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Where is Footloose Filmed, The 1984 Classic?

footloose movie
Footloose (1984)

All the musical drama film fans, where are you at? We have another classic movie to be added to your watch list. ‘Footloose’ is an American movie catering to the music and drama genre. This movie circles around the life of a teenager who moves from Chicago to a small town. Wonder why this 1984 movie still hoping on the trends? The fans are curious to know where was Footloose filmed. Let us dive right in for the answer to the question.

The star cast of this evergreen movie ‘Footloose’ includes Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer, John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest as well as many refined actors in supporting roles. This musical drama movie hit the cinema screens on the 17th of February in 1984 and grossed 10 times its budget at the box office. This movie is a delight to watch. In Footloose, Ren McCormack falls for Ariel and attempts to remove the ban on rock music and dance in the rural town. Let us dive right into where was Footloose filmed as well as all about the movie.

starcast of footloose 1984

Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer in the movie Footloose 1984

Where Was Footloose Filmed?

The principal filming of the movie started in the May of 1983 and continued till January 1984. The shooting of Footloose took place in and around Utah. Bomont, the fictitious town created in the movie is the city of Payson. School scenes in the movie Footloose were also shot in the town of Payson in Utah. Let us know more details about the filming locations of the movie.

Payson, Utah

The major part of the filming of the movie Footloose took place in the city of Payson in Utah. The high school in which Ren McCormack goes for education is Payson High School. The school is situated on the city’s main street. The scene of the movie Footloose that involves Ren’s arrest is the main memorial park of Payson. It is also a major tourist landmark of the city.

where was footloose filmed

Payson High School, Utah

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Provo, Utah

The location of Ren McCormack’s house is at the intersection of two main streets of the city of Provo in Utah. Many car driving, as well as tractor scenes, in the movie Footloose, are shot in Provo.

where was footloose filmed

Provo, Utah in the United States of America

Lehi Roller Mills

The climax scenes of the movie Footloose are shot in the city of Lehi in Utah. Ren gets a job offer to work in a flor mill after his prom night, The mill in which Ren is given the job opportunity in Lehi Roller Mills. The Mill is still functional, even after 38 years.

where was footloose filmed

Lehi Roller Mills in Lehi, Utah

All About Footloose (1984)

The 1984 movie Footloose circles around Ren and Ariel. Ren is a teenager who shifted from Chicago to a rural town. Ren and his mother lived with his uncle and aunt. He meets the Shaw family while visiting the church and falls for their daughter Ariel, but she has a boyfriend Chuck. At school, Ren becomes friends with Willard Hewitt. He gets to know that the council had banned the entertainment activities like dancing and rock music in the town.

Ariel’s boyfriend Chuck and Ren get into a duel and he challenges him for a tractor game with chickens. Ren loses the challenge. Ariel’s father becomes aware of her interest in Ren and warns her to stay away from him. Being of jolly and cheerful nature, Ren drives his friends away from Bomot to show them freedom of dance. On driving back from the dancing session, Ariel tells the group about her brother’s accident. Ariel’s brother died in a car accident as he was drunk after a dance party. This led to the banning of dance and the implementation of anti-dance laws in the town.

In case you dig out for the music and drama genres, then Footloose is going to be your perfect watch. Tune in to Apple Itunes to watch this light-hearted movie!

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