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Popular Shy Anime Girls That Will Catch Your Eye

Shy Anime Girls

When looking into the anime girls who have portrayed the shyest of personalities, we have seen quite a lot of them, but there are obvious ones that, upon mention, you would instantly recognize their shy personality. So to make things easier, we will look at the popular shy anime girls, so we won’t have to comprehensively look at them but only at the popular ones.

Some people would go as far as looking into who is the shyest girl in anime and who is the shyest anime character which would still perfectly fit this list without any problems. When looking into who is the quietest anime character, you would most often find that their personality goes well with being shy.

So with that in mind, we will look into the anime girls, and you will surely see that they are shy from just looking at their character build. As we know, every anime has that, and it kind of brings in a variety, especially when the girls can be serious when need be.

Kosaki Onodera: Nisekoi

When we look at the popular shy anime girls, Kosaki makes the list as a discreet and innocent girl who is slightly timid and very kind. She takes care of Ichji when he is wounded or ill, and generally, she opts to think carefully before acting, as we saw when she stalled her confession to Raku so she can consider that he may have feelings for Chitoge instead.

Popular Shy Anime Girl

Kosaki Onodera Nisekoi

Sometimes Kosaki will show a sign of low self-confidence and would often need the support of Ruri, who is also her best friend. This was proven when Haru Onodera was overprotective of her, and during the confrontation with Raku, Kosaki needed encouragement from Ruri so she could attempt any form of contact.

Mio Akiyama: K-On

On the other anime, with the popular shy anime girls, K-On has Mio Akiyama, who is very reserved and bashful by nature. She is soft-spoken and private even amongst close friends and seems to enjoy time alone which she most often dedicates to songwriting. She has been anxious about her social life and has been self-conscious since she was young.

Mio Akiyama K-On

Mio Akiyama K-On

This made her prey to young Ritsu’s teasings and typically retreated into the sanctuary of her books. She also struggles to interact with strangers and has few friends outside the light music club, even though she is popular. She is also strikingly sensitive to attention from others, and she gets shy very easily and does not easily live down mortifying moments.

Grey: Black Clover

Grey is one of the very shy girls, and in her true form, she becomes easily embarrassed. When she is transformed into someone else, she is friendly with others and would enjoy working together with her squad mates. On top of this, Grey typically imitates the attitude and actions of the person that she is transformed into. This suggests that she has impressive observational and acting skills as well.

Popular Shy Anime Girl

Grey Black Clover

She was also shown to be both incredibly kind-hearted but, at the same time, she is slightly naive. Even though she was regularly abused and verbally taunted by her step sisters and stepmother, she still has the slightest hope that she could mend their relationship and become closer to each other. She also attempts to befriend her two elder stepsisters. She would transform to look more like them, showing her sense of naivety and do not recognize their shallow and violent personalities. While she is quite a shy girl, Grey is known to have amazing powers, which have even saved Gauche from the brink of death.

Julis Riessfeld: Asterisk War

As the elegant and proud, beautiful and hot-headed girl, Julis can be cold to those she is unfamiliar. But underneath this personality and the unfriendly facade is an honorable, faithful, and loyal person who would do anything for her friends. At first, she treated Ayato and his friends with mostly disdainful personalities but would later warm up to them and even call them by their names.

Julis Riessfeld Asterisk War

Julis Riessfeld Asterisk War

Julis has a fear of disappointment and rejection and will do whatever it takes to keep her friends safe, and she dislikes relying on others. She was born as the first princess of Lieseltanina, and as a child, she came across an orphanage and developed a fast friendship with the children and sisters of the orphanage. This would strike up as a very close relationship she has with Orphelia Landlufen.

Yunyun: Konosuba

As one of the popular shy anime girls, Yunyun has a determined and caring personality and is also quite shy and quick to blush. She is not always honest with her feelings and is also very intelligent. Most times, she would take other people’s words too literally, and aside from Megumin, she never confronts others even when she knows they have lied to her. She is the only Crimson Magic Clan member who does not display eccentric behavior leading to her holding mixed feelings towards her clan.

Yunyun Konosuba

Yunyun Konosuba

In the anime, it was hinted that Yunyun had chuunibyou tendencies just like the others because of how she worries about other people’s opinions of her. Because she was unable to make friends, she gest excited easily when someone approached her and asked to join her party. But as a crimson magic clan member, her eyes glow bright red when excited, and it has led to her scarring off those who try to be close to her.

Inoue Orihime: Bleach

As an independent, friendly, and humorous character, she is also sensitive, caring, and kind. She appears as a naive and rather clueless person, and this is at odds with her exceptionally high marks at school. She is a bookworm, and when her grades drop, she gets less financial support from her relatives and she is a member of the Handicrafts Club. She is interested in inventing ridiculous sports to play with Tasuki, just like we saw with base Acer which combines baseball and soccer.

Popular Shy Anime Girl

Inoue Orihime Bleach

She has also demonstrated that she is perceptive when it comes to people’s mental and emotional states, especially regarding Ichigo. She is able to tell what kind of determination and driving force pushes someone to do things. Additionally, she has a crush on Ichigo and would later fall in love with him. She had also exhibited characteristics connected to Ichigo, as seen when she detected him through scent only.

Kotomi Ichinose: Clannad

Kotomi is a silent and taciturn girl who has trouble speaking with others. She relies on Tomoya to help her with her social skills, and Kotomi also knows how to play a musical instrument such as a violin, even though she would end up sounding as horrible. Most anime use this gag for humor, and Kotomi prefers to be called Kotomi chan.

Kotomi Ichinose Clannad

Kotomi Ichinose Clannad

She is mostly in the top ten people in all of the subjects at school, which explains why she is very intelligent. She also likes to read books in foreign languages as well.

Megumi Tadokoro: Shokugeki no Souma

Being shy and clumsy, she is also thoughtful and honest in her actions and speaks in a polite tone. She is a nurturing sort of person and always looks out for others and is willing to assist them in any way that she can. According to Gin, her greatest gift is her warm hospitality as she cooks for others to make them feel good.

Popular Shy Anime Girl

Megumi Tadokoro Shokugeki no Souma

Uchako Uraraka: MHA

Her classmates would describe her as the most laid-back girl in the class. She is very bubbly and can be an airhead at times. She is often incredibly blunt without being aware of it, and similar to Midoriya, her reactions tend to be exaggerated and humourous. She would often be amused at certain personality traits and quirks that others exhibit and would burst into laughter at times.

Popular Shy Anime Girl

Uchako Uraraka MHA

Hinata: Naruto

Hinata has been shy ever since the early days of the series and is probably the shyest girl you have seen in anime. She was even shy to talk to people and would get beet red on her face whenever she would talk to Naruto since she had a crush on him. But as she grew up, she got better as she ended up marrying him and becoming a good mother as well.

Hinata Naruto

Hinata Naruto

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