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Falling In Love Cast: Get Ready To Fall In Love With Them

falling in love cast

The Falling In Love cast will have you falling for their chemistry within just seconds! Chi Xiao Nian has some handy dandy cooking skills that even Gordon Ramsay would have absolutely loved her cooking skills. This is why she loved spending all of her day in the kitchen literally. Sadly, her boyfriend did not like this. While she was busy making a scrumptious lunch for her lovely boyfriend, he was busy cheating on her with another girl.

As expected, Chi Xiao Nian’s heart completely breaks when she sees her boyfriend getting intimate with another girl. His reason for cheating on her was that she had gotten really boring to him as she spent all her time only in the kitchen.

Subsequently, Chi Xiao Nan’s longtime friend Yan Yu agrees that it was totally not at all right for her boyfriend to do this. Fun fact: back in his school days, Yan Yu used to be the heartthrob of the school and had charmed almost everyone with his looks. Now, Yan Yu gives a very weird suggestion to Chi Xiao Nan that she should pretend that she is dating him to make her now ex-boyfriend jealous of their chemistry.

However, by pretending to date, Yan Yu helps Chi Xiao Nan to get over her slump and keep cooking more and more delicious meals. As per viewers’ reviews, Falling In Love is hands down the best mini-Chinese series that has ever come into existence. They had to say the same about the Falling In Love cast too. Their chemistry and facial expressions were always on point. Get to know the Falling In Love cast through this article!

1. Li Zhen Ning

The first member of the Falling In Love cast we are going to talk about is Li Zhen Ning! Li Zhen Ning was born on November 5, 1995, in Guangdong, but grew up in Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China. Li Zhen Ning used to be a model but became more popular as an idol in China and has been a part of the popular boy group UNINE. After competing in the survival show Qing Chun You Ni, he ranked second in the overall show and became a part of UNINE.

Currently, he is a part of a BG Project, which is a trainee team created by their company, BG Talent. He has not worked in many C-dramas and is the only one besides Falling In Love is GaoKao 2020.

falling in love

Li Zhen Ning

2. Hong Yi Ke

The other main member of the Falling In Love cast is Hong Yi Ke. You would be surprised to know that the actress’s nationality is actually Canadian! Hong Yi Ke has worked in many different Chinese dramas like Jie Jie Fang Guo Wo as Xiang Xi, An Interrupted Song as Mu Xiao Xi, In Your Soul as Yue Yue, and Love Once Again as Mei Jing. With her splendid acting skills and effortless visuals, we can see Hong Yi Ke taking over the Chinese acting industry!

falling in love

Hong Yi Ke

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