She is stranded in the middle of her own race as well as the human world. She has a mate called Larva. Miyu is not a vampire entirely as she is born to a human and vampire couple.

As she transforms herself fully into a vampire, we see that her awakening comes at a price. She is charged with the task of sending all the other shinma, also known as the devil creatures, back into their darkness. Miyu is soon going to be 15 years in age, and she wants to return to the darkness of her own people. Although, Miyu is restricted to do so until she has sent all the Shinma back to their correct place from Earth to darkness. Also, this journey will help her get enlightened by her own self. She does not know where she has come from or what her origin story is. The awakening surely has helped her understand more about herself, but that obviously is not enough.

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7. Karin (Chibi Vampire)

This new take on the vampire theme focuses on the character named Karin Maaka. She is the middle child in the family of vampires. You will literally be left in shock after you watch this anime because it has literally twisted the whole concept of vampires and presented it to us on a silver platter. Well, as you can see, Karin belongs to a vampire family, but unlike other vampires, she does not suck blood to feed on it, she does so so that she can produce it. Weird but interesting, right? As it so happens, Karin, even though she does not wants to, is forced to bite people around her so that she can expel the extra blood. If she does not do so, her nose starts to bleed terribly, and it is not a pretty sight.

Apart from this problem, or mostly a disease as we shall call it, Karin has literally no vampire traits. She lives her life in Japan just like a normal teenager would. Just like a normal human, she too goes outside to spend time during the day, and she also attends the usual high school among humans and sleeps like a normal being. But the entire tables turn around when a new transfer student sets foot in her high school. His name is Kenta Usai, and Karin’s life is going to take a 180-degree turn after his arrival. You will have to watch the series to know what happens.

8. Seraph The End

This is vampire anime is mixed with the science and fiction genre and showcases what looks like to be the aftermath of a pandemic. So, the timeline of this anime is set in 2012 where the world has officially come to an end after humans have made a virus and died of the same. The whole world is dead, but curiously, just the children under the age of 13 years are alive. Before this event, it was never known to mankind that vampires exist, but as we get to know, that they surely do. Vampires emerge from their hiding, and the world is filled with the horror as well as dark that comes along with these deadly creatures.

The Vampires, obvious being stronger, declare themselves as the masters of the Earth. They promise to provide protection to the kids, but it comes at one cost, the humans will have to give their blood regularly. This is the point where the story starts from and how the whole setting of the anime is done. The main focus is laid in Yuichiro as well as his mates at the orphanage, who are 12 years of age and have plotted a plan to save themselves from the wrath of these dangerous vampires. The plan does not go as scheduled and well, you will have to watch this anime series in order to find out what actually happened.

9. Black Blood Brother

This story has a tad bit of historical touch to it as the present events are a consequence of what happened in the past. Thus, you should know the story behind the anime to know what lies in the future ahead. The story starts with a war called the Hong Kong Crusade. Here, we see that an old vampire named the Silver Blade has fought and defeated the Kowloon King. He has also defeated most of the Kowloon Children. Now, coming back to ten years later, the present time where the story is set, we see that Jiro comes back to Hong Kong with his youngest brother. He has hopes in his mind to reach The Special Zone. It happens to be a secret city that is fully functional and is inhabited by vampires.

Although, the whole place is not connected to the human world or the civilized aspects. As they are trying to get inside, Jiro also finds out that the area is also being sought after by the Kowloon Children, who want to take revenge. As Jiro enters into this new world, he stumbles across some of his old enemies too.

Kotaro is the younger brother of Jiro, and he gets abducted by the Kowleen brothers. This takes a toll on Jiro’s anger as we see that a duel is now inevitable. As the whole journey is going on, we see that Jiro comes across a human girl named Mimiko. If you love vampire anime shows, then you are going to admire the animation as well as the graphics employed in this series, along with its plot.

Black Blood Brother has a whole back story about the Kowloon Shock, and it develops as we glide through the episodes of this series. This dates back to 1850 when Hongkong was taken over by a vampire whose name is Kowloon King. During his reign, the king started to spread his lineage among the place. His children came to be known as the Kowloon Children. Anyone who gets bitten by the Kowloon Children becomes a part of the Kowloon Children themselves. This is how the family started to expand themselves and finally found a safe haven for themselves known as The Special Zone.

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