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‘Positively Yours’ Kdrama Cast: Meet The Super Talented Stars

'Positively Yours' Kdrama cast
'Positively Yours' Kdrama cast

Fans are getting highly anxious to know about the ‘Positively Yours’ Kdrama cast. And, we are here to give you all the information about it that is available at present. Well, if you are an avid webtoon fan, you might obviously know about this famous webtoon ‘Positively Yours’. This webtoon has been famous for a long time for its amazing plot, fabulous art style, and of course the romance and comedy moments that we all love.

The world of webtoon is getting a huge fan base because of its addicting storyline and its graphics which are a blessing to the eyes. There are numerous successful Kdramas that were actually an adaptation of a webtoon. Be it a romance comedy like ‘Business Proposal’ or a thriller- suspense like ‘Sweet Home’, or an intense drama like ‘Itaewon Class’ all of these were gifts from webtoons and fans have always loved when their favourite webtoon is made into a Kdrama. And this time again, we have a piece of news for the webtoon and Kdrama fans that according to many rumours and social media, the famous webtoon ‘Positively Yours’ will soon be made into a Kdrama.

2020 is going to be a blessing because according to reports, there are many more highly famous webtoons that will be adapted for Kdramas, and ‘Positively Yours’ is one of the most hyped among them. So brace your hearts to know who are the talented stars in the ‘Positively Yours’ Kdrama cast, and all the information that you should know about them.

What is ‘Positively Yours’ All About?

Let us first check out the captivating plot of this Kdrama before getting to know about the ‘Positively Yours’ Kdrama cast. Let us tell you that you can definitely count on this Kdrama to give you the butterflies because it might have many adorable moments. The story revolves around Hee Won, who is a normal girl who wants to have a good life, but she keeps having a hard time because of her dating life. But she gets a sudden shock one day when she finds out that her best friend is dating her crush. She gets so bummed that she ends up having a one-night stand with a total stranger, Do Joon (who, by the way, is very handsome). They thought that they would never meet again, but little did they know what fate had planned for them.

'Positively Yours' Kdrama cast

‘Positively Yours’ webtoon

Things take an interesting turn when Hee Won gets pregnant. Do Joon takes up responsibility for her and he is ready to marry her for the sake of the child.

‘Positively Yours’ Kdrama Cast:

Things will be interesting to see how both of them handle things and hoe the story continues. So let us have a look at who will play these roles.

Lee Min Ho

Although we did not get an official announcement yet, there are a lot of speculations that the role of Do Joon will be played by Lee Min Ho in the ‘Positively Yours’ Kdrama cast. If you do not know, Lee Min Ho is a very popular actor in the Kdrama world for a long time, especially for his romantic comedy Kdramas. The actor was born on June 22, 1987, and currently, he is 35 years old internationally. Lee Min Ho is really one of the most multi-talented actors. Along with being an actor, he is also a singer and a model as well. He is extremely popular for his role in the Kdrama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, and ‘Legend Of The Blue Sea’ which played a big role in spreading the ‘Hallyu’ wave worldwide. Fans are excited to see how well the actor steals our hearts with this role.

'Positively Yours' Kdrama cast

Lee Min Ho

Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy, the famous actress of ‘Start-Up’ is also expected to be a part of the ‘Positively Yours’ Kdrama cast as Hee Won. The singer-actress was born on October 10, 1994, and her current age is 27. Bae Suzy has been gaining widespread popularity because of her successful roles in ‘Start-Up’, ‘Vagabond’, and ‘While You Were Sleeping’. Fans are highly curious to know how will the chemistry of Bae Suzy and Lee Min Ho turn out in the drama!

'Positively Yours' Kdrama cast

Bae Suzy

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