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How To Watch ‘Mimicus’ Kdrama Online? Plot & Streaming Guide

Where To Watch Mimicus Kdrama Online

Many fans are looking for a way to watch Mimicus Korean drama online! After all, the kdrama has been the talk of the town due to its wonderful cast line. Many teen idol web series are available, and Mimicus is no different. Nevertheless, the simple youth rom-com has captured viewers’ attention. After all, the tale revolves around full of passion high school students who are ready to chase their dreams no matter how many obstacles they will have to face!

The South Korean drama Mimicus is a romantic youth story that narrates the lives of four arts high school students, Han Yoo Sung, Oh Rocy, Ji Soo Bin, and Shin Da Ra. It is written by Choi Sung Wook and Jan Jin and directed by Han Soo Ji (A-Tenn, Twenty-Twenty). It starred Yoo Young Jae, Jo Yu Ri, Kim Yoon Woo, and Nana as the main leads. Despite the typical storyline, the drama shows how students strive to prove the real deal amidst today’s culture where mimicking one another has become a norm.

Besides the plot, the cast line has done an excellent job delivering their character, which many teens who dream of becoming an idol can relate to. And thus, it’s surprising that many international viewers also want to know where to watch this light romantic youth Mimicus kdrama online!

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Plot – Students Struggle Amidst The Culture Of Mimicking

The youth romance Mimicus follows the story of the students at an arts high school where they aim to prove that they are the ‘real deal.’ After all, in today’s culture, mimicking one another has become a standard and nothing else. The story follows the cold-hearted and upright Han Yoo Sung, the son of an entertainment company Ji Soo Bin, the member of the kpop group ICE Oh Rocy and the YouTuber Shin Da Ra.

Despite coming from different backgrounds and diverse preferences, the four embark on a beautiful journey to make their school days and young lives a success! However, when things get out of hand and mimicking one another becomes a norm, will the same dreamers find a way out?

Meet Mimicus Kdrama’s Cast

The kdrama Mimicus cast Yoo Young Jae as Han Yoo Sung, Jo Yu Ri as Oh Rocy, Kim Yoon Woo as Ji Soo Bin, and Nana as Shin Da Ra as the main leads. Meanwhile, the supporting cast includes Oh Jae Woong, Kim Myung Chan, Lee Hyoung Hoon, Chan, Lee Yoon Ji, and Kim Ji Sung.

Yoo Young Jae as Han Yoo Sung- Yoo Sung is a cold and upright son of a wealthy family. Although he may hide under his prickly exterior, he is itching inside to show off his talents. Despite hating mimicking others or being mimicked himself, Yoo Sung finds himself wrapped in a strange rumor that claims he has been copying Ji Soo Bin.

Jo Yu Ri as Oh Rocy- Rocy is the youngest member and center of the girl group ICE. Despite fans loving her amiable and easy-going personality, Rocy receives poor treatment from her fellow members. Therefore coming to school after her idol schedules, she is determined to find her own sense of identity.

Where To Watch Mimicus Kdrama Online

Mimicus Cast

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Kim Yoon Woo as Ji Soo Bin- Soo Bin is the son of an entertainment company executive. He has always been under the spotlight for being a famous trainee. Despite being the center of attention, Soo Bin is a mysterious character who strives to keep his secret under cover.

Nana as Shin Da Ra- Da Ra is a YouTuber who videos documents her daily life at the arts high school. Since staying alone is never on her list, Da Ra wants everyone to adore her. She used to believe friendship is defined by mimicking the person she likes. However, She reconsiders her approach after befriending Oh Rocy and Han Yoo Sung.

Where To Watch Mimicus Kdrama Online?

Fans need to worry about where to watch Mimicus kdrama online! The youth romance web drama Mimicus is available on Rakuten Viki with English Subtitles for both South Korean and international viewers. Every new episode of Mimicus is released on Wednesday and Friday at 6 am in the USA, 11 am in the UK, 3:30 pm in India, 7 pm in South Korea, and 8 pm in Australia. 

Furthermore, fans can find short clips of Mimicus kdrama episodes on the official YouTube channel of Rakuten Viki. So without further delay, watch Mimicus and see how this high school youth romance story unfolds!

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