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One Piece

Read One Piece Chapter 1057 Spoilers: Wano Ends Here!

Read One Piece Chapter 1057 Spoilers Here
Read One Piece Chapter 1057 Spoilers Here!

While it is still a week before the new chapter of One Piece is released, initial spoilers for One Piece Chapters 1057 are out, and it marks the end of the arc, which has been going on for almost 4 years and almost 200 chapters. Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine was on break this last week, but that did not stop leakers to leak the whereabouts and content of the One Piece Chapter 1057. The spoilers for the One Piece Chapter 1057 are what we were not expecting at all for one context and expected for the other. So, let’s see what these One Piece Chapter 1057 initial spoilers have for us.

Caution: One Piece Chapter 1057 Spoilers are referred from some of the trusted leakers. However, events may or may not differ in One Piece Chapter 1057. Here are the confirmed One Piece Chapter 1057 Spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1057 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1057 Spoilers that the title for the chapter is going to be a “Conclusion”. And if the title of the chapter does not indicate enough, then it is indeed the last chapter of the Wano. The cover story for the chapter is about Ceaser saving the Germa siblings. It was noted in the spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1057 that Ceaser is going to use Poison gas to save the siblings.

Saying Goodbyes!

While we were rooting for Yamato to join the straw hats on their new adventure in One Piece Chapter 1057, the initial spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1057 say that Yamato is not joining the Straw Hats at the moment. Red Scabbards said their goodbyes to the straw hats except for Kinemon and the new shogun of the Wano. Rest assured, because they will be saying their goodbyes in the new chapter. But not only them, Yamato too will be saying goodbye to the straw hats.

One Piece Chapter 1057 Spoilers - Saying Goodbyes!

Wano Ends!

What Will Yamato Do?

What is Yamato going to do if not join the straw hats? Yes, a very interesting question indeed. We were really excited to see Yamato join the straw hats, but she has made a decision that is to be respected. Like Oden, Yamato, too, will first travel throughout the Wano country itself and later set out to sea. This is a huge possibility of Yamato joining the straw hats later, just like our latest member of the straw hats, Jimbei. Yamato is an imitation of Oden, and she will do everything just as Oden did. I’m really excited to see her in the later series. But for now, Yamato is staying in Wano for the time being.

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Luffy’s Farewell

It was a long time for our alliance, and we believe that farewell in pirates’ style is in order. We will see Luffy handing out his Pirate flag to Momonosuke. In addition, we also see Luffy indirectly saying that Momonosuke, Yamato, and Kinemon are a part of their group, and if they ever meant to sail out the seas, he will find them. I personally see the trio of Momonosuke, Kinemon, and Yamato crying as well as the straw hats leaving the country with Chopper and Ussop too.


We will be seeing the straw hats, Law and Kid, and their pirate gang officially leaving the Wano country on their decided routes. There are, of course, a lot of other contexts in One Piece Chapter 1057, but the spoilers reveal a very small amount of the content. There are some unconfirmed theories about Kaido being mentioned in the chapter. As a fan of Kaido, I am really excited to see what it could be about.

In addition, we will also be looking at Momonosuke, wondering where they should put the flag that Luffy gave him. And the last panel of One Piece Chapter 1057 is going to be a curtain-closed drawing displaying the end of the final of Wano!

One Piece Chapter 1057 Raw Scans!

As of writing this article, there are only mere spoilers for the chapter, and we believe there are a lot of other contexts in the chapter. The raw scans for the One Piece Chapter 1057 will be out by the upcoming Friday, which is the 19th of August. Get back on our website on Friday to see the raw scans and the full summary of the One Piece Chapter 1057.

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