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The Most Popular Anime Girls of 2022 So Far

Popular Anime girls 2022

Halfway into 2022, and we already have the young ladies kicking it in with their charms. So the OtakuKart team decided to highlight the most popular anime girls of 2022 so far. I mean, Anime always brings us the most breathtaking female characters out there who end up stealing the show most of the time. They are more than just pretty girls or the protagonist’s love interest. They portray a sense of individuality and uniqueness whether it’s cute or badass, they can pull it all off.

Whether it’s Shoujo or Shounen, they make a mark in everyone’s heart. The main reason they start strong is to help the male protagonist reach their full potential. E.g. Mikasa Ackermann paved the way for Eren to where he is now.

Most Popular Anime Girls of 2022

Even in 2022, the girls keep surprising us with their capabilities and show us how things are done, or they just melt the hearts of the audience with their lovable and sweet nature. We’re here for it all! So let’s list out the most popular anime girls of 2022 so far.

1. Anya Forger

She takes the No.1 spot, no questions asked, Period. Anya, the cute ball of surprises, was already a fan favorite moment after the anime Spy X Family was released. Her backstory is an orphan who was previously a test subject, therefore, she has psychic abilities. Her cute little silly expressions are to die for, especially the “heh”. She did not only charm everyone with her adorable nature but proved how important she was to the plot as well.



2. Marin Kitagawa

Kitagawa San has taken the internet by storm. Everywhere you go, IT’S KITAGAWA SAN. Her charm is fluttering through all the social media platforms.

Her passionate love for cosplay is pretty much clear throughout the anime. I mean, she’s the most relatable anime character for all the cosplayers out there. No wonder this young messy cosplayer makes into every list of the most popular anime girls of 2022.

My Dress-Up Darling

Marin Kitagawa

3. Maki Zenin

Next in line is the fiery lass from the Zenin clan. Maki is an individual who attempts to propel herself forward without taking any sort of help from others. She is extremely strong-willed, competent, and motivated to escape the expectations placed on her by her “so-called” family. The list of Most popular anime girls of 2022 is just incomplete without our green-headed badass.


Maki senpai

4. Komi Shouko

Who says she can’t communicate? Like, Hello! Actions speak louder than words, Komi-san had us all Flippin with her cuteness and her whimsy nature, and can we take a moment to appreciate those gorgeous eyes. Even though her social anxiety came in the way, that didn’t stop her from making friends. The Anime is wholesome in its way.

Komi cant communicate

Komi san

5. Kaguya Shinomiya

Next, we have is the cold Kaguya. She was a completely different person before joining the student council, but she gradually transformed. During her initial days in council, she thought Miyuki Shirogane to be someone with whom she would be fine if he confessed first, thus, she continually plays mind games to get him to confess. Later in the series, her behaviors hint that she is beginning to embrace her love for Miyuki, but she refuses to openly express it. Our girl is just playing hard to get.

Kaguya sama


6. Nezuko Kamado

Moving on to the list of Popular Anime girls of 2022, we have Ne..Ne..Nezuko Chan! The definition of kind and the most loving sister, anyone could ever ask for. She not only swayed Zenitsu but struck the whole internet with her awe. The memes, though (chef’s kiss). Demon form or human, leave it to selfless Nezuko Chan to save her friends from any danger.

Demon Slayer

Nezuko Kamado

7. Mikasa Ackerman

“When You’re The Queen. You Should Punch That Runt For Me”, famously quoted by one of our favorite Ackerman. Leave it to Mikasa to show us how it’s done when fighting Titans. The gorgeous scout cares deeply for her friends, and we all know how she can wipe the entirety of the titans for Eren. She not only saved him a countless number of times but help him make important decisions.


Mikasa Ackerman

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8. Yor Forger

Finally, we have the lovely assassin on our list- Yor Forger, aka the “Thorn Princess.” The stunning black-haired assassin lives up to our expectations with her fight sequences, and how can we forget her mind-blowing role as a mother and a wife. From housemaker in the day and an assassin by night, I cannot point out a single flaw, this woman is perfect!


Yor Forger

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