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Top 10 Iconic Mikasa Ackerman Quotes From Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan

Mikasa Ackerman has won the hearts of all Attack on Titan buffs with her lass-kicking abilities. While she might not be so talkative, she does have a few key moments in the anime and manga chapters. Today, as the anime of the series is coming to its end, let’s cover 10 Mikasa Ackerman quotes that have left fans mesmerized. Let’s begin.

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the main characters of the Attack on Titan manga and animated series. In between the trio of Eren, Armin, and herself, Mikasa is considered to be the powerhouse, in short, the strong one. She was saved by Eren at an early age, and she has been a part of his family ever since. From their childhood till teenage, she was the one every guy in the neighborhood would think twice before facing. After completing her anti-titan artillery training, with flying colors, of course, Mikasa became a force to reckon with.

Mikasa always kept her friends first and kept them out of harm’s way. She had an attitude of going to any distance to protect her close ones, especially Eren. Mikasa’s journey throughout the series and manga has been a very power-driven one. Her dialogue has been key moments in the battles of tough times that have always managed to turn the table and has become glued to the viewer’s memories.

So Here Are 10 Mikasa Akerman Quotes:

1. I Am Strong. Stronger Than All Of You. Extremely Strong. I Can Kill All The Titans Out There. Even If I Am Alone

Knowing her, Mikasa was a fighter, to begin with. Her past showed her to be a little well-to-do girl living in an ordinary home doing chores with her mother. Well, things didn’t go so well for her as eventually, she had to pick up a weapon to kill a guy. The guy that she stabbed was the one who killed her parents. This is a perfect example to show how powerful-minded and courageous she was.

Here Are 10 Iconic Mikasa Ackerman Quotes

Mikasa Ackerman

While in Trost, she was the only one who had the heart of slaughtering titans left and right without giving into fear. She made her way through the titans as she killed every one of them. It was at this time that she said the words, “I Am Strong. Stronger Than All Of You. Extremely Strong. I Can Kill All The Titans Out There. Even If I Am Alone.” These words brought courage towards her team members to fight and resist the titan even if there was a possibility of their death in the process.

2. Eat It, Eat And Stay Alive, I Won’t Let You Starve To Death

Attack on Titan revolves around one thing in particular, and that is survival. The jungle’s rule flows through here where only the fittest survives, even though it’s a disease, corruption, or Titan. After Eren’s mother’s demise, Mikasa was there to support him for every step. Although Eren planned to kill all the titans in existence, his tragedy kept him shaken for a long time.

Attack on Titan

Mikasa Feeding Eren

During this time, when Eren refused to keep himself, Mikasa was by his side. She accepted the ugly truth and kept her promise to his mother. When Eren was not having any food, Mikasa shoved a loaf of bread in his mouth while saying, “Eat It, Eat And Stay Alive, I Won’t Let You Starve To Death.” The way it looked, she would not have regretted hitting him if he did not eat.

3. When You’re The Queen. You Should Punch That Runt For Me

While Mikasa is a serious, serious kind of girl and never goes to disrespect her superior, she doesn’t back down from making a classy pun. Fans appreciated her guts when one such pun was made against Captain Levi. While the two belong to the same bloodline and Levi is her superior, what did he do to he’s ever such a comment.

Here Are 10 Iconic Mikasa Ackerman Quotes

Mikasa Ackerman and Levi Ackerman

While Mikasa learned that Historia is of the royal blood and a true air to the throne, she asked for her favor which was kind of a pun. Knowing that History was now considered superior in standards, she challenged her to punch Levi saying, “When You’re The Queen. You Should Punch That Runt For Me.” The moment turned out to be quite hilarious.

4. A Lot Of People I Used To Care About Aren’t Here Either

Mikasa is all about family, and she appreciates the fact that there are people behind her when she needs them the most. From childhood, life has not been the best for her until she found her friends. Over time she grew and made new bonds and connections with new people. The fact that she knew not every good and bad thing last forever at a young age was proof that she had matured.

