How To Watch ‘Rak Diao’ (2022) Thai BL Series Online?

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Rak Diao the series where to watch online
Where To Watch Rak Diao (2022) Online

Due to the bickering but lovely chemistry between Rak and Diao, fans want to watch Rak Diao the series (2022) online! After all, the simple plot featuring a heart-thumping love story has caught viewers’ attention. It’s your typical enemies to lovers drama. However, the excellent performance by the cast members makes it worth your time. It is a love story of owner and tenant who are polar opposite. But like opposite attracts each other, Rok and Diao can’t help but fall in love!

The series Rak Diao is a BL romance comedy sitcom that premiered on GMM One on 23 January 2022 and concluded on 7 May 2022. It is written by Kate Pimmanda Pattana-alongkorn starring Earth Thanakrit and Win Songsin. Rak Diao is a fifteen-episode drama, and each episode runs for 47 minutes. The series narrates the tale of Rak and Diao. Rak is a tenant at Diao’s house while Diao works at Rak’s office. Despite their different personalities and constant bickering, the two begin to fall for each other. Even the typical storyline fans find it more fascinating due to the wonderful chemistry between the leads and thus want to watch Rak Diao Thai series online!

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Cast Of Rak Diao

The romance comedy sitcom Rak Diao has caught online BL fans’ attention due to the cast’s excellent performance and simply beautiful storyline. The Thai series starred Earth Thanakrt Talasopon as Rak and Win Songsin Jaipan as Diao as the main leads. As for the supporting role, we meet Sujira Arunpipat as Dao (Diao’s sister) and Graphic Ratchawit Chanrunganan as Rit (Rak’s brother). Then the cast members also include Ampere Suttatip Wutchaipradit, Mook Napapacha Thitakawin, Yong Chernyim, Ploy Chanikan Sopitwisit, and many more.

Rak Diao the series where to watch online
Cr: GMM One

Besides the main and supporting characters, there are numerous guest appearances. For instance, we see Jomjan Suphitcha as Manao in Episode 8, 12-13; Ou Pittaya Saechua in Episode 8, and Cookkai Pavadee in Episode 13, etc.

Rak Diao Plot

The sitcom Rak Diao is a Boys Love (BL) series narrating the romantic tale of Rak and Diao. After his graduation, Diao gets hired for a creative job with a Food Delivery company. Therefore, he moves in with his sister Dao. Sister Dao brought a house. However, after breaking up with her boyfriend, it becomes difficult for her to manage the costs. Thus, Diao moves in to help. Furthemore, Dao has another small house adjacent which rents out to further lessen the load of expenses. However, it makes the perfectionist Diao worry about the new tenant he’d be living with.

Rak Diao the series where to watch online
Rak and Diao Cr: GMM One

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Unfortunately, fate is not on his side as Diao and the new tenant Rak have nothing in common. Not to forget, his mischievous brother looks for trouble every day, making Diao groans in displease. Another surprise shocks him when he learns that Rak becomes his boss, who orders him frequently to revise his work, making his work life hellish. Therefore, a war breaks! Whereas Diao is the boss at home, Rak is the boss in the office. When both are this headstrong, will love bloom in Diao and Rak’s life?

Where To Watch Rak Diao Thai BL Series Online?

Even after its completion, many BL fans are looking for a way to watch Rak Diao the series online. Rak Diao the series (2022) is a GMM One original, and thus domestic viewers can watch it on GMM One channel. Viewers can even download oneD mobile application to watch Rak Diao online. Although numerous Thai dramas are available on various OTT media services, that’s not the case for Rak Diao. At present, Rak Diao is not available on any online streaming channels such as Netflix, Rakuten Viki, Amazon Prime, etc. However, international fans don’t have to worry about the streaming options.

Besides GMM One channel, Rak Diao Thai series is available on the official YouTube channel of one31 with English Subtitles. Plus, it is free of cost, so viewers don’t have to buy any subscription plans. Hence, viewers can watch the romance comedy series Rak Dian on the given online streaming channel!

Here, check out Rak Diao trailer-

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