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What is ‘Not To Google’ Trend on Tiktok?

Here, we shall discuss what ‘Not To Google’ means on Tiktok and why is it trending so much. Today, we don’t have less knowledge. Anything we aren’t aware of or lack information about, we can simply search on Google. On the other hand, Tiktok is a platform where people share their content for fun and knowledge as well.

Similarly, a group of users has now started a trend on Tiktok about some topics that shouldn’t be searched on Google. That’s what the ‘Not To Google’ trend means. If you come across this phrase on your Tiktok account related to any specific content, consider it a warning. Are you a bit confused? For example- Eel Girl is a film that comes under the list of ‘Not To Google’ trends on Tiktok. Let’s dive into this piece to learn what you shouldn’t google ever.

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‘Not To Google’ Trend On Tiktok Explained

The concept of the ‘Not To Google’ Trend on Tiktok must be clear to you. But, most of you must be wondering why is it so. As mentioned earlier, the film Eel Girl can be frightening to some as it is reported to have scary things. The story focuses on a scientist who works in a secure military laboratory on a half-eel and half-human monster. Sounds scary? Yes, it is. However, many people have claimed that the film doesn’t have any scary things like that. So, it shouldn’t be on the list of ‘Not To Google’ trends on Tiktok. On this note, you must understand that these things vary from person to person. But, the majority can feel the scariest things in the film.

Those people who started this trend, have used random backdrop photos with the tagline ‘Things you should never Google.’ Sounds the same though! Besides this film, there are several other things that the group is asking people not to watch. This also includes the Scary maze puzzle video. If you want to play the game, get yourself prepared for the jump scare.

If you easily get frightened, then you must consider the ‘Not To Google’ trend on a specific topic as a warning. It is highly recommended to you skip it. That’s how it works!

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