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One Piece Episode 1030 Release Date: Uta and Luffy’s Bond!

One Piece Episode 1030 Release Date Details
One Piece Episode 1030 Release Date Details

One Piece Episode 1030 release date is scheduled for its weekly release, and we will be continuing with the side story for now as well. I have to be honest. This is one of the best One Piece fillers that I have seen. It’s not surprising because it focuses a bit on Shanks. Fans want to see more about Shanks, even if it is non-canon and a very mild story mentioning Shanks here and there. It is very adorable to see toddler Luffy doing his ups and bits throughout the Goa Kingdom. Rest assured, because we will be seeing more of them in One Piece Episode 1030 before the Wano arc continues. Let’s talk about it in detail.

What more this side story has to narrate, and what is going to happen in One Piece Episode 1030? Well, we are not sure about the events that will take place exactly in the One Piece Episode 1030, but we sure can theorize about it. So, in this post, besides discussing the events that may take place in One Piece Episode 1030, we will also give you all the details you may need regarding it, like its release date and time and where you can watch the One Piece Episode 1030. However, before we get into all that, let’s take a look at the recap of One Piece Episode 1029 and jog our memories. Here we bring you the latest One Piece Anime Updates.

One Piece Episode 1029 “A Faint Memory! Luffy and Red-Haired’s Daughter Uta!” – Recap

The episode begins with Straw Hats on the ship somewhere in the sea. A song is being played, and straw hats say that it is a very cheerful song. Whereas Luffy silently listens to the song and wonders about the past. In the Windmill Village of the Goa Kingdom, we see toddler Luffy making a mess here and there. Upon getting some fruits from a villager, he wanders into the forest and gets in a fight with a monkey. He defeats the monkey and shares half of the fruits with it.

One Piece Episode 1029 Recap


Monkey D. Garp insists on Luffy becoming a Navy, but he tells him that he won’t become one because he wants to be free. A pirate ship arrives, and Luffy tells Uta and Shanks that if they make any trouble, then he will kick their butt. Later, Luffy asks Shanks to make him his crewmate, but Shanks ignores him. Shanks asks Luffy to show Uta around the village, and they get along with doing competitions. Uta shares her dream with Luffy of a new genesis/era.

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What to expect from One Piece Episode 1030?

As mentioned earlier, One Piece Episode 1030 won’t be continuing the story of Wano because we have more stories for the development of the One Piece Film: Red. The latest episode was a sweet and easy development story, and we can expect it to continue in One Piece Episode 1030. The title of the One Piece Episode 1030 is “A Pledge For The New Genesis! Luffy And Uta!”

The preview for One Piece Episode 1030 displays that Luffy and Uta will continue their journey in the Windmill Village of the Goa Kingdom. As they did in the latest episode of One Piece, Luffy and Uta will continue to bond with each other as they compete with each other in new different competitions. We also see Luffy crying after Shanks says something to him. What could that be about? Let’s watch it together in the One Piece Episode 1030 on the below-mentioned release date.

One Piece Episode 1030 Preview

One Piece Episode 1030 Preview

One Piece Episode 1030 Release Date And Time

One Piece Episode 1030 will release on Sunday, 21st August 2022. As for the timing of the release, the Japanese fans will get to watch Episode 1030 of One Piece at 09:30 hrs Japanese Standard time (JST). The US fans will get this episode at 17:30hrs Pacific Time (PT)/ 18:30 hrs Central Time (CT)/ 20:30 hrs Eastern Time (ET) on Saturday 20th of August. And, for the Indian fans, the 1029th Episode of One Piece will be available at 06:00 hrs Indian Standard Time (IST) on Sunday, 21st August 2022.

Watch One Piece Episode 1030 Online – Streaming Details

All the latest episodes of One Piece will be first broadcasted on the Japanese Local Television networks such as Fuji TV and others every Sunday. After a few hours, new Episodes of One Piece will be available to stream on platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation for international viewers.

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