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Why Her? Season 2: Will the Kdrama Be Renewed?

Why Her? Season 2
Why Her? Season 2

Korean Law drama Why Her season 2 left us wondering what will happen with Oh Soo-Jae, a lawyer with talents working at the prestigious law desk TK Law Firm, one of the best in South Korea. Winning cases left and right, and with her bravado, she achieved great success in this show’s debut season. But in the climax of the debut season, we saw her getting demoted from her post as a law professor.

What will become of Oh Soo-Jae? How does the love interest angle created in the character of Gong Chang leave us as he’s madly, truly in love with the protagonist? And what to say of the topman at TK Law Firm, Choi Tae-Kook? That man has no sense of morality and will stop at nothing to satisfy his ego and trample over everyone who stands in his way. So, let’s take a look at the potential for a sophomore season and other aspects of this series to see where the producers can take this show without any further ado.

Why Her? Season Finale 1 Recap

Oh-Soo Jae reveals every horrible act the antagonists have committed in the opening scene of “Why Her?”, the series’ concluding episode. Choi Yoon-Sang gives Oh Soo Jae some information his father had hidden away at home to use one day against his alleged friends. Ha Il-Ku also works with Oh Soo Jae, who persuades him to base his choice on how the chairman treats him. He turns against the chairman after being instructed to assume the blame in case.

The proof gleaned from Choi Yoon-Sang and Ha Il-Ku is presented by Oh Soo Jae. Also giving evidence against the chairman is Ha Il-Ku. Gong Chan also testifies, showing that he was forced to make a false confession, as the investigating officer in his case has admitted. Oh-Soo Jae shares a video showing how Choi Tae-Guk killed Jeon Na-Jung and pushed Park So-Young to her death. He killed her with a knife after learning she had not passed away as he had believed.

Why Her? Season 2

How will the romance between Oh Soo-Jae and Gong Chang play out?

Wild Accusations

Ha Il-Ku hit Gong Chang on the back of the head when he discovered her, accusing him of the murder. Il-Ku captured many of the chairman’s evil deeds on film just in case. Oh-Soo Jae acknowledges that she used the Gong Chang case to secure a deal to join TK Law Firm, but the board that called the meeting against her is also being questioned.

Topman’s Rage

Choi Tae-Guk is furious as he watches everything happen live in his office room. He dismisses Choi Yoon-Sang, who has come to inform him that he has handed over evidence and must be punished for his crimes. Later, shocked that he killed her, Choi Joo-Wan confronts his father. Choi Tae-Guk claims he completed everything for him.

Everyone consequently collapses one after the other. Yoon Se-Pil strikes his adversaries one last time, and several administrators resign and are currently under investigation. Choi Tae-Guk drinks alcohol and takes pills at night. He calls Oh Soo Jae, tells her not to think she has won, and says he did the best he could at every turn. She calls 911 after noticing that he is slurring his words.


In his court case, director Baek Jin-Ki requests that the judge punish him severely for his crimes. It has been made known that Oh-Soo Jae has started her law firm and is happily dating Gong Chang. She continues to lecture at the university as well.

Why Her? Season 2

Can Gong Chang find his way into Oh Soo-Jae’s heart?

What Happens To Choi Tae Guk?

The evil topman at TK Law Firm commits suicide by ingesting some pills with alcohol as he learns that he’s found guilty of his crimes and now must face hefty time in prison as a consequence.

In the epilogue, we discover that law student Gong Chang finally found a way into Oh-Soo Jae’s heart and that they’re happily dating. After all the first season watching over Oh-Soo, courting her, and trying to find a way into her heart, by the series’ conclusion, we see that they’re together as a couple, and they’re happy.

At the end of the series, we also find that Oh-Soo recovered her position as a university professor and is happily working there. So, yes, she’s teaching, and she’s well. Providing a strong conclusion to the series.

Why Her? Season 2 Possible Plotlines

If there’s a second season, it will have to pick up from the point where we left. At the end of the series, Oh-Soo finally managed to redo her life after so many scandals and controversies. With antagonist Choi Tae-Guk dead. Oh-Soo is practicing law again. Moreover, she’s also teaching again at the university, and she’s dating Gong Chang, the student who fell for her, and they both seem happy. If there’s a sophomore season, it will probably pick up from that point of happiness and create some other knot in the story arc. Perhaps we could see how Oh-Soo works the legal system, or maybe the scriptwriters are really mean and throw at the character some other big-time tragic challenge that she would have to overcome. Or maybe they don’t throw it at her but at Gong Chang, her love interest. With K-Dramas, it’s always a blank canvas where scriptwriters can work out their imagination and find whatever they deem fit in the plotlines.

Why Her? Renewal Status

So far, the production company in charge of Why Her? Hasn’t greenlit a sophomore season for this show. If you watched the series, you’d notice that in the story arc, the characters were very well written up to a certain conclusion. But it all depends on where the production team wants to take the series. We’ll keep an eye out and give you a heads up when we hear word of any official information.

Why Her? Season 2

Evil firm topman Choi-Tae Kook


Seo Hyun-jin plays Oh-Soo Jae, the main protagonist, a lawyer, and a university professor. Hwang In-youp plays Gong Chan, Oh-Soo’s love interest. Huh Joon-ho plays Choi Tae-kook, the TK Law Firm topman and antagonist. Bae In-hyuk plays Choi Yoon-sang, a second-year law student. Ji Seung-hyun plays Choi Joo-wan, and Lee Joo-woo plays Song Mi-rim, an associate lawyer at TK Law firm.

Where To Watch Why Her?

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Why Her Season 2 Release Date

Why Her? Season one premiered in South Korea on June 3, 2022, and concluded on July 23, 2022. Production began in October, and filming started in November with several stops for COVID halts with the cast and crew, on this point, it’s worth noting that the most important absence was with director Park Soo-jin contracting the disease and not being able to work in over three months. If the series becomes greenlit by SBS for renewal in their drama roster, we could expect to see it released sometime in mid-2023. But that’s all up for grabs because COVID did get in the way of this production. With this information, we conclude our coverage of this topic here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention. Happy streaming, and see you soon!

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