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Ao Ashi Episode 19 Release Date: Preparing For The Next Match!

Ao Ashi Episode 19 Release Date Details
Ao Ashi Episode 19 Release Date Details

Ao Ashi Episode 19 Release Date has been scheduled for the next week and it will be an episode with events laying back. A lot has happened in the second anime our main character is working through it. Coach Fukuda said that if we win the upcoming match, he will be moved to team A. But that is the event for another time. It may be till the end of the season. Only six more episodes to go for the season and it changes everything from here on. But the upcoming is not only about Ao ashi, it is also about Tachibana. Let’s talk about Ao Ashi Episode 19 in detail.

So the question is, What will happen in Ao Ashi Episode 19? Well, we have our theories regarding Ao Ashi Episode 19. But we won’t know what will truly happen until the episode is released. So, in this post, besides discussing the events that may take place in Ao Ashi Episode 19, we will also give you all the details you may need regarding it, like its release date and time and where you can watch Ao Ashi Episode 19. However, before we get into all that, let’s look at the recap of Ao Ashi Episode 18 and jog our memories. Here we bring you the latest updates on the Ao Ashi Anime.

Ao Ashi Episode 18 – Recap

Aoshi goes up to Yoshitsune to tell him that he has fallen in love with how he plays. Yoshitsune replies that he is jealous of how Aoshi plays as well just like Kuribayashi. The match resumes and the opposing team is marking Yoshitsune leaving no gaps open. A mislead to defense results in the opposing team scoring the goal and Aoshi gets mad at Ryuuichi and Keiji.

Ao Ashi Episode 18 Recap

Ashito might be moved to Team A

Ashito takes up the instruction and they form a triangle that slowly advances near the goal. He has a clear sight at the goal but decides to give a pass to Keiji who scores the goal taking the lead again. For the time left they hold the other team from making a goal and winning it. Fukuda tells Ashito that if he wins the next match then he will put Ashito in the A team. Whereas Tachibana asks to sit out the next game. Ashito along with Otomo decides to watch a match of Tokyo Musashino to learn with Tachibana.

What to expect from Ao Ashi Episode 19?

The B team has won the needed match in the latest episode of Ao Ashi and now another match has been lined up and we cannot wait for Aoshi to move on to the A team. However, as mentioned earlier, the upcoming episode won’t only focus on our main character but Tachibana too. The title of the Ao Ashi Episode 19 is “What we lack”. There is no preview for the upcoming episode though here are the events that we can expect from Ao Ashi Episode 19.

Their next match is against Tokyo Musashino. It is the former team of Tachibana and he has reasons why he left the team and has asked to seat on the bench for their match against them. However, Aoshi won’t let Tachibana give up and will ask him to observe the team and their game in the Ao Ashi Episode 19. We can expect to know more about Tachibana and why he is scared of them. It will be another watch-and-learn episode. If you are a football fan too then I recommend you to not miss this episode. Check out the release date for Ao Ashi Episode 19 below.

Ao Ashi Episode 19 Expectations

Watch and Learn

Ao Ashi Episode 19 Release Date And Time

Ao Ashi Episode 19 will release on Saturday, August 20, 2022. As for the timing of the release, the Japanese fans will get to watch Episode 19 of Ao Ashi at 18:25 hrs Japanese Standard time (JST). The US fans will get this episode at 02:25 hrs Pacific Time (PT)/ 04:25 hrs Central Time (CT)/ 05:25 hrs Eastern Time (ET) on Saturday, August 20, 2022. And, for the Indian fans, the 19th Episode of Ao Ashi will be available at 14:55 hrs Indian Standard Time (IST) on Saturday, August 20, 2022.

Episode 19 of Ao Ashi will also be rebroadcasted on the Japanese Local Television Network, NHK E-Tele, next Thursday, August 25, at 19:20 hrs (JST).

Watch Ao Ashi Episode 19 Online – Streaming Details

All the latest episodes of Ao Ashi will be first broadcasted on NHK E-Tele, Japanese Local Television Network, every Saturday, and the same will be rebroadcasted every Thursday. These episodes will soon be available globally on different online platforms. One can easily watch the previous and the latest episodes of Ao Ashi on Crunchyroll.

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