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Our Winter Episode 11: Recap, Release Date & Streaming Guide

Our Winter Episode 11
Protagonists of Thai Mini Series: Our Winter

Are you a big fan of Thai BL dramas? Then this mini-series is for you. Released in the year 2023, Our Winter will take you to the world of two male protagonists, Tutor and Yim, from South Korea and Thailand, who romantically connect and fall in love with each other.

The whole mini-series is a big bundle of romance, joy, and happiness, but what made fans upset was the short time duration of every episode. Fans adored the protagonists so much that they desired to watch them romancing as long as they could. However, the episode concludes in the blink of an eye.

Our Winter has 14 episodes in total, with 10 episodes already released. As the first 10 episodes have brought extreme romance between the protagonists, fans are eagerly waiting for the next four episodes to know if Tutor and Yim are going to end up together or not.

So, if you are looking for the latest information on episode 11 of Our Winter, we have got you covered! Stay till the end of this post with us to know when the next episode of your favorite Thai-Korean BL mini-series is going to release.

Our Winter: A Quick Recap

Our Winter is filmed on the snowy streets of Thailand, where protagonists meet each other and become friends. Even though the time is less, their whole journey of turning enemies into lovers is so sweet and adorable.

In the first episode, Yim catches the eye of the Tutor, who suddenly gets mad over encountering a Thai person. Tutor and Yim come across a second time when Yim gets irritated with Tutor’s strong perfume. However, when Tutor gets closer to Yim, his heart skips a beat. In the second episode, Tim and Tutor adorably bump into each other a third time when Tutor finds the diary that Yim loses.

Our Winter Episode 1

A still from Our Winter Episode 1 (Credit: Thai Mini-Series)

After gazing at the cute couple who are admiring their pictures taken at the photo booth, Yim gets dragged by Tutor to the photo booth in episode 3 to click the same pictures as the other couples do. Subsequently, in episode 4, Tutor and Yim become close friends and start teaching each other their language. From Aphayo (Pain) to Saranghaeyo (Love), Tutor teaches all the Korean words to Yim, bringing them even closer.

It is revealed in the 5th episode that Yim has a fear of crossing the long wide streets, but his fear gets vanishes when Tutor holds his hand and helps him to cross the road. In episode 6, Tutor asks Yim if he ever fell in love and if he got closer to someone. Yim begins making fun of Tutor, asking him who the guy that Tutor likes is. The Tutor suddenly confesses his love for Yim but instantly changes his words which makes Yim feel disappointed.

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Our Winter Episode 8: Recap

Tutor sings songs for Yim in Our Winter Episode 8 (Credit: Thai Mini-Series)

In episode 7, Tutor and Yim again meet in the café where Yim sleeps while Tutor gazes at him. In the end, he asks Yim to wake up as he knows that he is not asleep. Yim smirks and romantically looks into Tutor’s eyes.

Up until episode 8, Tutor and Yim’s feelings for each other begin to grow as they meet again and calmly seat on the bench. However, Tutor’s character is depicted as a bit chaotic, and he soon starts singing to brighten up Yim’s mood. Finally! In episode 9, Tutor and Yim share their first kiss after playing an adorable game invented by Tutor. Ultimately, in episode 10, Tutor and Yim confess their love for each other.

Our Winter Episode 11: Release Date

As they have finally confessed their feelings for each other, the next four episodes of Our Winter are going to be even more intriguing. As episode 10 of Our Winter was released on 6th March 2023, fans are eager to know when the next episode will release, and guess what? The release date is finally official, and you can soon watch Yim and Tutor’s happy romance in the latest episode.

Tutor and Yim: Our Winter

Tutor and Yim from Our Winter kiss each other in episode 9 (Credit: Thai Mini-Series)

Episode 11 of Our Winter is scheduled to release on Friday, 10th March 2023, at 6.00 PM in Thailand. The next episodes are going to fill you in with lots of dreamy and steamy romantic moments, so make sure not to miss watching Our Winter every Friday and Sunday.

  • Pacific Time: 10th March 2023, Friday, 6.:00 AM PT
  • Eastern Time: 10th March 2023, Friday, 3:00 AM ET
  • Indian Time: 10th March 2023, Friday, 4:30 PM IST
  • Japanese Time: 10th March 2023, Friday, 8:00 PM JST
  • British Time: 10th March 2023, Friday, 11:00 AM GMT

Our Winter Episode 11: Streaming Guide

You can watch each new episode of Our Winter every Friday and Sunday. The approximate runtime of each episode is 1 minute, and as the 10 episodes of the show have been released already, there are only 2 weeks remaining to the end of the show. To watch Our Winter online, the best streaming platform that we suggest is Tik Tok. Additionally, You can watch the episode of YouTube shorts, but it takes a bit longer than usual to get the episode listed there.

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