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Married At First Sight USA Season 16 Episode 10: Love Is Up In The Air Recap, Release Date & Streaming Guide

Married at First Sight
Married at First Sight Season 16 Participants (Credit: Hidden Remote)

Episode 10 of ‘Married at First Sight season 16’ will release soon. After the huge drama about Mac & Dominique that happened in the last episode, fans are a bit worried about the other couples as well because fans really want all of them to stay together.

The decision will be theirs, and no one knows what will happen next, but what we can know is the release date and streaming guide for the upcoming episode. So, read till the end. Debuted in the year 2014, Married at First Sight USA encircles the unusual concept of arranging the marriage and then letting the couple decide their future.

Since season 1, many couples were paired by relationship experts, who let the couple meet for the first time on the day of their marriage. From getting to know each other to fall in love, Married at First Sight promises a steamy romance filled with extreme drama.

Additionally, the couple who do not like the company of each other, or get into a constant disagreement, get divorced at the end of the series. Since season one, there have been many couples who decided to part ways, while there are several others like Anthony & Ashley, Briana & Vincent, and Stephanie & AJ, who decided to be together and currently enjoying their married life.

This season of ‘Married at First Sight’ has been becoming interesting episode by episode because all of the couples are struggling hard to be with their partners, and it is a big suspense if they are going to get divorced or continue with their marriage in the end.

As the first 9 episodes brought a lot of drama, fans are eager to know what is going to happen in episode 10. So, here is all you need to know about the 10th episode of Married at First Sight season 16.

Married at First Sight Season 16 Episode 9: Party-ing Ways Recap

The episode started with Mac and Dominique expressing feelings about their relationship with the marriage counselor. Dominique felt that being with Mac was negative for her when she had an interaction with him, and there were some comments that made her feel that Mac was not the one whom she could connect her soul with. Subsequently, before moving out of the house, she announced that she wanted to take a divorce.

As all the couples were back from their honeymoon, they got to know a bit more about their partners’ behaviors that may have bothered them; however, they tried figuring out a way to make their bond stronger and healthier. In episode 9, all the couples, apart from Mac and Dominique, planned a first housewarming party after their marriage and called some of their friends over.

Married at First Sight Season 16 Episode 9

Kirsten and Shaquille are making preparations for the housewarming party (Credit: Lifetime)

While forming the guest list for the housewarming party, Jasmine cut down some names from Arris’ friend list because she did not want to be around them.

One of Arris’ friends called Jasmine fake, which broke her heart, and that is why she did not invite her, while the other, who is Arris’ cousin, was not invited by Jasmine because she felt disrespected around her. Arris and Jasmine talked about what they don’t like about each other to each other’s friends at the party.

Gina and Clint are still trying to adjust around each other, and the lack of physical attraction is something that is not letting them come together. Kirsten and Shaquille expressed that they have been patient with their relationship as they want to get to know each other gradually and then want to move toward the next step of their marriage.

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Married at First Sight Season 16 Episode 9

Arris and Jasmine from Married at First Sight ( Credit: Lifetime)

Nicole expressed to Chris’ friends that Chris’ constant compliments bother her. He always asks for her opinion rather than putting his opinion forward. However, among all, their relationship seems better as they even revealed that they had a romantic time during their honeymoon that others struggled to experience.

In the end, when all the participant couples discussed each others’ married life, Dominique let everyone know that she wanted to take a divorce. However, when all the other couples persuaded Dominique not to break up with Mac, she said that she would reconsider their marriage.

While in the house, Mac asked Dominique why she had changed her mind and Dominique confessed that out of peer pressure, she had to do it and she would not change her decision to part ways with Mac.

Married at First Sight Season 16 Episode 10: Release Date

The tensions are rising between the couples, and as they are a few weeks away from announcing their final decision, excitement among fans has been increasing. In the upcoming episode of Married at First Sight, the couples will go on dates to spend some quality time and to understand their feelings for each other very well.

So, surely, the next episode is going to be full of love and romance. However, some shocking revelations are awaiting to baffle you.

Episode 10 of ‘Married at First Sight’ is scheduled to release on Wednesday, 8th March 2023, at 8 PM ET on Lifetime. Follow the watching guide given below to know when exactly your favorite reality show is going to release in your region.

Married at First Sight season 16 Cast

A Still from Married at First Sight Season 16 Episode 9 (Credit: Lifetime)

  • Pacific Time Zone: 08th March 2023, Wednesday, 5:00 PM (USA)
  • British Time Zone: 09th March 2023, Thursday, 1:00 AM (United Kingdom)
  • Indian Time Zone: 09th March 2023, Thursday, 6:30 AM (India)
  • Australian Time Zone: 09th March 2023, Thursday, 12:00 PM (Australia)
  • Philippines Time Zone: 09th March 2023, Thursday, 09:00 AM (Philippines)

Married at First Sight Season 16 Episode 10: How to Watch

Each new episode of Married at First Sight season 16 broadcasts every Wednesday on Lifetime with an approximate runtime of 1 hour. If you want to watch the episode online, Lifetime has also made its online streaming service, MyLifetime, available for all fans. Additionally, you can watch Married at First Sight on Vudu and Amazon Prime as well.

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