Our Winter Episode 10 Review

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Our Winter
Our Winter 2023 poster

Do you enjoy Thai black-light dramas? Then you should really check out this mini-series. Our Winter, released in 2023, will transport you to the world of two male characters from South Korea and Thailand named Tutor and Yim, who develop romantic ties and fall in love with one another.

Although the entire mini-series is an excellent ball of romance, happiness, and love, the fans were miffed by how quickly each episode was finished. The audience adored the characters so much that they wanted to prolong the romance as long as possible. But it doesn’t take long for the incident to end.

a still from Our winter Drama
A still from Our winter Drama

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The Cast Of The Mini-Series

Yim, a Thai actor and television personality, was born Pharinyakorn Khansawa on June 18, 2000. He has made guest appearances on variety and reality TV programs like “DMD Reality” (2021) and “Cutie Pie,” a drama series that premiered in 2022.

Tutor, also known as Koraphat Lamnoi, is a model, YouTuber, and actor. He is a student at the College of Business Administration, Finance Concentration, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.

Tutor is a member of the Hot-boys Gang Domundi TV, which produces travelogues and song-and-dance cover videos on YouTube. In A Tale of Thousand Stars from 2021, he made his dramatic film debut.

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The Mini-Series With A Full Package!

Our Winter is a 2023 Thai BL Korean drama series starring Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa and Tutor Koraphat, co-produced by South Korea.

The setting of the series is pretty romantic from the very start as it is filmed on the snowy streets of Thailand, which looks absolutely adorable and where our main protagonists meet for the first time and become friends. Despite the short amount of time, their entire journey from adversaries to lovers is incredibly lovely and adorable.

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Tutor abruptly loses his cool after running into a Thai guy in the first episode, catching Yim’s attention. When Yim becomes agitated by Tutor’s overpowering perfume, Tutor and Yim meet paths a second time. Yet as Tutor approaches Yim, his heart begins to race.

In the second episode, Tutor accidentally runs across Tim a third time after discovering Yim’s lost diary. In episode 3, after admiring the adorable couple who are taking pictures in the photo booth and looking at them, Tutor drags Yim there to take the same images as the other couples.

Tutor and Yim afterward become good friends in episode 4 and begin teaching one other their respective languages. Tutor teaches Yim all the Korean terms, bringing the two of them even closer. These words go from Aphayo (Pain) to Saranghaeyo (Love).

A still from Our Winter
A still from Our Winter

In the fifth episode, it is revealed that Yim has a dread of crossing the long, broad streets. However, when Tutor grabs his hand and guides him across the street, his fear dissipates. Tutor queries Yim about possible romantic relationships in episode 6.

By asking him who the guy is that Tutor likes, Yim starts making fun of the student. Tutor unexpectedly declares his love for Yim but quickly retracts his statement, leaving Yim sad.
In episode 7, Tutor and Yim cross paths once more in the coffee shop, where Yim is dozing off as Tutor looks at him.

Finally, he begs Yim to get up because he is aware that he is not dozing off. Yim grins and gazes tenderly into Tutor’s eyes. Tutor and Yim meet again and gently take a seat on the bench, and until episode 8, their feelings for one another start to develop. Nonetheless, Tutor’s persona is portrayed as a little disorganized, and he quickly begins singing to cheer up Yim. Fortunately!

Now finally, the couple shares their first kiss as they sit on the snowy bench. Tutor wanted to play a game to confess the love. They play heads and tails with a little twist of their own.
In the latest episode (episode 10), as Yim and Tutor part ways after an exhausting day and tiring day of love, they can not really seem to be doing that.

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The goodbye was long enough to make you think about love in another way. As they part ways, Yim calls Tutor, saying he already misses his presence, to which our handsome and romantic character says that he loves him very, and again Yim teases him. He pretends not to hear it at all.

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Our Winter Thai BL drama poster
Our Winter Thai BL drama poster

The two share great chemistry on screen as well as off-screen. The bond is totally heart-melting, and you cannot get away with this. Some series, in a short time, take a soft corner in your heart. This is one of them. If you like short, less time-consuming romantic series, this can be a perfect watch for you. The mini-series and the cute characters deserve a 3.5/5.

Our Rating:⭐ (3.5/5)

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