Here Are 10 Iconic Mikasa Ackerman Quotes

Mikasa Ackerman

The series has shown many people taken away from her, counting her mother along with Eren’s parents and a few of her scout mates in the bag. The big picture for her was that everyone had lost someone or something, but all they could do was move forward.

5. If You Think It’s Natural For People To Die For Others. I’m Sure You’ll Understand That At Times, The Sacrifice Of A Single Precious Life Can Save Many Others

This particular line explained the core of Attack on Titan. We have seen tons of people sacrificing themselves for humanity to continue. The scouts were taught only one thing, which that was humanity will only continue if they stood and fought.

Here Are 10 Iconic Mikasa Ackerman Quotes

So it was just better to fight rather than die. Well, in Trost, a guy with higher stature was refusing to move his wagon. That’s when Mikasa comes he beats his bodyguards into a pulp and says, “If You Think It’s Natural For People To Die For Others. I’m Sure You’ll Understand That At Times, The Sacrifice Of A Single Precious Life Can Save Many Others.” This terrified the guy to his very soul as he moved his wagon, letting people across.

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6. That’s Right… This World… Is Cruel. It Hit Me That Living Was Like A Miracle

The mangaka of Attack on Titan Hajime Isayama grew up surrounded by nature. His message to fans went clear through the anime that only the fittest rule. It’s the law of nature. It makes sense that being alive becomes a blessing in itself.

Here Are 10 Iconic Mikasa Ackerman Quotes

Mikasa Ackerman and Eren

Mikasa was just a kid when she used to go out hunting with her father. This is where she used to come across insects eating each other. That gave her the pretty big idea that to survive, she stained her hands with blood at a very young age.

7. There Are Only So Many Lives I Can Value. And I Decided Who Those People Were Six Years Ago. So You Shouldn’t Try To Ask For My Pity. Because Right Now, I Don’t Have Time To Spare Or Room In My Heart.

We have seen Mikasa going through a lot throughout the anime and manga chapters. With all the losses she has encountered, she has made herself stiff and less attached to things and is ready to sacrifice anything when the moment arises.

Attack on Titan

Mikasa attacking Bertholdt

This is the reason behind her attacking Reiner and Bertholdt without worrying about the future. The decision was so strong that she even regretted not slicing off their head. While she has a caring and giving side, she also has a side where nobody would want to be her enemy.

8. My Scarf, Thank You For Always Wrapping It Around Me

Eren has always been there as a support for Mikasa. If there were a chance, he would have done anything in his power to save his friends from the sacrifice. He would never let any of his friends be in a life or death situation. At a young age, he rescued Mikasa by killing one of the kidnappers. He collected himself and comforted Mikasa, wrapping his scarf around her.

Here Are 10 Iconic Mikasa Ackerman Quotes

Kid Mikasa Ackerman

Since that moment, Mikasa has not taken the scarf off for a single moment, and how she loves to keep it for herself.

9. I Don’t Want To Lose What Little Family I Have Left.

Mikasa has always been there to save the day for Eren and Armin. There have been multiple such times when Eren, even with his titan powers, had to rely on Mikasa for aid. She’s now considered to be an elite soldier and, when in rage, goes toe to toe with Captain Levi in skill level.

Here Are 10 Iconic Mikasa Ackerman Quotes

Mikasa , Eren and Armin

The only idea of losing Eren and Armin would leave her berserk. Mikasa has lost too much in her life and now will do anything to defend the two.

10. Believe In Your Own Power

After gaining, the Attack Titan’s power, Eren has become a great asset in winning the titan war. With this, a lot of expectations are shouldered upon him, leading him to self-doubt in his abilities.

Here Are 10 Iconic Mikasa Ackerman Quotes


Luckily he has friends like Mikasa and Armin who have been there with him from the very beginning to make him realize his true worth. After successfully blocking the hole of Wall Maria, Mikasa appreciated his efforts and even motivated him, saying that he could achieve more.

Where To watch Attack On Titan?

As of now, The anime has reached its last stages. We can say that Attack On Titans will be available on platforms like Hulu, Funimation, Crunchyroll, Netflix.

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